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Plastic Free Roseland – May Update

VOLUNTEERS from Plastic Free Roseland will be visiting businesses, schools and organisations over the next few weeks to help encourage them to cut down on single plastic use.

Following a meeting in St Mawes last Friday, each parish within the Roseland was assigned a co-ordinator, who will work with helpers from each area.

St Agnes based environmental charity, Surfers against Sewage, has provided an official standard of what it takes to use their “plastic free’ status and the group is working towards this.

Members have already attended parish council meetings over the last month to highlight the aim of the group, and to ask for their help. More than half the parishes have already pledged support.

Now Plastic Free Roseland needs to collect information from businesses about their efforts to reduce or eliminate single plastic use, as well as finding out which groups and organisations are already working towards a similar goal.

To help achieve the plastic free status, businesses must remove or replace three single use plastic items from their businesses. Each business can chose their three items, such as plastic straws, plastic bottles, cups, single use condiment sachets, cotton wool buds with plastic sticks, shampoo/bathroom products etc.

Many have taken action already and Plastic Free Roseland has begun highlighting the ‘plastic free champion businesses’ on its Facebook page.

The group will also be seeking out ‘plastic free allies’ such as schools, community organisations such as Scouts, Girl Guides, Women’s Institute, sports clubs etc.

To check on the progress of Plastic Free Roseland, or to let them know about any initiatives or efforts, please visit the Facebook page


The next meeting of Plastic Free Roseland will be held on Thursday June 7th at The Harbour Club in Portscatho.  All welcome.  Non-members of the club will need to pay a 50 pence guest fee.

Steps to take at home:

#RefillForVictory – Encourage local cafes, pubs and public spaces to make sure drinking water is readily available and remember to carry a reusable water bottle.

#RefuseForVictory – Discuss the consumption of single-use plastic in your favourite cafe and challenge them to reduce their usage. Wooden stirrers and reusable coffee cups make an immediate, positive impact.

#ReuseForVictory – Remember to take your reusable bag each time you go shopping. Save yourself money and save the environment in one action.

#RecycleForVictory – Make sure you recycle any single-use plastic bottles and containers you come into contact with. These can become new products to help fight Wasteland!

#RefuseForVictory – Share the impacts straws can
have on local wildlife with friends and family and ask them to refuse a straw when ordering a drink. If it is a must, there are plenty of reusable versions available that they can take with them.

#PlasticFreeKit – Look for plastic free items for everyday life, such as bamboo toothbrushes, or reusable travel cutlery – why not gift these to friends and family to tackle their plastic ‘bootprint’.

#RefuseSachets – Get your favourite local restaurant or takeaway to replace single-use sachets with refillable and reusable containers.

#PlasticFreePackedLunch – Start up a food sharing collective with colleagues to avoid having to purchase on-the-go products that are often covered in single-use plastic. Bring food from home and share it with colleagues. Better for your wallet, office morale and the environment.

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