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Police Launch Fraud Warning Brochure

12fraudsofchristmasThe Police force, in conjunction with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau today launched a fraud offensive with their aptly names ’12 Frauds of Christmas’ flyer. This flyer gives residents an insight into not only what they could be confronted with during this holiday season, but ways to combat it and be aware as well as what to do if you think you may have been a victim of fraudulent crime.

The twelve page document includes advice and tips on dealing with:

  1. Online Shopping
  2. Postal Fraud
  3. Auction Fraud
  4. Holiday Fraud
  5. Electronic E-Cards
  6. Ticketing Fraud
  7. Phishing Emails
  8. Social Networking Fraud
  9. Cashpoint Fraud
  10. Voucher Fraud
  11. Card-not-present Fraud
  12. Mobile Payment Fraud

If you would like to download your own copy to keep, forward to friends and family or just read yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

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