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Police News – March 2016

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From Tregony Neighbourhood Team.

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The purpose of this news item is to enable both Parish Councils & the wider community to be able to see what is happening, not only in the Parish where they live but in the neighbouring parishes as well.

If you feel you require further information on any item listed below or have any information you think we should know about then please feel free to call the office number below and speak with one of us direct.

The Information below relates to the following period in time:-

1st Feb – 29th Feb 2016



Location General Details Crimes Recorded  
Tregony Police have been called 5 times to the Parish. 3 Of these calls were sudden deaths of which there are no further involvement. No Crime Recorded.  
Ladock Police have been called 18 times to the parish:-

5 of these were road related, 4 were concern for welfare calls, 3 domestic related calls, 6 other calls.

2 crimes recorded:-

1 Theft – Under investigation

1 Criminal Damage to Play Equipment – Concluded.

Probus Police have been called 14 times:-

4 of these were road related, 2 concern for welfare and 8 other calls.

4 Crimes have been recorded.

3 x criminal damage – Investigation Concluded.

1 x Theft – Concluded.

St. Michael Penkevil Police have been called the parish twice. 1 RTC & 1 concern for welfare. No Crime recorded.  
Philleigh No Calls.                              No Crime Recorded.  


St. Just In Roseland Police have been called the parish 12 times. 6 of these calls relate to the same address, 3 were ASB related and 3 were other calls.                            5 Crimes have been recorded.

1x Abusive Behaviour – Investigation Concluded

2 x Criminal Damage – Under Investigation

1 x Attempt Burglary – Investigation Concluded.

1 x Possess Of bladed item. – Investigation Concluded.


Gerrans & Portscatho Police have been called the parish 6 times. 3 were road related and 3 were other calls.  

1 x theft of fuel. – Investigation Concluded..

Ruian Lanihorne No Calls. No Crime recorded.  
Veryan & Portloe Police have been called the parish 4 times. Various calls. No Crime recorded.  
Cuby Police have been called the parish twice. 1 burglary – Under investigation

1 other crime.

St. Allen Police have been called the parish three times. All related to the A30. 1 x theft – Investigation Complete

1 x Dog worrying livestock – Investigation Complete.

Trispen St Erme Police have been called the parish 13 times. 1 Concern for welfare, 2 ASB related incidents, 2 Road related. The remaining were various calls. 1 x Burglary – Investigation Complete

1 x Theft – Investigation Complete.

2 x Assault – Investigation Complete.

1 x Possession of Cannabis – Investigation Complete.


If you have any information which relates to any of the above mentioned items then please contact Tregony Neighbourhood Team on any of the numbers or methods below.

Please can we remind people to make sure that ouside diesel and fuel storage areas are secure.

There have of recent days been a number of fuel thefts.
Tregony Police Station: – 01872 530254 (Non Emergency Only)
Devon & Cornwall Police Switchboard:- 101 (Non Emergency Only)
Crime Stoppers:- 0800 555 111
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