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Police or HMRC Scam Calls

In the past week there have been several  scams via telephone in Truro whereby Police have been contacted. The victims have mostly been elderly although in one instance a man in his twenties was the victim. The victim will be called from persons saying they are either from the Met Police, Scotland Yard or HMRC.

In all cases the victims are told that either they have been a victim of fraud or that they owe a large sum for tax purposes.

Offenders will ask for monies to either be collected by courier or will ask for direct payment. Payments demanded are usually in excess of £5000. Victims have been told that they will face arrest if payment is not made and left distraught by the consequences if payment is not made.

This scam has caused a huge amount of upset for those that have become victims and  we would like to put out a warning to anyone receiving calls from unknown persons asking for payment.

Do Not make payment to anyone cold calling you.
Never give out personal banking details.
Replace the phone , contact a family member, a trusted friend or call the police .
HMRC will never ask for payment over the phone neither will any Police Force.

DC Alert recipients are asked to make your more elderly and vulnerable neighbours aware of this email.
Thank you

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