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Popular Roseland Postman Turns Author!

Popular postman Liam Mulvin, well-known to residents and visitors to St Mawes and St Just, has penned some of his memories of 45 years as a postie.  His book “Don’t Worry, He Doesn’t Bite!” cataloguing his life as a country postman will be published in early September.

At 17, Liam first worked as a postman when as one of several students helping out with the Christmas rush in 1971. He knew he had found his niche in life.

Speaking to Roseland Online Liam said “Back then there were two main rules to follow. The security and safety of the mail was paramount… and speed was everything. There was also an unofficial rule… look after your customer. We were very much a service industry and not a business.

“My job is much more than the delivery of mail. I wear many hats in my role as postman in a small rural community. It doesn’t cost to be helpful when required to do so.  Most folk are just happy if their mail is delivered safely and efficiently. Anything else done for them is a gesture of friendship that they will accept and be grateful for.

“No matter the weather; no matter the time; no matter the distance; no matter the item; I carry the mail and it gives me great pride that I do so. I am the end of a long chain of postman from the person who collected the item right through to me who delivers it. I do think of it as a vocation.

“As well as happily delivering mail I can find myself  making sure empty properties are secure, chatting to the elderly and the lonely, throwing a ball for the dog, opening a tight lid on a jar of jam, carrying in the washing.  In fact, anything that will make somebody’s life a little easier.

“And all these things have enriched my life. I do my job; I work with a community I consider to be friends; I am accepted as one of them; the respect is mutual; and these are my rewards.  Life can be very simple, it can be great fun, and it can mean something. As a rural postman I find myself lucky enough to enjoy these three things. I hope you can see this too in my writing.”

Liam will be launching his book and signing copies at St Mawes Memorial Hall on Monday 4 September from 5-8pm. Refreshments will be available.  Sallie Eden, Roseland Online’s book reviewer will shortly be reviewing the book for our readers. Let’s hope she delivers a good one! ;0-)


  • I was also a rural postman and one of three who ran the mail from Truro Delivery office between 1968 and 1978 through the Roseland and delivering to the people of St Mawes.Along with,Freddy chipman,John German, Esme Cocks,Grace? Who did St Just in a van.All part of my 42 year career at Royal Mail.How the business has changed since I retired since 2003.

    • Things have certainly changed since we started out Dale. I joined up in 1972 and both managers and staff drummed it into you to look after your customers. They were very big on you becoming part of the community you served. I still work by that ideal. Its been a laugh all these years. There are just three of us at St Mawes now; myself, Dave Warne, and Louise Wright. We enjoy the work immensely. Good to hear from you

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