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Proposals on Recommendations to Replace Cornwall Council’s Mobile Library

cornwallmobilelibraryProposals on recommendations to replace the Council’s existing mobile library and mobile one stop services with a range of community based initiatives will go out for a 12 week public consultation tomorrow, Monday 3rd February. 

Cornwall Council cabinet member for partnerships, Adam Paynter, said:  “The existing mobile service is facing a 50{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} budget cut and we are undertaking this 12 week consultation on plans to potentially cease the mobile library and mobile one stop shop service, replacing it with a number of community based initiatives.

“We want the views of service users and partners as we consult on the possibility of delivering these services in a different way.” 

The consultation will be available online from tomorrow, Monday 3rd February on Cornwall Council’s website, www.cornwall.gov.uk/libraryconsult and the Council will also be attending Community Network meetings across Cornwall to discuss proposals with communities, members and Parish/Town Councils.

A hard copy of the consultation questionnaire will also be available in the mobile library and mobile one stop vans as well as at the static libraries and one stop shops. They will ask if you currently use the mobile services; what do you think of the services; and your opinion on whether you think the services could be delivered in a different way.

Adam adds: “We recognise that people in our rural communities who access the mobile services value those services and we are open minded about how they could be delivered in the future. I want to consult with fellow members, staff, partners and communities as we look at all the options available to us, including the possibility of introducing community based services.”

The results of the consultation will be reported back to the Partnerships Portfolio Advisory Committee before any final decision is taken by the Cabinet.

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