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Protect Yourself From Contactless Card Fraud

Roseland Online has had contact from readers about fraudulent use of contactless payments using your credit and debit cards which we want to give you some clarity on.

New cards will have the contactless payment feature on them. To see if yours has, look for the symbol on it in this image. If it has the symbol on it, it will be contactless enabled. How it works is that small sums can be taken from your card just by waving the card by the card reader, rather than having to put in your PIN number into the machine.

It is possible that fraudsters can lift payments from your cards when in close contact to you anywhere, but this is more of an issue in larger populated areas like big cities and metropolises that locally. That said, we would like to make sure you’re aware of the issue and how best to deal with it if you are in a city.

Firstly, all cards have full protection against fraud losses on contactless cards. Your provider should refund money lost through fraudulent contactless payments as long as you have acted reasonably responsibility to keep your card safe. So, how best to do that?

Which? magazine says protection can be achieved by wrapping your wallet lining or individual card in tin foil. This can deflect the reader and shield the card, even when a fraudster is in close range.

There are more refined metal card holder protectors available from retailers like Amazon, which will also do the trick. Look for the RFID logo for items that state they are RFDI safe. This logo is below.

From last September, the contactless transaction limit rose to £30, however online transactions have an unlimited transaction amount as they are not contactless so web purchases are more liable to be made fraudulently.

In short, keep a close eye on your bank statements regularly and if you see an odd transaction, contact your provider immediately. They may well issue you wish a new card in a few days and should credit you with the amounts taken.

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