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Radio Roseland – A Real Possibility

11.01.11: A new community radio station for the Roseland is in the planning and could now become a reality.  Based at Roseland Community College, who already have an internal radio in service, the organisers are looking for people who may want to get involved in this new service to contact them with a view to setting up a steering group.

Organiser, Pete Appleyard told Roseland Online, “We’re currently looking for expressions of interest, from budding presenters, listeners and people who would like to be involved in the steering group that manages the radio station. There is much work to do and the first step is putting together the steering group.”

“We’d like this group to consist of people with ties into the community that we plan to serve. This could be someone that is on a parish council, in a community group or just an individual that would like a say in how the radio station is run. Initially, this group would meet every 2 weeks while planning for the new station is going ahead.”

The vision is that the station will belong to the community, people who live and work in the area, and will act as a platform for them to have a voice on issues which might otherwise go unheard.

Their aims are to:

*Provide a radio service that meets the needs of the local community for news, information, discussion & debate and also entertainment through music, drama and comedy.

*Raise awareness of issues which affect the community we live in.

*Promote local services and community groups.

*Give people in the area the chance to learn social skills and gain qualifications in radio production leading to higher levels of employability, regardless of experience.

If you’re interested in getting involved with this project, please contact Pete Appleyard with your name and a little bit about yourself, mentioning the best evening of the week you could meet. His telephone numbers are: 07813 523466 or 01872 530336, or email pete@feeta.co.uk.

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