Local News 2011

Rosamunde Pilcher Story Filmed In Portscatho

06.05.11: A film crew arrived in Portscatho yesterday to shoot one of the scenes in another Rosamunde Pilcher story and a house on the Lugger inbecame the setting for the “Cliffside Surgery”.

Mike and Judy who own the property told Roseland Online they were a very polite and pleasant crew and the filming, once the weather improved in the afternoon, was able to commnce for the outside shots.

The company, FFP (Frankfurt Film Production) has been making around five of these each year in Cornwall since the early 90s and they are shown on Sunday evening as the “Film Of The Week” there, making Cornwall a favourite location spot for many Germans. Although the books have been well filmed over the years, these films are made from Ms. Pilcher’s short stories and are adapted by German screenplay writers for filming here. The finished film won’t be shown on English TV as the company only has the rights for the books in Germany, but it was a nice boost for the Roseland and brought a little money and cudos into the village for the day.

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