Roseland Community Land Trust

Roseland Community Land Trust

Affordable Housing


the people of the Roseland


the people of the Roseland

St Just in Roseland CLT Ltd is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital and is a registered charity. Formed in 2007, it is controlled by a Board of Directors and Trustees who are drawn from, and elected by, the members.

The main object of the trust is the provision of houses and any associated amenities for persons in necessitous circumstances upon terms appropriate to their needs.

The St Just in Roseland CLT Ltd was originally formed to help deliver self builds in St Just Parish. However, in accord with The Roseland Plan, the organisation has been refocused on developing a Roseland-wide supply of Affordable Housing.

How you can help

The CLT has limited funds and other resources. We need to create a fund to cover the costs of preliminary investigation of potential sites etc. (The actual developments will require substantial sums from grants and investments.)

If you would like to help, through a donation or by becoming a member of the CLT,  please contact us through our website (, by email ( or phone (01872 501749).

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