Roseland Environment Action Community Team: REACT latest

The REACT group is beginning to get into its stride, with action taking shape on a number of projects.

One of our teams is working on how to help Roseland residents reduce consumption and save money on home energy bills.  They aim to produce a user-friendly leaflet explaining how savings can be made and how to contact them for individual advice.  If this is something you’d find useful, contact Joanna Holah on 01872 580850/

Our transport group is exploring the possibility of a local electric car club/car share scheme and electric public transport.  Could the Roseland be a pilot for a Cornwall-wide scheme?  The group is also finding out about grants and suppliers for public and private electric car charging points.

We’re working with Plastic Free Roseland to help everyone cut down on single-use plastic.  PFR has just produced a leaflet for holiday cottages and other visitor accommodation, with six simple but effective ways in which everyone can make this happen.  It’s not just for visitors.  Let us know if you’d like a copy.

While we’ve been talking about reducing plastic, we’ve also been thinking about plastic waste.  So has Cornwall Council.  Julian German sent us a link to show where the stuff you put in the recycling bins goes to.  If you’re interested, search online for Recycle Cornwall recycling destinations.

Anyone who shops in Sainsbury’s may also like to know you can now take all the non-recyclable plastic from any of their products, but only their products, back to their customer services desk.  It’s then sent to their central bulk reprocessing plant.  Wherever you shop, ask them what they’re doing about plastic and let us know.

When it comes to climate change, it seems our children are often ahead of the game.  To harness their ideas, we’re planning to start up Junior REACT.  Would your kids or their friends be interested?

If you have any questions, requests for individual advice, information to give us, or you want to get involved, you can put a note in one of the new REACT mail boxes going up outside Portscatho Stores, in Veryan Stores and in Fudge and Moore in St Mawes.  Or contact Richard Cochrane or Helen Hastings 01872 580312

Finally, we need some help too.  Do you know anyone who could help us build and maintain our website?

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 25th June at 6pm in the Standard.  Do join us.

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