Roseland Environment Action Community Team – REACT

REACT had its first proper meeting on 8th May.  We were delighted to see so many people in the room, all of whom were clearly committed to doing something to help tackle the climate emergency we all face.

We were glad to find plenty of energy and enthusiasm in the group, as well as a high level of relevant skills and previous experience.  Several people were involved with Extinction Rebellion and well informed about the action that needs to be taken.

Our main objective is to make a difference locally, with ideas that will benefit ourselves but also help others.  We asked everyone to think about what they want the objectives of the group to be and what projects they would like to get going on themselves.

We already have several ideas to get started on within the Roseland community:

  • education in local schools
  • encouraging all Roseland parishes to declare a Climate Emergency.
  • tree planting and general re-wilding
  • beach cleaning
  • eliminating single-use plastics
  • communal vegetable growing and allotments
  • local compost areas
  • tackling food waste
  • promoting electric vehicles, installing local electric charging points
  • car sharing
  • better public transport links to and from Truro
  • water fountains along the coast path.
  • helping local people who want to make their homes more energy efficient

We’re focussing our energy on practical measures.  Already we’re beginning to draw together all sorts of information you may find useful: how to calculate your carbon footprint, how to save energy and lower your bills at home, where to find a second-hand electric car, how to cut down on single-use plastics.  If you’d like to grow your own veg but don’t have space, there are two free allotments in Gerrans.  Contact Bill George on 01872 580312

Given the scale of the of the climate emergency, will these local initiatives make any difference?  Not on their own, but so much is beginning to happen locally in other places up and down the country. The collective effect could be profound and far-reaching.

To make sure we don’t lose momentum, we’ll be meeting regularly on the last Tuesday of the month, at 6pm in the Standard. Our next meeting will be on May 28th.  Do join us.

Here are our contact details if you want to get in touch:  Richard Cochrane:  Sheelah Goldsmith / 01326 270246.  Helen Hastings Our website at should be up and running before too long.

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