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Roseland Neighbourhood Plan Survey

neighbourhoodplanAt a successful meeting in December, those interested in wanting to become involved in a Roseland neighbourhood Plan, met to discuss the possibilities for the area in Veryan.

After much discussion, an initial 10 point survey was agreed upon to find out what the residents of the Roseland held as their priority.

Over the coming few days this survey will be posted through resident’s doors around the area and we urge everyone to fill these out and return them to their designated drop-off points.

If you would prefer to do an online version, please follow this link and simply answer the 10 multiple-choice question, which should take you no more then 3 minutes. It is important, though to fill in the name or your parish on this form, so they are able to see which parishes hold which priority.

The information gleaned from these results will enable the group to have a better understanding of the priorities of each parish and of the Roseland as a whole and will use this to further act in the combined interests of the Roseland in putting together this important scheme.

Any queries or for further information, please contact Cornwall and Roseland Councillor Julian German under jgerman@cornwall.gov.uk or call 07737 183 690.

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