Local News 2010

Roseland Online Exclusive with Acting Legend, John Hurt

Since Sunday, Legendary Hollywood actor John Hurt has been filming his latest movie here on the Roseland. The ‘A’ List British actor is in St Mawes until Saturday in his latest role as an Old People’s Home inmate who dreams of escaping. His wish is fulfilled when he manages to break out with two bedsheets and boards an old fishing boat, using the sheets as sails to make his briney escape.

Roseland Online bumped into John Hurt as he was about to board the crew-boat to continue his filming and he was happy to say a few words about his stay. “I just love the Roseland,” he told us as we made our way down the harbour. “It’s a stunning location and the hotel Tresanton are looking after us wonderfully.”

The film, “White Sails” won’t be in the cinemas until 2011, but Roseland Online has bought you a few photos to whet your appetite (the small boat in the right of the picture, here, is John’s character’s escape boat).

Needless to say, Portscatho Harbour Club’s popular Monday evening cinema will be showing the film once it’s released on DVD and I’m sure it will be an obvious contender for next year’s Roseland Festival, too!

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