Local News 2009

Roseland-Online goes from strength to strength

Just two months since its launch and Roseland-Online is going from strength to strength.

Not only is it attracting a keen interest from local residents and holiday-makers alike, the Roseland’s very own community website has been viewed in 18 countries around the globe.

Outside of the UK the websites second highest ‘hit-rate’ is in Canada, closely followed by Germany and then Belgium. What’s more, Roseland-online has attracted users from as far away as Cameroon, India, and even Afghanistan!

Internet afficionado and Roseland-online fan Harold Ryan, from Copenhagen in Denmark said:

“To be getting so much traffic after such a short space of time is pretty impressive, so they must be doing something right. My guess is that it is also to do with the fact that people abroad, particularly those in other EU countries, may be thinking of visiting the UK due to the low level of the pound. Roseland-online, with its fab events guide and great pictures of the area, might well help convince these potential tourists to visit the Roseland”.

The full list of Roseland-online  web hits are; UK, Canada, Germany, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, United States, France, India, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cameroon, Ireland, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Afghanistan, and Denmark.

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