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Roseland PC Makes National News for Gangnam Style Video

SgtGaryWattsA Roseland police officer, Gary Watts, has become a reluctant hero after organising the force to help make a ‘Gangnam Style’ video to help raise funds for a young boy left with disabilities by a brain tumour.

Gary tweeted that he would make the Gangnam Style video if he reached 5,000 followers on the social network website Twitter before the end of 2012, believing the impossible would make him safe from having to do it having taken years to get to 4,000.

Gary said, “In order to try and stop the calls for me to make a fool of myself in this way, I said I would do the dance if I got another 1,000 followers before the end of the year. It had taken me two-and-a-half years to get 4,000 so I felt safe. How wrong I was.”

The video has now reached the attention of national news organisations and has been reported on radio, newspapers and TV in the last few days.

After his treatment Josh, from Bury, Lancashire, has severe neuromuscular disabilities that require a fully adapted home. His family needs £25,000 to pay for a ceiling track hoist, a special bath, building work and other basic equipment and the cause caught Gary’s attention.

Gary has been involved in many local initiatives including being on the team that helped secure on Ofcom licence for a Roseland radio station, The Hub Radio, and the producer of the video, Pete Appleyard is also on the same team.

Josh was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma tumour when he was just three. He needed immediate surgery , due to its location, and this which left him in a coma for weeks and resulted in severe disabilities and complex special needs. Josh’s parents are £17,000 in to the £25,000 journey to equip the home to help make Josh’s life better.

You can donate to the cause by following this link (www.superjosh.co.uk) and see the video below. Well done, Gary and the team from us all at Roseland Online!

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