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Roseland Plan Update – September 2017

Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Review of the Effectiveness of the Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Objectives and Policies is now complete following consultation. The main findings of the review are:

(i) The Awareness of the Roseland Plan by Planning Officers is now more-or-less complete.

(ii) Some Architects are either unaware of the Plan or have chosen to ignore it.

(iii) Alignment between the Cornwall Councillor’s view of an application and its conformity or nonconformity (as judged by the Planning Assessment Group assessment) has increased with time. The alignment between Parish Council views and PAG assessment has decreased with time.

(iv) Planning Officer (or Cornwall Council Planning Committee) decisions are aligned with PAG assessments of conformity or non-conformity only 75{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} of the time.

(v) Significant numbers of applications judged not to be in conformity with policies of importance to the local community (landscape, character, housing) are being allowed.

The full report can be found at

Both St Ives and Rame Peninsula have been successful in having Neighbourhood Development Plans adopted which include policies requiring that all new build homes should be occupied as a principal residence only. We shall watch closely for the expected Government process for changing adopted Neighbourhood Development Plans as a similar policy was removed from the Roseland Plan by the examiner before the referendum. It is our hope that we will be able to reintroduce the policy without having to complete the full process, especially as the principle of increased full-time residency was supported by our community throughout the consultation process.

The only outstanding project is the completion of a Roseland Character Guide which will help to inform applicants and decision makers about whether planning proposals are in keeping with the built form of the Roseland. A draft should be with the Parish Councils for discussion in the autumn.

Julian German

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