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Roseland Resident – An Air Ambulance’s Volunteer’s Story

In this month’s Air Ambulance (one of Roseland Online’s favorite charities) magazine, Roseland resident and Air Ambulance volunteer, Alan January, expalins the reasons he does the hard work he does for the charity for over 20 years now:

“It all started when Norman Way and Bill Pearce, whom I knew from their days at Plymouth Argyle’s commercial department, asked my mother Joan if she would be happy to sell scratch cards to help fund the new and First Air Ambulance here in Cornwall.  My mother accepted right away because, like me and her brother Ken and most other people, we all thought it was a good thing to have here in Cornwall due to the remoteness of some places and the amount of traffic on our roads. So with Ken and me helping her, she sold many cards.

“When the National Lottery was launched it hit sales of the instant scratch cards with sales plummeting. So when the current Air Care Lottery took its place my mother became an agent with me driving around the village picking up members’ money for those she didn’t see as she couldn’t drive. My uncle Ken also recruited members on her behalf and collected their money. When my mother died of a stroke in 2006 I continued with the volunteering for the Air Care Lottery as I am very much a believer in the service.

“Around the late 1980s early T5 my mother asked if I would help in setting up a coffee morning in our local hall with her and it started off in the small room near the road. We were surprised by the amount of support we received and, within a year or two, we moved to the main hall as it had become a regular and much larger event.

“During the October half term, 2005, we raised more than £700 and we were delighted.

“In 2007 the Royal Standard pub, in Gerrans, started an Air Ambulance agency and I now collect their money as I am a courier for the Air Care Lottery. They also wanted to run a fundraising event and I was asked if I would like to be involved. Of course I said “yes.” This year will be the third time the Standard has run such an event and it will be taking place on 15th August. There will be live music, stalls and plenty of food plus some goods from the Cornwall Air Ambulance on sale as well as the Air Care Lottery stand where I’m hoping to sign up a few more people!

“The event will take place in the royal Standard’s lovely beer garden with children and dogs welcome! Look on the Royal Standard’s website www.royalstandard-gerrans.co.uk and also Roseland-online.co.uk where details can be found.

That’s my story. I can only say I hope anyone reading this will think about becoming a volunteer and help with fundraising in some way, no matter how small, and keep this much needed service going.”

Alan also gives guided walks of the Roseland and his contact details can be found in his services page block ad. Roseland-Online would also like to extend our thanks to Alan for the generous donation of time he has given to this worthwhile cause.

To make a donation to Cornwall Air Ambulace, follow this link. The Air ambulance will also be holding a Charity Summer Ball at the Esplenade Beach Hotel on Saturday 10th July at 7.30pm. To book your ticket, please email Jo Ramsden (Events Manager) or alternatively call on 01637 852 221.

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