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Roseland Sport4All – A Day of Celebration for Sport on the Roseland

Sport4AllLogoAll clubs face the challenge of recruiting new participants and new supporters, and one organisation is trying to change all that with their Sport4All day.

With over 30 different clubs, teams, and classes on this peninsula, from pilates, swimming, rugby and cricket to lawn bowls and bridge, a small group came up with the idea of putting everyone together in one place on one day to do a big recruitment drive – and that idea’s turned into Roseland Sport4All.

Chris Brown, Chairman of the organising committee, told Roseland Online, “We’re talking to all the sports clubs and fitness groups we can and would love for everyone to be involved. We’ve already got several signed up and some great activities going to be happening right there and then on the day.”

Anyone who comes along on the day will be able to find out more about each club, speak to members, and in most cases even have a go! There will be representatives of all the involved clubs, with information about what they do and how to get involved. During the day there will be the chance to have a go at some of the sports, demonstrations, and competitions.

The event runs from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 8th September at Veryan Sports Club and everyone is welcome to attend. More information about the day can be found on their website, www.RoselandSport4All.com. If you’re part of a club/sport/group who you think should be featured on the day, there’s information about how you can get involved on the website as well.

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