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Roseland Superfast Broadband – Tranche 2 rollout Update

Although it may seem to have gone quiet for a while, we are in regular touch with Superfast Cornwall in order to understand how things are progressing with the latest ‘Fibre Broadband’ rollout plans across the Roseland.

As you may recall, the 2018-2020 part-EU funded Superfast Cornwall programme is now underway, and it includes sufficient funding to upgrade about half the remaining 16,000 slowest premises in Cornwall. Superfast Cornwall have published the list of ‘current’ postcodes where high level modelling shows which postcodes should be able to upgrade in this next rollout programme which can be found at

The Roseland part of the rollout is scheduled for Phase 5 out of 8 phases, so the time is getting very near for things to start happening. In the next month Openreach surveyors will be out and about surveying across the Roseland until March 2019. In April 2019, we should have a really good understanding of where the upgrades are planned when Superfast Cornwall will come along to a community meeting to explain how and when this will be rolled out and to whom.

The ‘high level’ modelling has indicated an ‘initial’ list of postcodes that have been selected and where the Phase 5 surveying will be undertaken. However be assure that the surveyors will be aiming, where possible, to pick up as many extra premises that are not yet on this list which is hoped will reduce the number of premises beyond the reach of this programme. Superfast Cornwall is charged with delivering outputs for their funders (EU, UK Government and Cornwall Council) and in order to do this they need to cover the maximum number of premises with the available funding.

Whilst within this current funding round there will not be sufficient funds to enable a solution to be delivered everywhere in Cornwall and on the Roseland, there are a number of options available to communities and businesses not covered  – see and This includes an overview of grants which may be available and when, both from Central Government and Cornwall Council. These grants can be used to contribute towards the set-up costs of any viable technical solution capable of delivering superfast speeds, including 4G mobile, wireless and satellite. Grant funding is also available to contribute towards the costs of a ‘community’ fibre solution, for example through Openreach’s Community Fibre Partnership scheme  at

It  is important to note that this grant funding will only be available for properties on or near the postcode list and only after the surveys have been completed next April when it will be known exactly which residents and businesses are not included in the new rollout and not receive a fibre solution in this phase. Therefore once the surveying is complete in April it will then make sense for Roseland residents and businesses to investigate the grant options as it will then be clear who will be upgraded and who will need to look at an alternative solution and subsequent funding, which Superfast Cornwall will provide guidance on.

If you have any queries, please see if they are answered at, and if not you can contact the Superfast Cornwall office at


  • As soon as an independent company holds a meeting with the community and offers a viable solution to our miserable broadband speeds – When surveys are completed, way leaves are obtained, grant forms are filled in and sent off with quotes for installation and infrastructure being built, Openreach decide to survey some of the area and everything is put on hold until next April. What a coincidence !

    • Actually, John, Openreach’s plans have been set in stone for 2 years and we reported on this along the way.

      The reason Superfast Cornwall will not approve grants for those outside of the rollout is because until they finish the survey, they won’t know who will be outside of the reach of this second tranche of fibre. If they allocate those limited funds now to those who could get a fibre solution later, there will be no grants left for those who truly need it.

      It was remiss of a private company to promise any grants now as they knew this was the case from the outset. Openreach have been upfront about this, albeit slow to send information, which is why Roseland Online and Martin Edwards have been working hard to get the most up to date information out to everyone. But by no means is this new or information that wasn’t available on Superfast Cornwall’s website.

      • A public meeting was called, to discuss a viable alternative, after we had received a quote from Openreach for a Community Fibre Project.
        If Openreach’s plans have been set in stone for 2 years I find it strange that we were given a quote for work that stood no chance of receiving a grant or was due for survey.
        The company did not promise any grants, how could they ? anyone interested applied for a grant through the Cornwall Development Company.
        We held our meeting on the 24th September and my grant forms and quote went in on the 8th November. I was informed that my application was being processed.
        On the 26th November I was told the situation re surveying and the grant and was told that the company was informed of this a week earlier. I would say that the company entered into this with good faith and did not, as you suggest, know the situation from the outset.

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