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Roseland Surgeries Autumn 2017 Newsletter

For the patients of The Roseland Surgeries 

Flu Day – we’re still booking appointments!! 

Appointments for our Flu Day are going like hot cakes so book your appointment now if you haven’t already done so!  Our next big session is Wed 11th October here at Portscatho. 

Please don’t wait for an invitation letter

Other organisations may approach you offering to provide an alternative service, but please remember they will not have access to your medical records and cannot give other immunisations, such as those to protect you again pneumonia or shingles, which are often given at the same time.

Your GP recommends a flu jab if you are over 65 years of age. We are also keen to target anyone who is immunosuppressed, pregnant, a healthcare/social care worker or in receipt of Carer’s Allowance. As in previous years, if you suffer from a disease of the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, nervous system or are affected by asthma or diabetes, you should also have the jab.

We will have other sessions at both Tregony and St Mawes in October/November  so please don’t worry if you can’t get to Portscatho.  The important thing is to get your appointment booked as soon as you can.

Shingles Vaccinations for 2017 

While we’re on the subject of immunisations, the ongoing programme to vaccinate patients against shingles continues.  You may be aware from previous years that patients are being vaccinated specifically by age – this year’s campaign will target patients who are aged 70, 71, 72, 73 and 78 years as at 2nd September 2016.

Other age groups will be called in subsequent years and there will be catch up programmes operating each year.  The campaign is targeting patients between 70 and 79 over a series of years, so if you’re not eligible this year, please don’t worry… will be called eventually.

If you are in the age groups above, and you would like a shingles vaccine, please let us know. 

Carers need help too

We know that a number of patients are supported by paid carers who come in to their homes either on daily or weekly basis to help with various tasks.  These paid carers do vital work in helping retain independence for their charges.

However, we also know that a number of you out there are unpaid carers – if you look after someone in their own home, perhaps help them with their medication, help them shower/bathe, or get dressed, and assist with day to day tasks, you too are a ‘carer’.  Often, husbands or wives are caring for their spouses and don’t feel they want to label themselves as ‘carers’ but it is important while you’re looking after someone, that you get the care you need too.  After all, if you get sick or just find it all too much of a strain, what will happen to the person you care for?

Help is out there, whether it’s a little bit of respite so you can pop out to the shops without worrying, or you need a few days off to recharge your own batteries.  Cornwall Council accept referrals for help from anyone for anyone.  Please see this website link for more details:

AND also check out The Family Information service, based in St Austell:

This particular website gives useful help and advice for families, adults, young adults and carers too.

Tel: 0800 5878191 Email:

Additionally, we have in the surgery a number of Carer’s Packs which are put together to include lots of useful snippets of information, together with a Carers Guide – a one stop guide of ‘phone numbers, self help groups etc.

Please let our secretary know if you are a Carer.  We can arrange a pack for you which you can read through at any time to suit you.  Help is out there – you just need to know that you can access it.  Finally, a last point, if you are a carer, you are entitled to a free flu vaccination – please book your appointment at reception!

Thanks for the Café Roseland Knitting Group 

A number of ladies attending Café Roseland have formed a knitting group and have been busy creating cardigans, hats, bootees and mittens for the little ones in the Neonatal Unit at Treliske.  We received a very kind ‘thank you’ letter from the nurses and this has been passed on to the group.  It is so lovely to have this very important work recognised and I am sure the knitting group will keep up that good work!

Charity seeks volunteers

‘Cruse Bereavement Care’ – a charity offering support for people throughout Cornwall who have experienced the death of some close to them – is looking for volunteers.    If you are a good listener and would like to help,  the charity is holding a training session on Wednesday, 3 January 2018.

The part-time, accredited course is designed to provide the initial awareness, knowledge and skills needed.   If you would like to know more, please contact the team on  01726 76700 or email them:

Damage at Tregony Surgery 

On the afternoon of Thursday 24th August, a person exiting the car park at Tregony Surgery unfortunately damaged the wall in the car park.  They will undoubtedly have damaged their car too, but regrettably, did not stop to report this to the receptionist on duty.






The damage has cost the surgery over £200 to repair.  We know that accidents do happen but it we find it terribly sad that this went unreported. 

Are you on a waiting list for surgery? 

Surgery puts stress on your body, so the healthier you are, the better you’ll handle it. Have a look at this video produced by Kernow CCG.    Dr Alex Degan, GP at Mid Devon Medical Practice, and Mr Karl Trimble, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, discuss the importance of being in shape for surgery.

Improving your general health and wellbeing greatly improves how effective the surgery will be, shortens how long it will take you to recover and significantly reduces the risk of complications.  Any steps you can take to eat a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight and control your blood sugars, reduce your smoking, alcohol intake or substance use, and get enough sleep will benefit you in your post-operative recovery period.

Roseland Surgeries Patient Group 

We have a very active and supportive patient group here at Roseland Surgeries.  A programme of fundraising a couple of years ago resulted in 20 defibrillators being purchased and installed across the Roseland – two having been used very recently.   If you would like to join in, do please come along to one of our meetings. These are held in the third week of the month and the dates of the next few meetings are here:

Wednesday 19th October 5 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday 15th November 5 pm to 6 pm

Wednesday 21st December 5 pm to 6 pm

All meetings are held here at Portscatho Surgery.  You can come as frequently or infrequently as you like – there is no commitment to attend all the time, but we are extremely grateful to anyone who can offer help, however big or small that may be.  Equally, you may prefer to be a ‘virtual’ member and participate via email.

If you would like to know more about what you can do for the group and the surgery, do please get in touch with Nicola, the Practice Manager.


Nicola Davies

Practice Manager


Dr. Will Hynds    MA  MB  BChir   MRCGP  DRCOG  DCH

Dr. Terese Tubman   BMed   MRCGP  DipFFP

Dr Jonathan Jacoby    MB  BCh  BSc (Hons)   MRCGP

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