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Roseland Surgeries – Dr Jacoby

Information for Patients of The Roseland Surgeries 

Dr Jacoby has formally resigned from his partnership with The Roseland Surgeries and will be relocating to Wales at the beginning of July.  I am sure you will join

us in wishing him all the very best for his future.

We have recruited a salaried GP and Dr Laura Lomas will be joining us from the middle of July.  I know our patients will make her feel very welcome.

Patients who are currently registered with Dr Jacoby will be divided amongst the remaining partners.  This is purely an administrative task to ensure that each

partner has an appropriate number of patients on their list. This will not affect your care and patients remain free to see whichever GP they prefer, at whichever

site is most convenient in accordance with appointment availability.

If anyone should have any queries, they can of course contact Nicola, the Practice Manager at the surgery ( or by telephone)

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  • We are very sad Dr Jacoby has left, but wish him all the very best in his new life in Wales. He was so kind during my recent illness in March.

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