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Roseland Surgeries Patient Group – February 2014 Minutes

Roseland Surgeries Patient Group

Minutes of a Meeting Held on Friday 21st February 2014

in the Library, Portscatho Surgery


Present:  Simone Kennett (Chairman), Sally Evans, Rebecca Thomas, Rob Axworthy, Keith Brown, Cynthia Calton, Gilly Izzard, Katrina Wagstaff (Minutes), Mark Hatwood (Roseland Online/ Heart)


Apologies: Hilary Trudeau, Jo Shaw


1.                 Roseland Heart – Mark Hatwood


Roseland Heart aims to raise awareness of the loneliness experienced by many and to inspire by sharing stories which illustrate the rewards of becoming involved for both parties.  Mark had himself befriended a neighbour whom he visited for 7 years and felt that they both benefited greatly from the arrangement.  Mark is happy to raise awareness through Roseland Online and to signpost to the RSPG but this is as much as he has the time to do.


There was a discussion over the role that the RSPG could take and it was agreed that, again, the RSPG needs to remain neutral and could work more in a liaison role rather than take on any specific responsibility for co-ordinating befriending.  Rob mentioned that any arrangements need the consistency of a contract whilst only being a loose arrangement.  Cynthia suggested advertising a campaign of “Get to know your neighbour over a cup of tea.”


2.                 Minutes of Last Meeting/Matters Arising


  • Discussed the questionnaires and the issue of the colour coding.
  • Defibrillator boxes have arrived and been distributed but not put up – Brian Davis is going to get them up in Gerrans, Portscatho, Bohella and Rosevine but more volunteers are needed.
  • South West Ambulance Service needs to have a code for the defibrillators and a postcode where they are.  It was decided to use “1066” as it is the most memorable date.
  • Katrina confirmed that nurses are able to remove stiches and sutures
  • Rob is happy to liaise with Mark Hatwood



3.                 Community Activity Reports


a)   Singing (Sally)   Singing is still going well with 13 people although several were unable to attend due to a big funeral.  The start time has been changed from 1.30pm to 2pm and a notice will be put up to this effect as well as the posters being updated.


b) Walking   This is still going well.


c)    Painting (Simone)   The numbers of the painting group were down a bit due to holidays and illness but still 17.  They are happy to contribute £20 for the provision of higher quality materials.


d)   Crafts  Kate took Harbour Club joining forms to the group in January and has signed up 9 members, taking £45 in membership fees.


4.              Communications / RSPG email


  • Cynthia had a bit of a mix-up with the West Briton but all is back on track.
  • Rebecca is to send Cynthia the password details for the virtual email.


5.              Defibrillator Project


  • It was suggested that Luke Dunstone might be a possible volunteer for installing the boxes.
  • Sally suggested that there was a good photo opportunity with Sarah Newton MP.
  • Katrina mentioned a further £400 to be donated by the Tregony Garden Group.
  • Simone mentioned that the Duchy Hospital chap suggested a possible grant another year.
  • Simone hopes that there could still be sufficient funds for a further 10 defibrillators.


6.              Patient Survey – Rebecca


  • A low response rate. Possible that people are getting sick of surveys!
  • People aware of the RSPG but not entirely sure what the group does.
  • The Memorial Hall is the preferred venue for RSPG events.
  • Rebecca is to do a Freedom of Information request to find out the numbers of patients in Veryan who go to Probus surgery.
  • There was interest in computer courses.
  • Simone has discussed with Ann Emmett a short course of “Cooking for the Elderly” possibly starting in April.
  • Patients basically happy with the service with 90{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} recommending the practice.
  • Areas of dissatisfaction:
    • SERCO – greatly disliked
    • Would like more and faster access to physiotherapy
    • Would like more / better feedback from test results
    • Simone has responded to the 72 people who would consider using a community bus by putting an article in the February parish magazine encouraging people to register an interest in having a community bus pickup for the activities programme.
    • Terese will be asked to address the medical issues in the survey and report back to RSPG next time
    • Rebecca queried whether the RSPG needs to signpost other available courses/organisations.


Simone expressed RSPG thanks to Rebecca for all her hard work collating the results and to Keith, Sally and Jo for their help with the distribution.


7.              Any Other Business


a)     Cynthia queried whether the Roseland Surgeries are a research practice as there is money available dependent upon geography and projects.  Cornwall is eligible for research projects on diabetes, polymyalgia rheumatica and cancer decision making. It was decided to have as an item on the next agenda.


b)     Cynthia found the GP speed-dating session at the Kernow Commissioning Group Meeting very interesting.  The results of a pilot of the triaging of patient appointments were interesting with GP’s taking less time to triage but having more patients in whereas the nurses took more time with the triaging resulting with fewer patient appointments.


c)     Simone explained that one of the questions in the patient survey regarding a possible computer course had been noticed by Dawn at the Millennium Rooms in St Mawes.  She would like to liaise with the RSPG to progress the idea as the RSPG, being a charity, could attract funding.  There might be a possibility of hiring the primary school computer room.


d)     Gerrans Allotment Society – RSPG have now got an allotment.  The aim is to offer the space to 6 people and to co-ordinate knowledge on how to grow your own food.  Sally is to approach Bill George for advice and suggestions of possible co-ordinators.


e)     Keith expressed concern over the plans to scrap rural funding and is monitoring the situation.  The Health Minister is to visit Cornwall.


f)      Gilly is a volunteer for Cornwall Hospice Care and flagged up the monthly service they offer to people who experience hair loss at Treliske, Mount Edgecumbe and St Julia’s Hospices.  Katrina to put posters up in surgeries.


g)     Men in a Shed – Cynthia wondered how to get it started and Simone suggested that it would be good to contact a local chap such as Julian Rowe to discuss.


h)     Robert raised concerns over the efficacy of the Stroke Association and wondered how stroke victims in Roseland have found them.  Simone reminded him that the RSPG is not a critical tool and that perhaps Rob could write an article for Roseland Online.


i)      Care Data – Katrina informed the group that the government has put the Care Data scheme on hold for 6 months.


j)      It was decided to invite Lynn Bagnall to the next meeting to find out the process of dispensing and to discuss the use of generic pills.


8.             Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the PPG will be on Friday 21st March 2014 at 1pm at Portscatho Surgery.

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