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Roseland Surgeries Patients’ Group – March Newsletter

The RSPG will be supporting the Roseland Heart initiative that aims to raise awareness of the loneliness experienced by many stuck at home. So how about “Get to know your neighbour over a cup of tea in April” It only requires a note through the door or a phone call!

Defibrillator update:  The boxes have arrived.  The complete units are ready to go up – are you able to host one?  It requires connection to a mains power supply to keep the box keypad topped up – it will be a tiny cost per year.  Please let Simone know if you can offer a space in Veryan, Bohortha, Rosevine, Philleigh or Portholland. 01872 580450  It is best not in direct sunlight. We will need to find a qualified electrician to connect the boxes.  Another BHF First Aid course will be organised before the Summer – register your interest by phoning.

The latest RSPG venture – Singing is Fun is happening in St Mawes every fortnight.  12-15 folk turn up and have a jolly afternoon – please come and join us if you can!  No cost.

Survey – A low response rate this time – perhaps you are getting fed up with surveys! Memorial Hall Portscatho is the preferred venue for RSPG events.  We are now investigating running a computer course.  There will also be a “Cooking” course in the Autumn covering healthy, easy and practical recipes for both the cook and non-cooks and to be run at Ann Emmett’s Kitchen.  We need to know the level of interest so please phone the number above soon and let us know.  There will be a small cost involved.

The RSPG was allocated an allotment recently.  The aim is to share the space between a number of beginners and to advise on how to grow your own food. Is there anyone in the Community who would be willing to take on the role of co-ordinator for this venture please?  You don’t need to do the hard work, just be there at a time/date – maybe weekly to suit you and advise others as to what to do.

April    2nd        Wednesday Singing is Fun  St Mawes  2.00 Memorial Hall
April  4th          Friday Walking in Company,  Portscatho  11.00  Fisherman’s Shelter
April  8th          Tuesday Walking in Company, St Mawes  10.30 Millennium Rooms
April  9th         Wednesday  Walking in Company, Tregony  2.00 King’s Head
April 9th             Wednesday Painting for Fun  1.30 Memorial Hall, Portscatho
April  10th      Thursday Crafts, Games and Chat, Portscatho
April   16th      Wednesday Singing is Fun, St Mawes   2.00 Memorial Hall
April   18th      Friday Walking in Company, Portscatho  11.00  Fisherman’s Shelter
April   22nd      Tuesday Walking in Company, St Mawes  10.30 Millennium Rooms
April  23rd      Wednesday Painting for Fun, Portscatho  1.30 Memorial Hall, Portscatho
April 30th       Wednesday     Singing is Fun St Mawes   2.00 Memorial Hall

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