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Starring Angelina Jolie, directed by Phillip Noyce.

Evelyn Salt (Jolie) is a CIA officer that is identified by a defector as a Russian sleeper spy and is accused of plotting the assassination of the visiting Russian President. Her CIA superiors are quickly convinced that she is involved in an international conspiracy and make her the target of an intense hunt. Evelyn risks her own life and that of her husband to prove that someone else is the traitor. As the hunt intensifies, Salt tries to prove her innocence but is she really who she claims to be?

Verdict: This is another excellent fast-paced action thriller from ‘Patriot Games’ director Phillip Noyce? I’m a sucker for a good thriller and this one fits the bill. Not unexpected from the world’s highest paid female actor and a great way to spend 90 minutes of your cool January evenings. ****

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