Local News 2011

SCC Resident Reports Rogue Phone Call

14.12.11: In light of our report on the DCPA’s warning of cold callers, a local resident has contacted Roseland Online with reports of rogue phone calls.

Mrs. Major told us; “I thought I should inform you of a phone call I had this morning. A foreign voice asked for Mrs Major stating he was from the official claims department and wished to check details of my bank account. I put the phone down but felt others should be warned of what I am sure was a fradulent call and felt you were the best person to circulate this.”

Has anyone ease had similar calls? If so Roseland Online would like to hear from you so we can inform local residents of their abundance. In them mean time, NEVER give any detials of your bank account over the phone unless you know for sure you are speaking to your bank. If in doubt, ask for a name and number to call them back and then check with your bank that this person and phone number is theirs before calling the person back.

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