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Search for E A Bragg – September 2014 – Phil Nicholls

EA Bragg and Froe House, Portscatho, C.1907

ea bragg, froe house, portscatho (detail)I love those moments when I find the approximate spot from which Edward Bragg captured an image in the early years of the last century; it always feels like something clicks into place for me and It was at the beginning of August when I took my version of this view at Froe. The moment I looked across the water seeing that same reflection in the pool, well, it felt like time had stood-still.

I think the comparison between these photographs taken at Froe in 1907 and 2014 show yet another virtually un-altered spot on our magical peninsula; not much has changed apart from an extension to the house, a bit of re-modelling around the porch, and of course, the tree line where the Trewince chalets are now sited. I’ve included a detail from the original as I noticed a chap sitting on the grassy bank in front of the house, the gardener or perhaps the owner? I guess we’ll never know. I just like the way he’s sitting, watching the photographer!

This frame by Edward Bragg has been used here as a real-photo postcard and our enterprising photographer has licensed it to a publisher based on The Isle of Wight (all the publishing info is on the reverse). Heaven knows what the connection is between the two, or the locations come to that, this is something I’ve yet to work out. At the end of the day, I’m just thrilled to find another moment in time captured on The Roseland Peninsula.

ea bragg, froe house, portscatho

e a bragg portraitIncidentally there’s a message on the reverse that reads, ‘This is a photo of the house where I am staying in Cornwall’. The card was mailed on April 28th 1910 to Wimborne in Dorset, just across the water from the publisher based at Cowes on The Isle of Wight, is there a connection I wonder? There have been so many amazing coincidences in my search for Edward Bragg that I follow-up every possible clue!

I’ve spent all my free time throughout August seeking these Bragg vistas on The Percuil River and have a mountain of images awaiting edit. Next month I’ll have prepared some more comparisons and we’ll have a little more about the man himself.

Please continue to visit and of course ea bragg photographer on facebook to see updates on my quest to tell the story of this ‘Master Photographer’ who fell in The Great War.

Phil Nicholls, September’14.


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