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Self Catering Waste Classed as Business Waste

In June this year, Cornwall Council sent out a letter to self-catering accommodation owners and their letting agents to make them aware self-catering accommodation waste is, by law, considered business waste and should no longer be left for the council’s household kerbside collections.

There has been some confusion around this in the past so Cornwall Council’s letter was sent to clarify the arrangement for the future.

There have been difficulties in the past with self-catering accommodation waste left out on ‘change-over’ day which, on the Roseland, rarely coincides with household refuse collection days. When this happens, if rubbish is not  left out in seagull-proof bags or secure bins, waste has been littered onto the roads and pathways by seagulls.

This change in practice will be good news for companies like Chenoweth’s Trading Company who offer a self-catering waste collection service, but could raise the price of accommodation in the area due to the increase in charges to make sure your accommodation is compliant.

What are your thoughts on this ruling? For self-catering accommodation owners, more clarification can be found under this link: www.rightwasterightplace.com

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