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She Won’t Get Far Her Bag’s Too Heavy by Marie Stamp

In 2010 Marie Stamp and her dog, each carrying their own luggage, set out to walk the South West Coastal Path. This is her story of the 630 mile journey, the places she passes through, the weather, the problems of self-sufficiency – the heavy bag of the title – and some of the people she meets.

Oh Dear! I really wanted to like this book. The title attracted and amused me and, knowing I’ll never walk that far, with or without a heavy bag, I liked the idea of experiencing the walk vicariously. The book is also incredibly cheap – another plus, if you read as much as I do.

Unfortunately, the writing and grammar are distractingly sloppy and the reader learns more about the lack of facilities en route than the incredible scenery, hospitality and local food which we know exists.

Verdict: The book reads like a cross between an endurance test – the author seems to have looked at her surroundings only rarely – and a school composition on the subject of ‘what I did on my holidays’. *

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