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Sign Up For THE Roseland Business Directory

Some exciting news – the Roseland Online team have recently decided to create THE database of Roseland Businesses to help everyone’s businesses after COVID.

To make sure literally everyone is listed, we have made it free to all Roseland based businesses and we’re taking a leap of faith in relying on kind donations and sponsors to keep us afloat.

We’ll officially launch on July 1st, but you can now go on the site and add your business listing. Make sure you have some really great images and all your opening hours etc when you list, so you can do it all in one go!  You can add photos and even videos as well as website links and social media handles… so truly comprehensive!  And best of all, you can go in and edit your listing at any time, so when your hours change or you want to add notes for your customers, you can do at any time!

We’d appreciate it if, once you’ve listed your business, you put a link back to us on your own website… helping us all help each other. But again, that’s optional.

Here’s where all the fun and games are happening: www.roselandonline.com.   If you decide to help with funding there’s a discretionary donation button after you’ve listed your businesses, but the main thing is we get all businesses in the area listed, micro or large.

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