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Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield

Since the initial film Cat Man Do, which grew out of testing new software and quickly achieved a cult following, a further 15 films have been added to Simon Tofield’s website The latest is Double Trouble, released at the same time as the new book, Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos, both featuring the reaction of Simon’s cat to a small furry infiltrator.

The drawings and sound effects (he does all of the sounds except the birds, which are real) bring to life, through black and white animation, the best, most amusing and scheming cat since before Garfield and the most put upon cat owner since [if you’re a cat owner, please insert your own name here].

The original film led to a book, and in Kitten Chaos, the third in the series, as usual inspired by his own cats – Hugh, Maisy, Jess and young Teddy, we read the latest news from long suffering Simon’s world. No prizes for guessing it was Teddy’s arrival that formed the basis of this adventure – the clue is in the title!

Simon’s many fans will already know what to expect from the book…and won’t be disappointed. Ditto the latest YouTube film. As to Simon himself, I am pleased to report that he is delightfully unassuming and modest about his talent and worldwide success. If you like cartoons and comic strips, buy the book and check out the website. If you like cats. Ditto. If you want to be cheered up by a simple story, well told (without words)… look no further.

Verdict: Kitten Chaos has Christmas present written all over it! The you tube films are there to watch over and over again. Absolute joy on a page/screen! *****

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