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St Ewe Country Fair Update

The 2013 St Ewe Fair was, once again, a tremendous success, blessed with perfect show weather. Visitor numbers were at their highest ever, over 1500 adults and many youngsters, with car parks brimming and the scouts working at full tilt to fit people in. It was a close call however as the barley was only harvested in the brief break in the weather a few days earlier.

Our thanks go to the Lobbs for prioritizing this work. Food and drink of all types sold rapidly, it’s hard to predict quantities and on this occasion we sold everything we had. Vintage vehicles and a Pimms bar added to the established rural arena events and traders reported a brisk trade.

The fair is both a charity event and a community gathering. All organizations present had a profitable day, whether promoting or raising money for their cause. In addition to this the fair raised a grand total of £7500 which was distributed to our chosen charity ‘The Merlin Centre’ together with; Gorran Pre-school and Primary School, Cubs, Scouts, St Ewe Parish Church and St Ewe Village Hall.

It takes lots of energy and commitment to make the event happen and over 75 local volunteers gave their time and resources to ensure it did. The committee is only a small coordinating group and we are very grateful indeed to everyone who helped. It is surprising how many things there are to do, some of them only needing an hour or two. We will need new volunteers next year and might have missed asking you, bear it in mind, get in touch – you’d be most welcome.

St Ewe Country Fair Committee

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