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St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – March 2013

S T    E W E    P A R I S H    C O U N C I L


Chairman for the Parish Council

Councillor Will Richards

Trudgian Farm

St Ewe



PL26 6EU


Clerk to the Parish Council

Ms Rose Hardisty

The Headlands

School Hill



PL26 6TH

01726 842869­­





Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 14 January 2013

7.00pm – 9.05pm


Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chairman Cllr Will Richards , Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr John Dickinson, Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Sam Roberts
Apologies Received:- Cllr Robin Teverson (Cornwall Council), Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Trevor Harman and Cllr Martin Wheeley
In Attendance:- Rose Hardisty, Clerk
Public Participation:- Two members of the public in attendance

095/12   Declarations of interests 

  • Cllr Sam Roberts declared that he lives in Kestle in relation to EIA screening request 12/08136 but does not believe that the interest is prejudicial at the current time as the matter effects him no more (or less) than other parishioners living in the hamlet of Kestle.
  • Cllr Sam Roberts declared he is a neighbour in relation to planning 12/11284.


096/12   Previous Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 12 November 2012 having been read were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed JD, seconded JL).


Public Participation


Mr David Irving, the applicant in 12/11800, wished to address the council and asked the council to support his application.  He said that the structure had been deemed suitable for conversion but that the evidence showed that the only commercially viable development would be as a modest residential unit.  Mr Irving believes that the development will enhance the site and that there are no issues regarding access, etc.


Mr Graham Chaplin, resident of Tregondean, wished to address the council in relation to the potential proposed wind turbines at Higher Kestle Farm.  Mr Chaplin accepts that there is no active application at the present time for the council to consider but wanted to highlight at this early stage the concerns of residents to the likely very close proximity of the turbines to Tregondean.  Mr Chaplin hopes that St Goran Parish Council will also be consulted in relation to any application and was reassured that St Ewe Parish Council would support this if it did not happen automatically.  Mr Chaplin is welcome to attend any future meetings and the clerk will ensure that Tregondean residents are aware when/if an application comes before the parish council.  The opinions of all local residents will be carefully considered by St Ewe Parish Council regardless of whether they are from within or without the parish boundary.


097/12   Planning matters

  • Letter from Cornwall Area Ramblers

The council noted the letter which sets out the Ramblers concern about the impact on the landscape from the unfettered development of Solar Farms.



12/08136     Proposed erection of two wind turbines (34.6m to tip)

Higher & Lower Kestle Farms, Kestle, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EP

Notice EIA not required


As was anticipated at the meeting in November, formal notice that an EIA will not be required to be submitted with any planning application has now been received and this was noted by the council.  The Chairman thanked Mr Chaplin for his attendance and for highlighting the concerns of the residents of Tregondean at this early stage and the clerk will ensure that Mr Chaplin is notified when/if a formal planning application is received.  It was agreed no further action from the parish council was appropriate until such time as full details of the proposals are available.


12/01698     Detached dwelling in orchard between Tregenna and Pencroft

Tregenna, Little Polgooth, St Austell, PL26 7DD

Notice of advice given


12/03333     Conversion of pair of dwellings to one and associated works

Barton House and Little Barton, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ES

Notice of advice sought/given


The council noted the above two applications for pre-planning advice without comment.



12/08441     Change of use of holiday cottage to residential

Morwenna, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

The parish council noted that this application (which was considered at the previous meeting) has been rejected by the planning officer.  This is because the application should be for the lifting of a planning condition and not for change of use.  This did not come as a surprise to councillors as one of the concerns raised was that the application had been accepted by Cornwall Council with so scant information provided and that there should have been more detail in order to make a decision.  The parish council will be consulted again on any future valid application and the planning officer has also offered reassurance that all applications on this site will be considered “in the round”.



12/09410     Single storey utility extension and additional hardstanding for vehicular access

Rescorla Cottage, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ET

Notice of approval


12/09472     Extension and alterations to existing garage to form ancillary annex for dependant relative

Lower Lefesant, Little Polgooth, St Austell, PL26 7DD

Notice of approval


12/09499     Proposed first floor bathroom extension

Thornparks House, Tucoyse, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

Notice of approval

The council noted the above three planning approvals without comment.



12/10454     Variation of holiday accommodation condition to allow full residential use

Lamorna Cottage, Tucoyse, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

 Notice of approval

The clerk requested an extension of time for this application but this was not agreed and so this matter falls outside the time allowed for consultation and the planning officer made his decision last week.  However, the planning officer was directed to the opinion of the parish council expressed in relation to Morwenna Cottage.  Planning consent for full residential use has been granted.  The council noted this decision and were curious at what appears to be a shift in policy with regards to holiday/residential use.



12/11284     Erection of an extension to agricultural storage building

Higher Kestle Farm, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EP


Councillors considered the planning documents and resolved (proposed RC, seconded WR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.



12/11800     Conversion of barn to form one dwelling and provision of parking and turning area

The Barn, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ


The Chairman thanked Mr Irving for his attendance and the information he provided during public participation.  Councillors considered the planning documents and Mr Irving was also able to provide clarifying information when it was required.    Councillors were mindful that this is a further residential development in a rural area and also bore in mind the recent developments regarding holiday/residential use of the other properties on the site.  The view was expressed that there is already a surfeit of holiday accommodation and if the conversion is to proceed the council believes that local opinion would support this being for full residential use.  Councillors questioned whether the building would be considered suitable for conversion but felt that this was a matter best left to the planning officer.  The parish council resolved (proposed SR, seconded WR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the planning application with the following additional comments … provided the planning officer

is satisfied that the building is suitable for conversion.  The council also trusts that the planning officer will give due consideration to the impact on the area of allowing a further property with full residential permission to be developed, especially bearing in mind the recent application(s) to lift holiday restrictions on neighbouring properties.  The planning officer should also be satisfied that the materials and finishes used are suitable and in-keeping with the site.

Two members of the public left the meeting.


098/12   Cornwall Councillor Report

Councillor Robin Teverson was able unable to attend the meeting due to commitments at Wesminster.


099/12   Polmassick Flooding

Sadly, since the last meeting, properties at Polmassick have been flooded again – on 24.11.2012 and 22.12.2012.  The Chairman on behalf of the parish council formally offered support to the affected parishioners and sadness that there should have been a repeat of flooding which so many had worked so hard to try to alleviate.  Councillor Janet Lockyer was able to update the council.  Cllr Teverson is supporting residents and there is a need to highlight to Cornwall Council that more than just two households are affected by the flooding problems.  Other households are directly at risk but there is also the impact on the infrastructure and traffic through Polmassick.  An action plan is being formulated and new resident , Simon Parsonsons, has been most helpful if providing an assessment of what works would help to alleviate the problem.  There are concerns about costs but residents feel the costs quoted by Cornwall Council are inflated and that the work could be undertaken much more cost effectively.  A legal challenge is being considered based upon Cornwall Council’s asset (the Bridge) interfering with the right of residents to occupy their homes without disruption.  The Cornwall Flood Forum continues to be supportive and Polmassick hopes to secure grant funding from them for things like sandbags and signage.  There is to be a Flood Recovery Meeting at St Ewe Village Hall on 31.01.2013 and Cllr Lockyer hopes that Cllr Johns and other Polmassick residents will attend to show support.  It was agreed that the parish council will write to Cornwall Council about the flooding problem.  The clerk is to draft a letter and it will be reviewed by Cllr Richards and Cllr Lockyer before sending.  It was also agreed that the issue of Polmassick Flooding should be reinstated as a regular agenda item.


100/12   Highways

  • Road closure notice – Fore Street and Polkirt Hill, Mevagissey – CANCELLED 11.01.2013

14.01.2013 to 25.01.2013 (24 hours weekends included) application by South West Water for sewer works

  • Amended Road closure notice – Junction North of Paramoor to Nunnery Hill, Lower Sticker

28.01.2013 to 08.02.2013 (0730 to 1730 hours) for surfacing and patching works

The council noted the above two road closure notices (one of which has been cancelled) without comment.


  • Potholes, weather damage and drainage issues

The clerk read emails received from Highways in response to the concerns raised at the last meeting.    Although not all the matters were resolved, it was agreed no further action at the present time.


  • Roadside parking St Ewe

Concerns were raised about the number of vehicle parking along the road in St Ewe village.  This causes a hazard especially for larger vehicles (eg the school bus) particularly at the corner outside Churchtown Farm.  Previously PCSO Hemming has been asked to keep an eye on this matter and it was agreed that he should be reminded there is still a problem.  The clerk is also to speak with Cllr Harman who lives in the area to see if he can provide any information about the issue and work with his neighbours to alleviate the problem.


  • Maintenance of fingerposts

Cllr John Dickinson reported that the refurbished fingerposts are back in position.  Everyone felt they were looking really good.  Thanks were expressed to everyone who has worked hard to achieve this.  It was agreed that the clerk should contact Cllr Teverson to thank him for his efforts.  It was also agreed that it would be nice to generate some publicity and it was suggested that Cllr Dickinson take some pictures and write a short piece for Tower & Spire and also ask Roseland Online if they will publish something on our page of their website.


  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


101/12   Footpaths

  • Confirmation of LMP payment 2012

The council noted receipt of £292.00.  This is slightly increased from the original grant offer as path 418/17/1 has been reclassified as a SILVER path.  CC have also indicated that the grant for 2013 is likely to be the same or similar.


  • Consider quote for hedge and tree pruning along grass verge from Village Hall

The clerk presented a quote received from the grass cutting contractor.  Giles McGuffie proposes that the lower branches of the trees be trimmed to give a clear height underneath of 5-6ft and that the hedge on both side be trimmed back as tight in as possible.  The council agreed that it was appropriate to undertake this work and also that any tree branches significantly overhanging the road should also be trimmed back.  The money from the grass cutting agreement with Cornwall Council generates a surplus and it would seem appropriate that this be allocated to this work.  It was resolved (proposed TJ, seconded JL) to instruct Giles McGuffie to undertake the works at the price of £240.00.


  • Update from Polgooth & District Bridleway Users Group

The council noted an email from Gina Harvey regarding her meeting with Cornwall Council.  The clerk is to continue to liaise with her and Jim Davies with regards to the arrangements for this season.


  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


102/12   Invitation to Localism Forum

The council noted this invitation but no councillors wished to attend.


103/12   Notice Boards

The council noted that the clerk has been in contact with Lee Price.  When the clerk visited the boards on Tuesday 08.01.2013, no apparent progress has been made since the last meeting.  The only outstanding work is the removal, refurbishment and replacement of the board at Little Polgooth and the clerk has requested that this be completed in time for notices of the next meeting to be published (ie by 04.03.2013).  Once this has been done the parish council should expect to receive an invoice for the work.  The clerk is concerned about the length of time this project has taken to complete.  Also the standard of work is not all it could be, however, Mr Price has attempted to put right issues as they have arisen.


104/12   Update Precept for 2013/2014


Following the last meeting an extension of time for the precept request was granted until after tonight’s meeting.  The clerk was able to update the council with regards to the changes to tax base and the decision on a referendum.


With a regard to a potential referendum, Cornwall Council advised on 19.12.2012 “The Secretary of State does not propose to determine principles for local precepting authorities for 2013-14.  However, he intends to revisit this issue next year, having considered the extent to which local precepting authorities have exercised restraint in relation to council tax this year”.  This means that the 2{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} capping limit will not apply to town and parish councils.  At the previous meeting it was resolved that if the guidance made clear that St Ewe Parish Council was exempt from the referendum proposal the precept request as agreed at £5765.44 should be submitted.  However, the proposed changes to tax base and possible grant eligibility have so significant an impact that it was the view of the clerk and the chairman that the matter of precept needed to be reconsidered at this meeting.


With regard to the calculation of a tax base figure this has been significantly altered by the provisions of the Local Government Finance Act 2012.  The changes relate to localised council tax support (replacing council tax benefit) and technical reforms to council tax (what discounts are offered ie for second homes).  The impact is that the tax base figure will be reduced making the amount paid per household increase.  However, in order to offset the impact of these changes central government is making transitional grant money available to Cornwall Council with a clear instruction that some of the benefit of this grant be passed directly to town and parish councils.  Cornwall Councillors are yet to approve the final scheme but St Ewe Parish Council has sufficient information about the likely parameters of the proposals to make a final decision on the amount of money needed by precept request.


The clerk had prepared some revised figures based primarily on the budget agreed in November but with the new grant and tax base provisions factored into the calculations.  No further clarification has been offered with regard to the likely election costs and it is primarily because of these that there is such a significant increase in precept for 2013/2014.  Should election costs fall below those allowed for in the budget then the precept requests in forthcoming years should be able to return to the more usual figure.


The council considered these revised calculations and noted the figure required for the annual function remained the same.  Cornwall Council propose to offer St Ewe a grant to the value of approximately £322.72 and this along with some small adjustments to projected expenditure have allowed a reduced amount to be required by way of precept.  The final calculation resulted in a precept of £5269.00 (£494.26 more than last year).  This will amount to an approximate £24.00 annual charge for a band D property up from £20.38 for 2012/2013.


It was proposed by Cllr Sam Roberts and seconded by Cllr John Dickinson that the figure of £5269.00 be requested by way of precept for the financial year 2013/2014 and agreed unanimously.


105/12   SLCC Membership 2013

The council considered the renewal of the clerk’s membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks.  The premium has risen to £75.00 as a result of the clerk moving into a higher income bracket.  It was resolved (proposed JL, seconded RC) to renew the membership for 2013.


106/12   Transition Gorran – grants available from wind turbines

The council noted an email from Transition Gorran regarding the grants available from the revenue generated by the two wind turbines In St Goran Parish.  The eligible criteria are projects should (1) be located in parishes of St Goran, St Ewe or St Michael Caerhays; (2) help towards reducing the locality’s carbon footprint; (3) benefit the local community; (4) raise awareness of renewable energy, energy saving, carbon reduction and climate change.  The group also intends to put a notice in Tower & Spire highlighting the availability of these grants.


107/12   Grant Applications

  • Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

The council noted the application but did not wish to make a grant at this time.


108/12   Financial matters

  • Approve payments

Payment of outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed WR, seconded JL) as detailed below:

Rose Hardisty







Salary – 8 wks @ 5 hrs/wk = 40 hrs @ £8.919/hr

Working from home allowance – 8 wks @ £4/wk

Mileage (22 miles)

Tower & Spire subscription

Printer paper




2013 membership fee


  • Financial update

The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.


109/12   New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Minutes of 10.09.2012

(and at and

  • Stephen Gilbert MP Advice Surgery dates

The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.


110/12   Consultations

  • Survey of General Power of Competence of parish councils via survey monkey
  • Draft taxi and private hire conditions and specifications – closing 28.02.2013
  • Cornwall Council – Design Guide consultation
  • Proposed changes to Cornwall Homechoice
  • Community Safety Service – closing 01.02.2013
  • Complex Care and Dementia Service in Cornwall – closing 22.02.2013

The council noted the above consultations but did not wish to comment.


111/12   Clerk’s Holiday

The council noted that the clerk intends to take a holiday from 08.02.2013 to 24.02.2013 and it was agreed that this should be paid holiday.  The council considered whether it was necessary to appoint a temporary clerk for this period which falls between scheduled meetings.  It was agreed that cover is not necessary provided the clerk checks parish emails at least once a week during her absence and reports any urgent matters to the chairman who will then decide on any necessary action.


112/12   Any other business

Cllr Janet Lockyer was able to attend the last Community Network Meeting which gave details of the various shopping complex proposals.  The next meeting is scheduled for 28.02.2013 and it was agreed that either Cllr Roberts or Cllr Lockyer (or both) would attend on behalf of St Ewe Parish Council.


No other business was raised.


113/12   Clerk’s report

The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.


114/12   Date of next meeting

The date of the next full council meeting is Monday 11 March 2013 at 7.00pm.  Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required.  The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.


Meeting closed at 9.05pm.

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