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St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – May 2013


Chairman for the Parish Council
Councillor Will Richards
Trudgian Farm
St Ewe
PL26 6EU
Clerk to the Parish Council
Ms Rose Hardisty
The Headlands
School Hill
PL26 6TH
01726 842869¬¬


Parish Council Meeting
St Ewe Village Hall
Monday 11 March 2013
7.00pm – 9.10pm

Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chairman Cllr Will Richards , Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr John Dickinson, Cllr Trevor Harman, Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Sam Roberts and Cllr Martin Wheeley

Apologies Received:- Cllr Robin Teverson (Cornwall Council) and Cllr Allan Brooks

In Attendance:- Rose Hardisty, Clerk

Public Participation:- Three members of the public in attendance

115/12 Declarations of interests
• Cllr Sam Roberts declared that he lives in Kestle in relation to the proposed wind turbines but does not believe that the interest is prejudicial at the current time as the matter effects him no more (or less) than other parishioners living in the hamlet of Kestle.
• Cllr John Dickinson declared he is an immediate neighbour in relation to enforcement matter EN12/02564.

116/12 Previous Minutes
The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 14 January 2013 having been circulated with the agendas were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed SR, seconded JL).

Public Participation

Mr Graham Chaplin, resident of Tregondean, wished to address the council in relation to the potential proposed wind turbines at Kestle Farms. Mr Chaplin had also sent the council several emails setting out his views and requests which had been circulated to parish councillors in advance of the meeting. Mr Chaplin set out briefly his opposition to the scheme but accepted that the council could make no decision until a formal planning application was submitted. Among other things residents believe that the turbines will create a property blight which is an issue recognised in the “planning balance” and that there will be a loss of “residential amenity”. The main reason for attending the meeting was to request that the parish council consider a site visit once the application is submitted and before a decision is made. Tregondean residents believe this is essential because the proposal has significant and long lasting economic, social, health and environmental impact.

Messrs Richard and Ian Lobb did not wish to address the council but were in attendance to hear the discussions.

117/12 Planning matters
• Get Cornwall Building Event – 20.03.2013 – Heartlands, Pool, Redruth
The council noted that this event is taking place but no councillor wished to attend.

• Update on Proposed erection of two wind turbines at Higher & Lower Kestle Farms

From the correspondence the council noted Mr Chaplin’s comments about the consultation event. The council also noted the comments about the consultation event made by Cllr Allan Brooks which were read from an email as he was unable to attend the meeting. In his view the consultation event did not address all the issues and in particular the photo montages lacked any clear views from residents properties other than the two farms, the information provided about potential noise levels was not specific enough and no one could give any realistic information about the likely effect of the turbines on property prices. Cllr Brooks also believes that any site visit should include other properties in Kestle and possibly St Ewe village (ie not just those at Tregondean) so that councillors can get an idea of how the proposals will impact on a cross section of local residents.

Cllr Sam Roberts also attended the consultation event as did Cllrs Dickinson, Lockyer and Harman and they felt that there was nothing to add to the comments already made by Cllr Brooks.

The council was grateful to Mr Chaplin and Messrs Lobb for attending the meeting. Councillors felt a site visit would be helpful and it was agreed that the clerk should make enquiries as soon as a planning officer is allocated for the setting up of a site visit. Councillors felt it would be helpful to have representatives of both residents and the applicants present but agreed they would be guided by the planning officer as to what is permitted and appropriate. It is important that this be an information gathering exercise and not an opportunity for the parties to lobby councillors. The council noted the request by Tregondean residents that if a representative of Mi-Grid is to be present then the Managing Director has been found, by Mr Chaplin, to be the most helpful and straightforward. It was further agreed that the site visit be open to all councillors but the clerk should ensure that the delegation of councillors be made up of no less than four councillors. It was agreed that it would be appropriate for representatives of St Goran Parish Council also be invited to attend any site visit.

The clerk has been in contact with Mi-Grid and has reached an agreement that she will be advised as soon as the application is submitted (likely to be in late March or early April). This early warning should allow sufficient time for the clerk to liaise with Cornwall Council for the maximum consultation period and to take the necessary steps to arrange a site visit and give notification of the date of the parish council meeting at which the matter will be considered.

One member of the public left the meeting (Mr Chaplin)

13/00539 Stationing of timber building for use as toilets and store for touring caravan and camping site
Pleasant Streams Barn, Lower Sticker, St Austell, PL26 7JL
Notice of advice sought/given

The council noted the above application for pre-planning advice without comment.

EN12/02435 Land at Little Polgooth OS 199301 49323
Little Polgooth, St Austell
Case Closed – Prosecution Convicted

EN12/02564 Alleged new curtilage structure
Lower Barn, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ET
Case Closed – Not Expedient

The council noted the closure of the above planning enforcement matters.

12/11800 Conversion of barn to form one dwelling and provision of parking and turning area
The Barn, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

The council noted that the clerk received formal notification from the planning officer shortly after the last meeting that she was minded to refuse this application. The planning officer does not believe the building is suitable for conversion and she was seeking clarification about whether the parish council would want the matter to move into a formal protocol procedure. The clerk was able to confirm that although the parish council raised no objection it was not seeking to support the application contrary to the professional view of the planning officer and this was clear in the parish council response entered on to the planning portal. It was noted that the application has since been withdrawn by the applicant and should there be a resubmission then the parish council will be consulted in the usual way.

118/12 Cornwall Councillor Report

Councillor Robin Teverson was unable to attend the meeting due to commitments at Westminster. With regard to events at County Hall, Cllr Teverson has written a short report which details uncertainty and changes that are unlikely to settle until after the local elections in May when, in all probability, a new regime will have to be formed. There have been numerous resignations from the cabinet and administration and the recruitment of a new chief executive is still outstanding. The main business recently has been the agreeing of the local plan (housing numbers were one of the biggest issues) and the fixing of next year’s budget and council tax. The saga of shared services continues with the cabinet having agreed to go into partnership with BT but there remain key decisions in this area which will be left to the new regime. Cllr Teverson has been following the development of neighbourhood plans and urges the parish to seriously consider going into partnership with other local parishes in the development of such a plan which should give local people a lot more control over planning in their area. Cllr Teverson was also able to provide some updating information about the upcoming local elections which is included in the agenda item below.

It was agreed that the clerk contact Mevagissey and St Goran Parishes with regard to getting information on their approach to neighbourhood plans and the potential involvement of St Ewe in these.

119/12 Election May 2013
• Update regarding County Council election

The clerk advised the council that Robin Teverson does not intend to stand for the St Ewe and St Mewan wards at the elections in May. Over the last year pressures up in Westminster have got greater and Cllr Teverson has felt that he would not be able to do the job of local councillor properly if re-elected. Cllr Teverson thanked the councillors of St Ewe for their support and friendship and expressed that he has enjoyed his time representing St Ewe and it has been a privilege to do so.

Parish councillors wished to thank Cllr Teverson for the work he has undertaken on behalf of parish residents. His efforts with regard to the Polmassick flooding were noted as well as his part in making grants available for a new notice board and also the finger post renovation.

Cllr Teverson was pleased to advise the council that Janet Lockyer will be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate instead of him and he is pleased to give her his full support as he believes that she will make an excellent councillor. Cllr Lockyer was able to confirm that she has agreed to stand and is to be commended for taking this step for the local community. Cllr Lockyer indicated that, after some consideration, she feels she will be able to continue in her role as a parish councillor and will be seeking re-election this year.

It is not possible to say who else will stand for the county councillor post as it will not be until nominations are closed and made public that this will be apparent. At present Cllr Lockyer is aware of one other candidate standing for the Conservatives and currently sitting as a St Mewan parish councillor. At the last elections there were three candidates representing the Liberal Democrats (Robin Teverson), the Conservatives and an independent.

Cornwall Council has provided the necessary notices which must be published on the notice boards on 20.03.2013. Nomination papers must be requested directly from the Deputy Returning Officers whose details are set out on the notices. Nomination papers for the St Mewan and St Ewe ward must be delivered to the council offices in St Austell on 28.03.2013 between 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm.

• Arrangements for nominations of Parish Councillors
Cornwall Council has provided the necessary notices which must be published on the notice boards on 20.03.2013. Nomination papers for existing councillors are to be supplied to the clerk by collection from the St Austell council offices on 13.03.2013. It was agreed that councillors would collect nomination papers from the clerk if they wanted them from 14.03.2013 onwards. Cllr Lockyer agreed a specific meeting with the clerk on Thursday morning and was asked by Cllrs Clemes, Johns and Wheeley to collect their packs also and she agreed to do this. Nomination papers for others must be requested directly from the Deputy Returning Officers whose details are set out on the notices. There was then a discussion about whether all the existing parish councillors wished to stand and also the impact upon parish council finances should there be a contested election (ie if more than 10 valid nomination papers are submitted to the returning officer). If there are 10 or less nominations, vacancies may be filled by co-option after the election.

Nomination papers for St Ewe Parish Council must be delivered to the council offices in St Austell on 28.03.2013 between 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that their nomination forms are correctly completed and returned during the specified times, however, the clerk will offer guidance to any councillors who have questions about the forms.

120/12 Polmassick Flooding
Since the last meeting a letter was sent to Cllr Bert Biscoe at Cornwall Council the portfolio holder for Transportation, Highways and Environment. The letter highlighted the concerns around the bridge and Cllr Biscoe decided to visit the site to see matters for himself. Cllr Lockyer was in attendance as well as Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Robin Teverson, other residents and representatives from Highways and the Environment Agency. Cllr Biscoe was reported to be sympathetic to the concerns and accepted Cornwall Council’s responsibility in relation to the bridge. The Environment Agency and Cornwall Council are looking into whether the installation of an additional pipe will be sufficient to alleviate the problem and have taken an interest in a technical report prepared by Simon Parsonsons, a local resident. Residents directly affected by the flooding contend that Cornwall Council is acting illegally if it fails to take action and will consider a legal challenge if steps are not taken to improve the flow rate under the bridge. Residents are facing massively increased insurance premiums and excesses and Steve Gilbert MP continues to lobby on this point.

The clerk read to the council from a letter handed in at the beginning of the meeting from Lynne Tregunna. In relation to this agenda item the letter raised several matters of concern. Lynne Tregunna felt it was unfair that residents had not been specifically invited to the meeting with Cllr Biscoe. She was also concerned to hear “that a new tunnel was being built” and felt insufficient consideration was being given to properties further downstream who may be affected by changes at the bridge. Lynne Tregunna also believes that there has generally been insufficient consultation with all the residents of Polmassick and that relevant information held by longstanding residents is being ignored. The council noted the letter and was saddened that Lynne Tregunna felt as she did. The Polmassick flooding has appeared as a regular agenda item at parish council meetings for two years and there have been numerous opportunities and meetings for residents to get involved. The parish council has no power to resolve the flooding issues but will continue to support local residents to work together with Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency to find a suitable solution to the problem.
The letter also raised concerns about a new drain installed at the road junction. Lynne Tregunna contends that it does nothing to alleviate the flooding problems and has also narrowed the road in such a way as to cause a hazard. The council noted this and confirmed that this was not a matter upon which the parish council was consulted. Councillors were generally in agreement with Lynne Tregunna that the drain served no useful purpose and this point should be made to Highways. It would also be helpful if Highways could liaise more closely with the parish council about intended works in future and this will be requested. Any parishioners who wished to should also voice their concerns about this matter direct to CORMAC.

Cllr Janet Lockyer was able to report on the Community Flood Forum which took place on 31.01.2013 and it was agreed she will attend the next meeting on 25.04.2013 on behalf of St Ewe Parish Council.

Cllr Janet Lockyer also attended a Resilience Planning event which was excellent. The aim is for communities to draw up an emergency plan which can be activated when necessary. This plan does not deal with just flooding but would also be relevant in other emergencies (ie fire, accident). Whilst any such plan does not depend upon parish council endorsement it was agreed that it would be helpful if the parish council was actively involved. Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Sam Roberts will work together with the pro-forma that was provided at the resilience planning event and present a draft document to the council at a later date.

121/12 Highways
• Road closure notice – Treberrick to Trevarrick
25.02.2013 to 08.03.2013 (0730 to 1800 hours) for surfacing and patching works
The council noted the above road closure notice without comment.

• Maintenance of fingerposts
The council noted Cllr John Dickinson has written the report suggested at the last meeting and it has been published in Tower & Spire and at Roseland-online.

• Potholes, weather damage and drainage issues
It was agreed that the clerk should write to Highways to report potholes at Deer Park corner, Tregain Cottage, Lanuah and Tregear. There are also issues of blocked drains on the road from St Ewe to Polmassick to be reported as well as hedgerow growth on Nunnery Hill.

• Roadside parking St Ewe
Cllr Johns raised this issue again and stated that he had received complaints from a number of residents. Other councillors have also had this issue raised with them. The concern is that vehicles passing through the village are being forced onto the wrong side of the road on the approach to a corner where it is impossible to see clearly if there is oncoming traffic. The clerk also read a paragraph from the letter from Lynne Tregunna voicing these concerns and alleging that there has already been a collision and she believes that it is a serious accident waiting to happen. Cllr Harman pointed out that the narrowing of the thoroughfare caused by the parked cars was less than in other places in the village where the road, by its nature, is only wide enough for one vehicle and is also no different to the roadside parking occurring in other villages such as Tregony and Veryan. Cllr Harman believes that as a result of an increase in permanent residence in the properties of St Ewe it will have to be accepted that there will be an increase in roadside parking. There is a lack of adequate parking facilities elsewhere for village residents and their visitors and in any event residents parking on the roadside are acting within their rights. Strong and contrary views were expressed and it emerged during the debate that one of the vehicles alleged to be parking dangerously is that of Cllr Harman. Cllr Collins asked if it would be possible to come to some arrangement with The Crown Inn about using its car park but this would only be effective if the owners of the cars concerned would be prepared to use it.

It was clear that no agreement would be reached on the rights and wrongs of the situation and in any event it is not within the powers of the parish council to enforce these issues. It is hoped that residents can work together to restore harmony. In the past it had been agreed that the matter be reported to the Police so that they can investigate whether or not the roadside parking in St Ewe is causing a hazard. It was agreed that it was appropriate to follow this course of action again and the clerk will write to PC Dorman and PCSO Hemming. Residents with cause to complain should also be encouraged to report matters directly to the Police as well as bringing them to the attention of the council.

• Drunken Bridge Lane
The clerk read a further paragraph from the letter from Lynne Tregunna which was concerned that not all residents were recognising the lane as public highway open to all users. The parish council noted the concerns and agreed totally that Drunken Bridge Lane is a public highway but felt that this was not in doubt and it was therefore not necessary for the parish council to make sure people are aware of it. The parish council is not aware of any consideration of making this road one-way and it is not an idea that would be supported. The parish council was active in lobbying for adequate signage which made sure the lane was not used by heavy good vehicles which pose a danger and cause damage.

It was agreed that the clerk should write a letter to Lynne Tregunna addressing the various points raised and the letter should reflect the comments made by councillors during the meeting.

• Any other urgent matters
No other matters were reported.

122/12 Footpaths
• Verge/hedging works in St Ewe Village
The clerk presented an invoice from Giles McGuffie who has now completed the works agreed at the last meeting. Councillors commented that the verges, trees and hedges now look very smart and a good job has been done. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded DC) to pay the invoice.

• Arrangements for footpaths this season
Cllr John Dickinson has reviewed the parish footpaths and reported that they are all usable at the present time. He has produced a detailed report along with photographs and this will be held with the parish records. He did note that signage was not consistent and was absent in some cases although all paths were easily identifiable with the OS map in hand. The only path which is inaccessible is 418/11/1 and this has been the case for several years. Indeed, on the ground, it is difficult to identify where this path might have run. Information has been sought about this from the Countryside Officer and he has been asked why action is not being taken with landowners to ensure this public right of way remains accessible. The report together with the information provided by Jim Davies and by the P&D Users Group will enable the parish to finalise plans for this year.

It was agreed that the clerk write to Jim Davies asking him to provide a quote for the obligatory two cuts on footpath 418/4/1 and in addition a single cut of 418/13/1, 418/15/1 and 418/16/3. The council noted that the P&D Users Group feel that 418/13/1 needs some more significant work and this might be considered when the council has a clearer idea of the funds available to do additional works. This quote will be presented at the next meeting for approval. It is hoped that the amount will be less than the overall budget for footpaths and if this is the case an approved contingency amount will be agreed so that if an urgent footpath issue arises during the season the clerk has a sum of money which can be utilised to remedy the problem without delay.

• Update from Polgooth & District Bridleway Users Group
The council noted emails from Gina Harvey regarding the latest action her group has been taking. It was agreed that the clerk keep the group informed about the plans for this season and also provide information about the details of the LMP agreement as soon as this is available from Cornwall Council.

• Any other urgent matters
No other matters were reported.

123/12 St Austell & Mevagissey Community Netwrk Area
Cllr Janet Lockyer attended the meeting on 28.02.2013. It was agreed that either Cllr Roberts or Cllr Lockyer (or both) would attend on behalf of St Ewe Parish Council the next meeting which is yet to be scheduled.

124/12 Notice Boards
The council noted that one pane of glass has been broken in the Polmassick notice board. It is hazardous as shards of glass are still present and action must be taken immediately. Cllr Janet Lockyer was thanked for clearing the loose glass debris. It is alleged that the glass was broken by Highways workers when the new drain was installed in this area. It was agreed that the clerk write to Teresa Frost to see if she or any of her colleagues can offer any information about the breakage. It is hoped that Highways might offer to pay for the replacement pane. In light of the current health and safety risk posed by the broken glass, it was resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) that the notice board be dismounted as soon as possible. Cllr Lockyer has kindly agreed to arrange this immediately and store in her garage until arrangements are made for repair work to be done.

As detailed in previous minutes, there have been issues in relation to the new notice board at Polmassick and the refurbishment work of the other notice boards. The clerk presented a report to council which had been circulated by email before the meeting. The council noted that Lee Price had been invited to attend the meeting to make representations but he was not in attendance and the clerk had not received any communication from him.

The report set out a detailed history of events stretching back to May 2011 when it was first agreed that the work on the notice boards needed to be commissioned. Lee Price was given the go ahead to proceed with the work in January 2012 and despite numerous requests to complete the work, the refurbishment of the notice boards has not been completed. In addition there continue to be problems with the quality of workmanship on all the notice boards and the notice board at Polmassick already requires urgent repair work. As detailed above, the glass has been broken and action must be taken immediately. Whilst that work is undertaken it would seem an appropriate moment to also remedy some of the defects including the problems with the lock (which is not required and is already rusty and clearly not suitable for exterior conditions) and the cork tiles which continue to lift up from the board backing.

The council deliberated on the matter and it was resolved (proposed WR, seconded MW) that contact be made with Lee Price seeking to withdraw from the current agreement for notice board refurbishment. The letter should set out clearly the grounds the parish council feels justify this action. It should give a clear timescale within which a response must be received and also invite Mr Price to submit a reasonable invoice for the work he has undertaken so far.

With regard to the urgent repairs to the Polmassick notice board it was resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) that the clerk should proceed to make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible as it is imperative that this well used notice board is back and functioning quickly.

Two members of the public left the meeting (Messrs Ian and Richard Lobb)

125/12 Grant Applications
The council noted that no grant applications have been received.

126/12 Financial matters
• Approve payments
Payment of outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed WR, seconded DC) as detailed below:
Rose Hardisty 356.76
8.80 Salary – 8 wks @ 5 hrs/wk = 40 hrs @ £8.919/hr
Working from home allowance – 8 wks @ £4/wk
Mileage (22 miles)
Giles McGuffie 240.00 verge/hedge/tree works
St Ewe Village Hall 100.00 Hall Hire 16.04.2012, 14.05.2012, 09.07.2012, 10.09.2012, 12.11.2012

• Financial update
The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.

• Precept and Council Tax Support Grant Funding
The council noted that the figures have now been finalised. St Ewe Parish Council is to receive £313.34 in grant funding on top of the amount requested by way of precept (£5269.00) and this is in line with what was anticipated at the meeting in January when the precept request was finalised. The clerk also presented a document which looked at St Ewe’s precept in comparison to neighbouring parishes. Although St Ewe’s percentage increase is the greatest (at the present time – Grampound & Pentewan figures were not available) the cost to a band D household is less than St Mewan and St Goran but more than Mevagissey, Cuby and St Michael Caerhays.

• Preliminary Year-End
The council noted that the figures contained in the two-monthly update will effectively form the year-end figures for 2011/2012. The council was pleased to note that spending was roughly in line with the formulated budget and that overall the council had spent slightly less than anticipated. It was agreed that financial year-end would be finalised at the next meeting.

127/12 Audit Matters
• Appointment of internal auditor
The council noted that the clerk has been in contact with Brian Smelt and he is happy to undertake the council’s internal audit for 2011/2012. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded MW) to appoint Brian Smelt as internal auditor and offer a fee not in excess of £50.00

• External audit arrangements
These have yet to be finalised and the clerk must await the documents from the Audit Commission or the appointed auditors (Grant Thornton UK LLP). As previously minuted it is likely that the council will fall into the financial band where no fee is charged for the external audit. It was agreed that the clerk should proceed with preparing the paperwork for the internal and external audits in line with the usual procedures and the specifications set out in the paperwork from Grant Thornton.

128/12 New information posted on Notice Boards
• Minutes of 12.11.2012
(and at and
• Appointment to Cornwall Council’s Standards Committee
• Rural Business Investment Scheme
• Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Annual Forum – 16.03.2013
The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

129/12 Appointment to Cornwall Council’s Standards Committee
Councillors noted the invitation to become representatives on this committee but no councillor wished to apply.

130/12 Schedule of future meeting dates
The council noted that there are a number of issues which might necessitate an additional meeting in April. The May meeting already contains a heavy workload with the AGM and Community Meeting also taking place and there will be the outcome of elections to deal with. Financial year-end and some planning matters (including the potential wind turbines) could more effectively be dealt with at a meeting during April. The council considered these issues and resolved (proposed WR, seconded MW) to provisionally schedule a meeting for Monday 15.04.2013 or 22.04.2013. The final date will depend largely on whether or not the wind turbine application is available to be dealt with on the earlier or later date and the decision on date will be left to the discretion of the chairman. The clerk will keep all councillors informed as soon as concrete information is available about the arrangements for a meeting in April. It was further agreed that, unusually, as many matters as can possibly be processed at the additional meeting should be dealt with so as to free up time in the May meeting.

The council resolved (proposed SR, seconded MW) the following dates should form its schedule of meetings for the forthcoming year. Monday 13.05.2013 (already planned), 08.07.2013, 09.09.2013, 11.11.2013, 13.01.2014, 10.03.2014 and 12.05.2014. As usual the proposed schedule does not preclude the calling of additional meetings should these be required.

131/12 Any other business
• Cornwall Council Consultations
Since the publishing of the agenda the clerk has been served with significant consultation papers in relation to (a) Cornwall Local Plan – Strategic Policies Development Plan Document – Pre-Submission Document, (b) Gypsy and Travelling Communities Strategy and Delivery Plan, and (c) Community Infrastructure Levy – Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule. The consultations run from 11.03.2013 to 22.04.2013. The council noted receipt of these significant and weighty documents and acknowledged their significance. However, the parish council did not feel it had the capacity to respond.

No other business was raised.

132/12 Clerk’s report
The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.

133/12 Date of next meeting
The date of the next full council meeting is Monday 15 or Monday 22 April 2013 at 7.00pm to be finalised at the discretion of the Chairman as soon as is practical. Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required. The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Notice – Parish Accounts year end 31.03.2013

Further to the formal notice placed on parish notice boards on 16.04.2013 the clerk would like to remind the public that they have a right to inspect St Ewe Parish Council’s accounts including the annual return made to the Audit Commission and all books, contracts, bills, vouchers, receipts, etc. Anyone wishing to exercise their right to carry out such an inspection should contact the clerk to make suitable arrangements.

Please contact Rose Hardisty on 01726 842869
Rose Hardisty, Clerk to St Ewe Parish Council
The Headlands, School Hill, Mevagissey, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall, PL26 6TH

Notice Board Maintenance

Do you live near one of our notice boards?
Can you spare a few minutes once a week?

St Ewe Parish Council is looking for volunteers who live close to our notice boards to make sure they are clean, dry and free from ‘creepy-crawlies’. A quick wipe down inside and a sweep out is all that is needed and any serious problems should be reported to the clerk. There are notice boards in St Ewe, Polmassick, Kestle, Little Polgooth and Lower Sticker. Regular maintenance of this sort will ensure the notice boards remain functional for the community and hopefully nipping any maintenance problems in the bud will keep costs down in the long run. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you think you might be interested please contact the clerk for more information.
Rose Hardisty, Clerk to St Ewe Parish Council
The Headlands, School Hill, Mevagissey, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall, PL26 6TH
01726 842869 –

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