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St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – May 2014


Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 12 May 2014

8.00 pm – 9.45pm


Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chair Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Trevor Harman, Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Sam Roberts and Cllr Lynne Tregunna
Apologies Received:- Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Reuben Collins and Cllr John Dickinson
In Attendance:- Cllr Malcolm Harris – Cornwall Council

Rose Hardisty, Clerk and Christine Wilson, Prospective Clerk

Public Participation:- 3 members of the public in attendance

009/14   Declarations of interests

  • Cllr Lynne Tregunna declared that she is a neighbour in relation to EN14/00450.
  • Cllr Janet Locker and Cllr Will Richards declared that they are members of the Village Hall Committee and will remove themselves from the meeting when the grant request is decided.
  • Cllr Sam Roberts is the parish council representative to the Village Hall Committee and will seek a dispensation in relation to the grant request on the basis set out under s33(c) of the Localism Act 2011.


010/14   Previous Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 10 March 2014, having been circulated with the agendas, were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed SR, seconded TH).

Public Participation

An assessme~t was made of the pwblic attendance and the council(agreed |haô the chair would adjourn the(meeting at intervals to take public particypation on an item by item bqsis.


011/14   Planninw matter{



PAq4/03227   Proposed conversion of barn to holiday dwelling with parking ánd turni~g area

The Barn, Tucoyse Farm, Tregony, TÒ2 5SJ

Ðarish opinion sought

Meeting adjourned to allow public participation on this matter


Mr David Irving, the applicant, was in attendance. An application was made last year (PA12/11800 min ref 097/12) which was later withdrawn to enable Mr Irving to address the concerns of the planning officer. The application has been re-submitted with an improved structural assessment and also the request for full residential occupancy has been replaced with a request for holiday use. This is the last remaining building in this location to be converted.


Meeting reconvened


The council thanked Mr Irving for his attendance and the information he provided. Councillors considered the planning documents and Mr Irving was also able to provide clarifying information when it was required. Councillors were mindful that this is an application for a holiday development in a rural area but recently the neighbouring properties have been granted full residential use. Some concerns have been raised by neighbours over farm access. The clerk advised that the planning officer’s primary concern is whether the building is suitable for conversion at all but councillors felt that this was a matter best left to the planning officer. The parish council resolved (proposed WR, seconded JL) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the planning application.


  • Wind Turbines generally and applications in neighbouring parishes

The council noted there are a number of screening requests and scoping opinions in neighbouring parishes with the planning department but the clerk is not aware of any new full planning applications for wind turbines.


  • Cornwall Council Turbines – Lanuah and Levalsa – Update

Cornwall Council are proposing a public exhibition and consultation at St Ewe Village Hall 12-17.06.2014. The project manager has been told to liaise directly with the Village Hall about arrangements. It was agreed as many councillors as possible should try to attend the public consultation so as to help inform decision making when the actual planning applications are received.


  • FULL PLANNING APPLICATION (and new screening request PA13/10498)

PA13/10074   Wind Turbine 79m to blade tip and associated works

Tregonan Farm, Tregony, TR2 5SN


The planning officer has stated that the application has a target determination date of 25.05.2014. The officer has raised with the applicant significant objections highlighted by the Landscape Architect. The applicant has responded to these objections and the officer is now contemplating his decision, he is particularly mindful that of the size of the proposed turbine. If he is minded to refuse he will do so under delegated authority. If he is minded to approve he will instigate the protocol and if this is the case the parish council agreed (further to its resolution at 098/13 on 13.01.2014) to ask Cllr Harris to insist that the application be heard by the planning committee.


Cllr Harris has also been in contact with the planning officer because an allegation has been made that there is a vested interest in CC Planning Department refusing wind turbine applications in private ownership in order to leave the way open for the council’s own applications for wind turbines in this area to be successful. The Planning Department refute this allegation of course and state that each application is judged on its own merits. Cllr Harris just wanted to make the council aware that he had pursued this point.



PA13/11428   Wind Turbine 79m to blade tip and associated works

Pitts Down Farm, Tregony, Cornwall


The concerns raised by the Landscape Architect are also significant in relation to this application and many of the issues are similar. However, the focus of the planning officer is to make a decision on Tregonan before turning to the final considerations on the Pitts Down application.


One member of the public left the meeting



PA14/02916   Extension over existing garage and utility

Water Lane Cottage, Little Polgooth, St Austell, PL26 7DD

Parish opinion sought

Meeting adjourned to allow public participation on this matter


Dr and Mrs Harvey, the applicants, were in attendance. Gina Harvey explained that they had suffered a significant house fire which had completely gutted the garage and utility area of the property. Rebuilding work is therefore essential and the couple considered it an opportunity to extend the property to incorporate more bedrooms and a more suitable layout. The development is designed to be in-keeping with the existing property and sympathetic to its location.


Meeting reconvened


The council considered the planning documents and thanked the applicants for their attendance. Councillors felt the proposal was reasonable and understood the applicants desire to take the opportunity when repairing recent fire damage to make improvements and extensions to the property. The council was reassured that the new parts of the building would be designed and finished in such a way as to be consistent with the existing cottage. On that basis the council resolved (proposed WR, seconded SR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.


Two members of the public left the meeting



EN14/00450 Alleged stationing of caravan for residential use with alleged installation of septic tank

Mellyn Coyse (vineyard), Polmassick, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6HA


An anonymous letter has been received by the clerk since the last meeting and this was read to the council and noted. The principal allegation of the letter is that the parish council turned a blind eye to the alleged activities on site. Councillors felt no further discussion of the letter was necessary because it is based on incorrect information. The parish council reported the matter to the planning enforcement team as a result of the discussions at the last meeting (min ref 113/13). It is regrettable that the writer(s) felt unable to identify themselves because if that had been the case the clerk would have been able to reply setting out the action taken by the parish council. The latest update from the planning enforcement officer is that a Planning Contravention Notice has served. This is a questionnaire which the proprietor is legally obliged to complete. It was agreed that the matter be kept under review and an update from the enforcement team be requested before the next meeting.




PA14/01725   Erection of new modern agricultural building and store

Penstrassoe Barton, St Austell, PL26 6JN

Approved with conditions


PA14/01816   Listed building consent for replacement windows

Upper Crosswyn Cottage, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EX



PA14/01810   Listed building consent for replacement windows and porch

Peruppa Farmhouse, Pentewan, St Austell, PL26 6EJ

Neighbouring Parish – Refused

The council noted the above three planning matters which have been dealt with by the planning officer under delegated powers and the decisions are shown above. The parish council was not able to respond to the consultations within the deadlines without calling an additional meeting. The chair, in consultation with the clerk, decided not to call an additional meeting on the basis that the planning officer would need to base any decision on such matters on the basis of technical advice from the relevant experts on listed buildings and agricultural requirements.



PA14/03668   Proposed use in respect of the performing of civil marriage and partnership ceremonies

Lower Barn, Bosue, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ET

The council noted the information provided by the clerk who has spoken with the agent and the planning officer. This is not a planning application and parish council opinion is not sought. The owners of Lower Barn have asked the planning officer for technical clarification as to whether the performance of civil marriages and partnership ceremonies falls within the existing permitted use of the property. If the planning officer deems it is then a certificate of lawfulness will be granted and the applicants may apply to the registering authority for the necessary permissions to conduct ceremonies. If the planning officer deems this use is outside the scope of the existing permitted use then the applicant will have to apply for planning permission in the usual way. It was agreed the clerk is to seek an update on this matter before the next meeting.


  • Coyte Farm Development update

Cllr Malcolm Harris reported that St Austell Together have been working hard to put together firm proposals to submit to planning. This development would be offered as an alternative to Coyte Farm and would be closer to the town centre at Trewhiddle. It has been made clear that it must be a concrete plan for it to be viewed with credibility. Negotiations are ongoing about arranging a swap between the Penwinnick Road offices and bringing council employees into White River Place. Councillors commented that what parishioners are asking for is to see big names such as Marks & Spencer come to St Austell.


012/14   Polmassick Flooding

The next meeting of the flood forum is to take place on 30.05.2014 and Cllr Janet Lockyer is away. Mr & Mrs Parsonson of Polmassick will be attending and will report back to Cllr Janet Lockyer any pertinent issues.


013/14   Highways

  • Potholes, weather damage and drainage issues

The council noted the response received from Highways regarding the most recently reported potholes. The letter reminded councillors that the best way to be assured of a quick service in relation to potholes is to telephone the locations to 0300 1234 222. Councillors and members of the public are to be encouraged to do this directly as and when pothole issues arise. Cllr Will Richards has been successful in claiming compensation for a tyre damaged by a pothole. The process was long and tedious and he spent a lot of time filling in forms and obtaining the necessary photographic evidence but it is possible!


The council noted the drain cover on the hill from St Ewe to Polmassick is being lifted and left open. This is extremely dangerous for road users, pedestrians and horse riders. Cllr Lockyer is to make enquiries about this and it is hoped that the matter can be resolved before the next meeting. Residents continue to pursue CORMAC to deal with the drainage issues at this location.


  • Grass Cutting Agency Agreement

The council noted that the agency agreement papers have been received from Cornwall Council. The council resolved (proposed JL, seconded WR) to enter into the agency agreement and Cllr Janet Lockyer signed the agreement. The clerk is to return the paperwork to Cornwall Council.


  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


014/14   Footpaths

  • Grass Cuttings on 418/16

The council noted an email from Polgooth and District Bridleway Users about grass clippings being dumped and making the bridleway dangerously slippery. It was agreed that the clerk will liaise with the Countryside Officer to try and resolve the problem.

  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


015/14   Insurance Renewal

The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from AON Ltd. There has been no change in parish circumstances and the cover required remains the same and the premium this year is £372.35, the same as last year. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded WR) to renew the parish council’s insurance with AON Ltd.


016/14   CALC Renewal

The clerk advised that the renewal documents have been received from the Cornwall Association of Local Councils. The total amount due this year is £187.67 of which £14.30 is VAT (which is reclaimable) on the service charge. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded JH) to renew membership of CALC and pay the annual subscription.


017/14   Clerking Arrangements

  • Final meeting of current clerk and handover arrangements to new clerk

Rose Hardisty and Christine Wilson have met to discuss the best way forward in terms of work transfer. They proposed to the council that a formal handover period of two weeks, with Christine’s employment starting on Monday 02.06.2014 and Rose’s employment ceasing on 16.06.2014, should be sufficient. To that end the payment to Rose at this meeting is to cover her remaining period with the council. Whilst there will be a two week overlay in salary payments the same does not apply to the home office allowance and this will transfer to Christine on 02.06.2014. Matters arising from tonight’s meeting are to be dealt with by Rose and then Christine should be well established in the role in time to prepare for the next meeting scheduled for 14.07.2014. It was resolved (proposed TJ, seconded SR) that the council adopt these arrangements.


  • Training requirements

The new clerk has expressed an interest in obtaining her CiLCA qualification (Certificate in Local Council Administration). The council is supportive of this and is interested in exploring the options for training and sharing the costs with Luxulyan Parish Council. It was agreed Christine would like to pursue the opportunities for CiLCA training via the internet and will bring formal proposals to a future meeting so that a resolution can be made regarding funding.


Cllr Malcolm Harris left the meeting


018/14   Audit matters

  • Presentation of the accounts, year-end figures and bank reconciliation

The council viewed the document and it was considered that it showed an accurate representation of the state of financial matters as at 31.03.2013. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded WR) that the accounts be approved.


  • Consideration of internal auditors report

The internal auditor, Brian Smelt, has reviewed the annual audit form and the council’s accounts together with supporting files and documents. He has found the accounting to be accurate and found no matters of concern to be recorded on section 4 of the annual audit form. The council noted with thanks the work of Brian Smelt.


  • Consideration and completion of audit commission’s annual return

The council considered the annual audit form and also the variance statement prepared by the clerk. The variance statement is required by the audit commission to explain significant differences between the figures for the last financial year and the one immediately preceding it. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded SR) that the chairman sign section 1 as these figures accord accurately with the year-end figures and also that the council is satisfied with the explanations offered in the variance statement and supporting documents. Councillors then considered section 2 of the form, the annual governance statement, addressing each question in turn and reaching a conclusion about a response. Where necessary the clerk provided further information about the ways in which each issue is dealt with by the council. It was resolved (proposed WR, seconded SR) that a ‘yes’ response was the correct response to all the questions raised save for question 9 where the appropriate response is ‘not applicable’. Section 2 was then signed by the chairman and the clerk as is required. The clerk is to submit the necessary papers to the appointed auditors as soon as possible, keeping a copy for the parish records. The clerk also advised the council that the accounts are to be made available for public scrutiny and notices have been placed on all the boards about this. It was further agreed that a notice be put in Tower & Spire advising parishioners of their right to examine parish financial documents.


  • New audit arrangements for 2014/2015

St Ewe Parish Council will no longer have to submit an audit to an external auditor this is because the Local Audit and Accountability Act has confirmed that all councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 will be exempt. The government has published draft proposals for how this will work and how local councils must continue to publish information. In practice it appears that councils will have to continue to produce the same papers (whether subject to external audit or not) and publish them on-line either via its own website or Cornwall Council’s website. The council agreed that the clerk is to keep the matter of auditing under review and keep the council informed of any implications arising from the changes.



019/14   Grant Applications

The Chair indicated the intention to deal with the following three grant applications at the same time

  • Churchyard Maintenance Grant
  • Village Hall Maintenance Grant
  • Tower & Spire towards publishing costs


Cllr Sam Roberts has completed the necessary request form for a dispensation to allow him to participate and vote in respect of the Village Hall grant application. The council resolved (proposed TJ, seconded WR) to grant the dispensation on the basis that it is in the interests of parishioners. The parish council has appointed Cllr Roberts as its representative on the Village Hall Committee and it is his role to report to on matters relating to the Village Hall and to pass on important details to facilitate informed decision making by the council.


The clerk reminded councillors of the decision at the November budgeting meeting to award the maintenance grants if possible. Letters have been received from the PCC and Village Hall Committee asking that grants of £500.00 be made and a letter has been received from St Peter’s PCC requesting a grant in the sum of £200.00 to assist with the costs of publishing Tower & Spire magazine in which St Ewe minutes are published.


Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards left the meeting and Cllr Sam Roberts took the chair


Councillors took the view that lengthy discussion was not required as these grants had been anticipated in November. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded LT) that these amounts be awarded. It was also agreed that the award of such grants be kept under annual review and specifically that they be considered at the November meeting when the precept request is decided.


Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards rejoined the meeting and Cllr Janet Lockyer resumed the chair


  • WW1 Centenary Events and War Memorial Maintenance

All Saints’ PCC have been in contact about the work required to the war memorial in St Ewe churchyard before the WW1 Centenary events. An estimate has been received from Kerrow Memorials in the region of £300+VAT. All Saints’ PCC are asking the parish council to fund this work. The clerk advised the council it has the legal power to spend on war memorials (War Memorials (Local Authorities’ Powers) Act 1923 s1 as extended by Local Government Act 1948 s133) and it would be most cost effective for the parish council to be invoiced and pay direct for the work as the parish council will be able to re-claim the VAT element. Councillors agreed that spending on the war memorial was an appropriate use of funds. Parish records show that the parish council was a driving force in obtaining funds to erect the memorial in the first place. It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded JL) that spending in the region of £300+VAT on war memorial maintenance be authorised. The clerk is to contact All Saints’ PCC to this effect and make appropriate arrangements with them and Kerrow Memorials to be invoiced directly for the work. The invoice should reach the clerk no later than 04.07.2014 to enable it to be paid at the meeting on 14.07.2014. It was suggested that the parish council should apply to Cllr Harris’ Communiyt Chest Fund for a grant towards this work and it was agreed that the clerk prepare and submit the paperwork.


A letter has been received from Heligan/Wildworks asking for parish council permission to use the war memorial as part of their activities planned for 03.08.2014. It was agreed the clerk is to write to Heligan/Wildworks to state that the parish council, of course, has no objection but thinks it would be prudent of Heligan/Wildworks to seek the consent of All Saints’ PCC as the memorial is in the churchyard.


There are to be further preparation meetings for the 03.08.2014 events on Friday 16.05.2014 (7pm-9pm) and Saturday 17.05.2014 (10am-4pm) at Mevagissey Activity Centre. Local people are encouraged to come and find out more about how they can be involved.


020/14   Financial Matters

  • Change of address letter for HSBC

The council noted that the bank address will need to be changed with the change of clerk. A letter has been prepared with the necessary instruction and information and it was signed by two approved signatories. This letter will be submitted to HSBC on 02.06.2014.


  • Approve payments

Payment of any grants detailed above and outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed JL, seconded WR) as detailed below:


Rose Hardisty 630.63




Salary – 14 wks @ 5 hrs/wk @ £8.919/hr (11.03-16.06.2014)

Working from home allowance – 12wks @ £4/wk

48 miles at 40p/mile

Large letter to Jim Davies

AON Ltd 372.35

Insurance Renewal

CALC 173.37


CALC and NALC Annual subscription

VAT on CALC service charge

St Ewe Village Hall 500.00

Annual Grant towards hall maintenance

St Ewe PCC 500.00

Annual Grant towards churchyard maintenance

St Peter’s PCC 200.00

Annual Grant towards publishing costs

St Ewe Village Hall 100.00

Hall Hire – Nov 2013, Jan, Mar, Apr, May 2014

  • Notice of VAT Reclaim

The council noted that the VAT reclaim for 2013/2014 of £50.56 has been received.


  • Two-monthly financial update

The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.


021/14   Consultations

  • Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places – closing 30.05.2014
  • Natural England – Falmouth bay to St Austell bay potential Special Protection Area – closing 21.07.2014

The council noted the above consultation but did not wish to make any comments other than to say the current polling arrangements for St Ewe parish are acceptable.


022/14   New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Notice of right to inspect audit and accounts for financial year 2013/2014
  • Minutes of 13.02014

(and at and

  • Statement of candidates nominated for European Parliamentary Elections on 22.05.2014
  • Situation of Polling Stations notice
  • Stephen Gilbert MP – surgery dates May to July 2014
  • Mark Group – free home insulation poster

The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

023/14   Any other business

No other business was raised save for the council once again thanking the clerk for her work for the council.


024/14   Clerk’s report

The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.


025/14   Date of next meeting

The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 14 July 2013 at 7.00pm. Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required. The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.


Meeting closed at 9.45pm

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