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St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – October 2013

Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 14 October 2013

7.00pm – 8.15pm


Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chair Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr John Dickinson , Cllr Trevor Johns, Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Sam Roberts and Cllr Lynne Tregunna
Apologies Received:- Cllr Malcolm Harris – Cornwall Council

Cllr Rueben Collins and Cllr Trevor Harman

In Attendance:- Rose Hardisty, Clerk
Public Participation:- 1 member of the public in attendance

069/13     Declarations of interests 

  • Cllr Will Richards declared he is the applicant re PA12/09805.
  • Cllr Allan Brooks declared he is an immediate neighbour re PA13/02329.
  • Cllr Trevor Johns and Cllr Lynne Tregunna declared owning neighbouring land re PA13/07826.

070/13     Previous Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 9 September 2013, having been circulated with the agendas, were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed JD, seconded WR).

Public Participation

Ivan Tomlin, agent for the owners of Kilbol County House Hotel, was in attendance to provide councillors with any additional information they might require to make an informed decision on the application for change of use.  He stressed that no alterations are proposed and this application is merely to formalise a change of use so that the property can be used/sold as a residential dwelling rather than a commercial hotel.

071/13     Planning matters


PA13/07826       Change of use of hotel to single dwelling

Kilbol Country House Hotel, Polmassick, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6HA

Parish Opinion Sought

Councillors considered the planning documents and were assisted by the presence of Ivan Tomlin (agent for the applicant) who provided clarifying information.  The council also noted the concerns raised by neighbours in relation to future potential development of the site.  The parish council accepted that the current application was for “change of use” only and no physical alterations are intended at this time.  The council did not have any difficulty in accepting the return of this property to a residential dwelling and therefore resolved (proposed AB, seconded WR) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.  However, the parish council was sympathetic to the views of neighbours and would want the opportunity to thoroughly consider any further development proposals of the current or future owners.

One member of the public left the meeting

  • Coyte Farm Planning Proposals

The council noted that this matter is due to considered by Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee in November.  Phil Mason, Head of Planning will present findings of a Retail Impact Study to a special meeting of the Community Network Panel on 21.10.2013 at the St Austell Offices at 6.00pm.  The meeting is also open to the public but there will only be 30 minutes of allotted public speaking time.  There is to be a full public meeting on 30.10.2013 at which there will be greater opportunity for the public to present their views.  It was agreed that Cllr Janet Lockyer would attend on behalf of St Ewe Parish Council.

  • Camper Van parked on verge near Pengrugla at SW 991 : 472

This issue has been raised with councillors and the clerk has spoken with PCSO Hemming to see if the police are taking any action.  PCSO Hemming confirmed officers have visited the vehicle and that they are aware that this vehicle moves from place to place within the district.  The police do not intend to take any action at this time.

There was a discussion about what steps, if any, the council should take in relation to this matter.  Parish Councillors did not accept that it was appropriate for the police to “take no further action”.  It is alleged that the vehicle is unroadworthy and no tax disc is in evidence.  Councillors were concerned about the precedent which could be set if the parish council does not set out very clearly that it is opposed to the situation.  It was agreed that the clerk should write formally to the police asking them to explain their stance and challenging the legality of the vehicle and its current position.  The clerk is also to write to highways and the Tremayne Estate asking whether they intend to take any action in this matter.  The matter should be included on the next agenda for review.


PA13/02288       Erection of replacement dwelling on cottage footprint

Land East of Paramoor Farm, Lower Sticker, St Austell, Cornwall

Notice of advice sought

The council noted that pre-application advice has been sought.


PA12/09805       Discharge of conditions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 15 on PA11/00607

Trudgian Farm, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EU

Notice of discharge of conditions not all conditions agreed

The council noted that some of the conditions have been discharged.


PA13/02329       Erection of one 50kW wind turbine

Land South West of Kestle Farm, Kestle, St Ewe, St Austell, Cornwall

Notice of withdrawal of application

The council noted that this application has been withdrawn.  The council also noted an email received from Mr Ian Lobb stating that no progress was being made with resolving the objections so he has decided to withdraw the application.  Mr Lobb thanked the parish council for their professional handling of the application.


PA13/06671       Garage conversion to annex with internal alteration and new store to external area of garden

Valley View, Kestle, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EP

Approved with conditions


PA13/06713       Erection of extension to existing agricultural building

PA13/06714       Erection of an agricultural building

Trelewack Farm, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EX

Both Approved


PA13/06719       Erection of agricultural building for livestock housing

PA13/06720       (Building 1, Building 2, Building 3 and Building 4)

PA13/06721       Hewas Farm, Sticker, St Austell, PL26 7JH

PA13/06722                                                                                                             All 4 Approved

The council noted the seven approvals without comment.

072/13  Polmassick Flooding

Cllr Janet Lockyer was able to provide feedback from the Cornwall Community Flood Forum’s 2nd Conference on Thursday 10.10.2013 at St Austell Council Offices from 9.30am to 3.30pm.  It was a very well attend and very successful conference.  The speakers were excellent and the rest of the country is looking towards the example set by Cornwall as to how to run an effective flood forum.  Various leaflets and documents were available and Cllr Lockyer gave Cllr Johns a leaflet about living on a river frontage which she had collected for residents of Polmassick.  The next forum meeting is to take place in November and Cllr Lockyer will attend.  The plan for the relief pipe is being surveyed and the surveyor has been seen on site.  It was agreed that a supportive note should be sent to Highways asking to be notified of the outcome of the survey as soon as it is available.  Cllr Janet Lockyer also intends to attend the Community Emergency Plan meeting on Thursday 07.11.2013 at St Austell Council Offices from 7.00m to 9.00pm.

073/13  Heligan/Wildworks Great War Centenary Event Update

The council noted that the first dates for the ‘Wildworks Community Tea Parties’ (all at 6.30pm) have taken place (06.10.2013 at Jubilee Hall, Mevagissey, 09.10.2013 at St Ewe Village Hall and 11.10.2013 at the Barley Sheaf, Gorran).  Both Cllrs Brooks and Lockyer attended.  The events were well attended and there appears to be much community interest.  Wildworks have a lot of experience in producing community theatre events such as the day proposed by Heligan for the first Sunday in August 2014.  Cllr Brooks outlined the sort of activities proposed for the day and also said that Heligan/Wildworks are specifically seeking stories from members of the community about the call-up in 1914.  They are tracking down names on the local war memorials and anyone with information about those families should get in touch.

074/13     Community Network Panel Reviews

Cornwall Council’s Devolution and Localism Advisory Committee (PAC) has been considering Community Network Panels and their operation.  A number of options for the future operation of the Community Networks have been put forward and parish councils are being invited to respond to these proposals.  The PAC will be meeting on 30.10.2013 to consider the feedback it has received.  After a brief discussion it was agreed that the parish council did not wish to invest considerable time in responding to the consultation.  However, it was agreed that the clerk should write to PAC setting out some basic points.  In general the parish council has been disappointed with the effectiveness of the Community Network Panels.  The original intention was that these would be multi-disciplinary bodies but experience suggests meetings are primarily attended by council representatives with other bodies (ie police, health, schools) being very poorly represented.  As one of the smallest parish councils it is all too easy for any issues St Ewe might have to be overlooked in the greater demands of St Austell town and the bigger villages.  In reality, St Ewe Parish Council does not see its membership of the Community Network Panel as one of its priority functions.  It is difficult to see this position changing significantly regardless of any proposals to come out of the current review.  Community Network Meetings demand a considerable time investment from a councillor and/or the clerk and generally it is felt that such time can be more beneficially invested directly in the community of St Ewe parish.

075/13     Highways

  • Potholes, surface and drainage issues

It was agreed that the clerk should contact highways highlighting that drain clearance needs to be taking place regularly as there is a significant build up of leaves on the road.  The clerk should also request information about re-surfacing on the Lanuah to schoolhouse road and Tucoyse hill.

  • Fly Tipped Asbestos on Lanuah farmland off Drunken Bridge Lane

The council noted that Russell Wheeler of Cornwall Council estates department has filed a request for the material to be removed after his meeting at the site with the clerk on Wednesday 11.09.2013.  It was agreed that an eye would be kept on the matter and the clerk will chase it up again if the material is not removed in a reasonable time frame.

  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.

076/13     Footpaths

  • Any urgent matters

No matters were reported.

077/13     New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Minutes of 08.07.2013

(and at and

  • The Police and Crime Commissioner small grant scheme 2013/2014

The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

078/13     Any other business

  • Update from Cllr Malcolm Harris

The clerk read an email from Cllr Harris setting out the plans for staffing consolidation and reduction of council properties.  There are a number of scenarios with a direct impact on the local area.  One plan is to close Sedgemoor and move the staff to Penwinnick Road.  It is also possible, however, that Penwinnick Road will be closed and current staff re-housed in the new-build council offices in Bodmin.  There is very strong opposition to the closure of St Austell and relocation to Bodmin and many county councillors and town councillors intend to vigorously oppose this option.

  • Poppy Parade in St Austell

The council noted the invitation to participate but will not be doing so on this occasion.

No other business was raised.

079/13     Date of next meeting

The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 11 November 2013 at 7.00pm.  Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required.  The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm

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