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St Ewe Parish Council Minutes – September 2013


Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 8 July 2013

7.00pm – 8.20pm

Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chair Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Sam Roberts and Cllr Lynne Tregunna
Apologies Received:- Cllr John Dickinson, Cllr Trevor Harman and Cllr Malcolm Harris – Cornwall Council
In Attendance:- Rose Hardisty, Clerk
Public Participation:- 3 members of the public in attendance

036/13   Declarations of interests 

  • Cllr Rueben Collins declared an interest in PA13/04495 as a relative of the applicant.
  • Cllr Janet Locker and Cllr Will Richards declared that they are members of the Village Hall Committee and will remove themselves from the meeting when the grant request is decided.
  • Cllr Sam Roberts is the parish council representative to the Village Hall Committee and will seek a dispensation in relation to the grant request on the basis set out under 33(c) of the Localism Act 2011.

037/13   Previous Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Annual General Meeting, Parish Community Meeting and parish council meeting all held on 13 May 2013, having been circulated with the agendas, were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed JL, seconded WR).

Public Participation

Mr & Mrs Killarney were in attendance and made a statement in relation to planning application PA13/04125.  The couple have owned “Barn 1” for four years as a family holiday home and it was bought in full knowledge of the restriction.  Mrs Killarney has Cornish ancestry and has always wanted to live in Cornwall.  They have been fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time at the property since retirement.  The condition is such that it allows them to live in the property all year but must also own another property.  Mrs Killarney argued that the terms of the condition benefit no one and pointed out that they already must pay full council tax on the property.  The Barn is a semi-detached bungalow and would make a good home for a local family to rent or buy in the future.  Many of the properties at Tucoyse are restricted by similar conditions (although a number have now been lifted) and it seems a waste that some properties are empty during the winter months.

038/13   Planning matters


EN13/00786    Alleged Plant Hire business being run from farm

Trelissick Farm, Tregony, TR2 5SE

Case Closed – Breach resolved

The council noted the above enforcement matter has been closed.

Cllr Rueben Collins left the meeting


PA13/04495    Screening opinion for single 500kW wind turbine, maximum blade tip height 79m

Tregonan Farm, Tregony, TR2 5SN

Notice and update

The council noted that an EIA screening opinion request has been made.  The clerk has spoken with the planning officer and it is unlikely that this proposal will meet the criteria for an EIA but has not yet made a determination.  However, the planning officer hopes that any formal application will be preceded by public consultation and once an application is made the parish council will be consulted in the usual way 

Cllr Rueben Collins rejoined the meeting


PA12/09711    Renewal of 09/00711 for emergency dirty water storage/catchment facility permanent basis

Tregenna Farm, London Apprentice, St Austell, PL26 7AW

Notice of matter going to Planning Committee 08.07.2013

The council noted that this matter, to which it raised no objection, is being considered by the planning committee of Cornwall Council with a recommendation from the planning officer that the application be approved with conditions.


PA13/01284  Erection of summerhouse and workshop

Lower Barn, Bosue, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6ET

Notice of approval


PA13/01939  Use of cottage as residential accommodation

Grace Cottage, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

Notice of Approval


PA13/03013  Erection of solar PV Panels (120) to generate 30kw of energy on steel framing supports

Lobbs Farm Shop, The Countryside Barn, Heligan, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6EN

Notice of Approval


PA13/03538    Variation of holiday use only condition to allow full residential use

Janna’s and Demelza’s Cottage, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

Notice of Approval

The council noted the above four planning approvals without comment.


PA13/04125    Erection of extension to and conversion of building to two units of accommodation without

complying with condition relating to use as holiday accommodation.

Barn 1, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

Parish opinion sought

The council considered the planning documents and were grateful to Mr & Mrs Killarney for their attendance and the additional information they provided.  In the light of other recent applications of a similar nature at this location councillors felt that the matter did not warrant lengthy debate and the council resolved (proposed SR, seconded RC) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.


PA13/04127    Erection of extension to and conversion of building to two units of accommodation without

complying with condition relating to use as holiday accommodation.

The Wagonhouse, Tucoyse Farm, Polmassick, Tregony, TR2 5SJ

Parish opinion sought

The council considered the planning documents.  In the light of other recent applications of a similar nature at this location councillors felt that the matter did not warrant lengthy debate and the council resolved (proposed SR, seconded RC) to RAISE NO OBJECTION to the application.

Two members of the public left the meeting

039/13  Cornwall Councillor Update

Cllr Malcolm Harris sent his apologies as he is at a meeting of the planning committee this evening.  Last week he indicated to the clerk that he would send a short email report but this has not been received.

040/13  Polmassick Flooding

Cllr Janet Lockyer reported that there has been an informal meeting with Teresa Frost and representatives of the Polmassick community.  The initial calculations for the relief pipe are now with the engineers and surveyors and it is hoped that some firm plans can be put forward soon.

041/13   Highways

  • Temporary road closure notice – Treberrick to Trevarrick – 18.07.2013 to 31.07.2013 (0730 to 1800)
  • Temporary road closure notice – Middle Gargus to Tucoyse Hill – 18.07.2013 to 31.07.2013 (0730 to 1800)
  • Temporary road closure notice – Luney Lane – 15.08.2013 to 29.08.2013 (0600 to 1800)

The council noted the three road closure notices.

  • Potholes, surface and drainage issues

This continues to cause much consternation among residents with reports constantly being made to councillors about problems with the road surfaces in the parish.  Councillors feel that where temporary repairs take place these are often poorly carried out and do not offer lasting value.  It was agreed that the clerk contact Cormac Solutions again and report potholes between Beacon Cross and St Ewe, Tregilgas Road, Tucoyse Hill, outside Mill Cottage in Polmassick and outside Tregain Cottage.

  • Fly Tipped Asbestos off Drunken Bridge Lane

This has still to be removed and it was agreed that the clerk should contact the land agents at Cornwall Council who are the land owners of Lanuah Farm which is currently on the open market.  The parish council would like to see the matter resolved before any incoming occupier takes ownership.

  • Hedge Cutting

Councillors reported continued problems due to hedge growth on Nunnery Hill and Drunken Bridge Lane.  It is understood that hedge cutting is the responsibility of land owners and may commence after 1st August.  It is believed that the land bordering Nunnery Hill is part of the Tremayne Estate and it was alleged that hedge cutting has not taken place here for several seasons.  Drunken Bridge Lane is bordered by Lanuah Farm.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to the Tremayne Estate and Cornwall Council land agents with regard to hedge cutting and also copy these letters to Cormac Solutions.

  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.

042/13   Footpaths

  • Any urgent matters

No matters were reported.

043/13   Notice Boards

An invoice has been received from Mr Pearce for the repairs to the Polmassick notice board in line with the estimate provided at the last meeting and it was resolved (proposed JL, seconded DC) that this be paid.

The repairs to the St Ewe village notice board have yet to be done but it is hoped these can be achieved before the agendas need to be posted for the next meeting in September.

No further communication has been received from Mr Price.

044/13   Audit Matters

The council noted that the audit has been returned from Grant Thornton with no comments.  Notices have been published as is required highlighting parishioners’ rights to view the parish accounts and audit documents.  Grant Thornton has confirmed that there is to be no charge for the annual audit as St Ewe Parish Council’s income falls below the charging threshold.

045/13   Grant Applications

  • The Hub Community Radio – grant towards studio and transmission mast

In the light of other more local grant requests being made it was agreed that no grant should be awarded to The Hub Community Radio at this time.

  • St Ewe Village Hall – repairs to outside toilets (request supported by St Ewe Country Fair Committee)

Cllr Sam Roberts completed the necessary request form for a dispensation to allow him to participate and vote in respect of the Village Hall grant application.  The council resolved (proposed AB, seconded RC) to grant the dispensation on the basis that it is in the interests of parishioners to do so.  The parish council has appointed Cllr Roberts as its representative on the Village Hall Committee and it is his role to report to on matters relating to the Village Hall and to pass on important details to facilitate informed decision making by the council.

Cllr Will Richards gave a brief précis to the council about why the grant was required and both he and Cllr Lockyer asked the council to support the application.

Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards left the meeting and Cllr Allan Brooks took the chair

The clerk read to councillors the letters received from St Ewe Village Hall and St Ewe Country Fair Committee in support of the application.  The council also received a copy of the contractor invoice for the work in the sum of £375.00.  Councillors expressed the view that it was important to continue supporting the Village Hall which is a valued and accessible community asset.  It was agreed that the outside toilets were well used and necessary to the success of many of the events held at the village hall, particularly outside events such as the country fair.  It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded AB) to award a grant in the sum of £375.00 to St Ewe Village Hall for the repair works undertaken on the outside toilets.

Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Will Richards rejoined the meeting and Cllr Janet Lockyer resumed the chair

  • All Saints’ Church – grant towards re-publishing of “A History of St Ewe Parish and Church”

The clerk read to the council a letter from Barbara Musgrave, Churchwarden, about a plan to republish this rare local book.  Barbara Musgrave was in attendance and wished to speak in support of the application so the meeting was temporarily adjourned for public participation.

Public Participation

Mrs Musgrave handed round a (rather battered) copy of the book which she has borrowed from a local resident.  It is one of very few copies left in existence.  Quotes have been sought from various printers and also estimates made of the costs that will be incurred in revising the writing, artwork and compiling.  Clearly the cost per copy is reduced the more copies that are printed at any one time.  Barbara Musgrave asked for feedback from the council as to whether they thought the project was worthwhile and whether there were any ideas about promoting, distributing and numbers of copies required.  Councillors wholeheartedly felt that the project was worthwhile and that there would be considerable interest from within the parish but also within the “family history” market.  Suggestions were given that contact should be made with Roseland Online and also Lost Gardens of Heligan, amongst others, who might have perspectives to offer.

045/13   Grant Applications (cont)

Councillors were grateful for the background information provided by Barbara Musgrave.  An estimation of costs has been given and the parish council are being asked to contribute £300, this being the cost of updating writing, artwork and compiling.  The council was enthusiastic and supportive of the project.  The council accepts that its contribution will be a one-off expense and that the actual publishing costs are going to be met from other sources.  The council would hope that if sale proceeds exceed publishing costs then these monies will be reinvested in further copies if there is a demand.

It was resolved (proposed SR, seconded AB) to make at grant to All Saints’ Church in the sum of £300.00 on the basis that this be allocated to the writing, artwork and compiling necessary for the republishing of “A History of St Ewe Parish and Church”.

  • Churchyard Maintenance Grant

The council noted the letter of thanks for this grant awarded at the last meeting.

One member of the public left the meeting

046/13   Financial Matters

  • Approve payments

Payment of any grants detailed above and outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed JL, seconded DC) as detailed below:

Rose Hardisty







Salary – 8 wks @ 5 hrs/wk @ £8.919/hr

Working from home allowance – 8wks @ £4/wk

22 miles at 40p/mile

5 reams of Printer Paper

16 cartridges of Printer Ink


Dominic Pearce


Polmassick Notice Board repairs
St Ewe Village Hall


Hall Hire January and March 2013
St Ewe Village Hall


Grant towards repairs of outside toilets
All Saints’ PCC


Grant towards writing, artwork and compiling of book


  • Two-monthly financial update

The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.


047/13   New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Minutes of 22.04.2013

(and at and

  • Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return

The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.

048/13   Any other business

  • Clerk’s absence

The council noted that the clerk intends to be away from 04.08.2013 to 21.08.2013 but will maintain regular access to her email and can be contacted by leaving a message at her usual phone number.  The council considered whether it was necessary to appoint a temporary clerk for this period which falls between scheduled meetings.  It was agreed that cover is not necessary provided the clerk works her contracted hours overall, checks parish emails regularly and reports any urgent matters to the chair who will then decide on any necessary action.

  • Heligan

The clerk read a letter received from Candy Smit of the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  The gardens are planning a commemorative event in August 2014 to mark the centenary of the call-up of Naval Reserves from Mevagissey on the first Sunday of August 1914.  The letter enclosed a newspaper article from the time and this has been the prime inspiration for the event.  There will be a theatrical performance with the involvement of Wildworks community theatre group and the gardens hope to work with their staff and the local community to offer a number of different activities throughout the day which echo the horrors of war and the old ways of life lost so long ago.

Aside from the day event being planned, Heligan is working towards consolidating the garden restoration and re-introducing traditional farming and countryside management practices over the period 2014-2018.  Any residents with access to old farm equipment or working horses, or with skills they would be happy to share, should make contact with Candy Smit.

The council expressed enthusiasm for the project and a willingness to be involved.  It was agreed that Councillor Allan Brooks be appointed as a link person to attend any planning meetings and feedback information to the full council.  It was further agreed that the clerk write to Candy Smit expressing parish commitment and also passing on Cllr Brooks’ contact details. 

  • Community Emergency Plan

Cllr Janet Lockyer and Cllr Sam Roberts have almost completed compiling the Community Emergency Plan.  There are a few contact numbers outstanding but once these have been obtained the plan will be circulated to all the relevant organisations and individuals.  The council is grateful to Cllrs Lockyer and Roberts for the work they have done and the council can only hope that it never has to be put into action!

No other business was raised.

049/13   Clerk’s report

The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.

050/13   Date of next meeting

The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 09 September 2013 at 7.00pm.  Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required.  The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.

Meeting closed at 8.20pm


Setting of Parish Council Precept

Do you have a view on how the parish council should spend funds?

Do you want a say in how much the parish council should ask for in council tax?

St Ewe Parish Council formulates its budget for the forthcoming financial year at its meeting in November (this year Monday 11.11.2013).  This includes making a decision about how much money to ask Cornwall Council to include in your council tax bill.  The Parish Council welcomes input from residents in this process and would be delighted to see any members of the public who want to contribute at the November meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like to contribute ideas

please speak to one of the parish councillors or send an email to the clerk.

Please contact the clerk for more information.

Rose Hardisty, Clerk to St Ewe Parish Council

The Headlands, School Hill, Mevagissey, ST AUSTELL, Cornwall, PL26 6TH

01726 842869  –


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