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St Ewe Parish Council – November 2013 Minutes


Parish Council Meeting

St Ewe Village Hall

Monday 11 November 2013

7.00pm – 8.30pm


Officers Present:- Parish Cllrs – Chair Cllr Janet Lockyer, Cllr Allan Brooks, Cllr Diane Clemes, Cllr Rueben Collins, Cllr John Dickinson, Cllr Trevor Harman, Cllr Will Richards, Cllr Sam Roberts and Cllr Lynne Tregunna
Apologies Received:- Cllr Trevor Johns
In Attendance:- Cllr Malcolm Harris – Cornwall CouncilRose Hardisty, Clerk
Public Participation:- No members of the public in attendance

080/13   Declarations of interests 

  • Cllr Lynne Tregunna declared owning neighbouring land re PA13/07826.


081/13   Previous Minutes

The minutes of the parish council meeting held on 14 October 2013, having been circulated with the agendas, were considered a true record and were adopted (proposed WR, seconded SR).


Public Participation




082/13   Planning matters

  • Camper Van parked on verge near Pengrugla at SW 991 : 472

Following the last meeting the clerk wrote to police, highways and the Tremayne Estate.  Responses were received from all parties.  Mr John Willis was not happy about the situation and was keen to assure the parish council that the vehicle had not got consent from the Tremayne Estate.  The police felt they were unable to take further action whilst the vehicles were off the public highway.  Any information about the likely movement of the vehicles would be helpful to the police.  Highways suggested we pursue the matter with the DVLA.  The vehicles were moved between Saturday 02.11.2013 and Sunday 03.11.2013 and the parish council has no further information about their whereabouts.  It was agreed that no further action was necessary at this time but should the vehicles reappear in the parish the clerk is to liaise with police and highways as quickly as possible.


  • Coyte Farm Planning Proposals

Cllr Janet Lockyer reported back to the council following the special meeting of the Community Network Panel on 21.10.2013 at which the Retail Impact Study results were shared.  A full public meeting also took place on 30.10.2013 and this was attended by Cllr Malcolm Harris.  He reported that this was a well attended and well conducted meeting.  The planning committee also attended a technical briefing given by the developers but were dissatisfied as they felt this had just turned into a lobbying exercise without really giving any clearer technical information.  As a result the planning committee have decided also to meet with objectors to the scheme in order to maintain fairness and to hear the other point of view.  It is understood that St Mewan Parish Council has responded to the parish consultation and has objected.  Multiple reports have been commissioned and it is unclear why such expense has been incurred in this area.  Councillors are keen to ensure there is no further delay and the matter is due to come before the planning committee in January.



PA13/07826    Change of use of hotel to single dwelling

Kilbol Country House Hotel, Polmassick, St Ewe, St Austell, PL26 6HA

Approved with conditions

The council noted the above planning approval without comment.



  • Wind Turbine Proposals – Lanuah Farm (1 turbine) and Levalsa Farm (2 turbines)

Cllr Malcolm Harris presented to the meeting some plans of possible wind turbine developments.  Cornwall Council is considering a wide ranging scheme of installing wind turbines on county owned farmland.  Two of the proposed sites are within St Ewe Parish.  The clerk was keen to ensure that the issue wasn’t discussed at length as the matter has not been included on the agenda.  Cllr Harris said it was early days but CC wished to get the parishes informed at the earliest opportunity.  It was agreed that Cllr Harris would provide more information as soon as it was available and the clerk would also make enquires.  It was agreed the matter should be listed as an agenda item for the next meeting.


082/13  Cornwall Councillor Update

Cllr Malcolm Harris reported that the Local Plan is in its final stages and there has been much debate over the 20 year projection for new housing.  A figure of 42,250 had been agreed but CC now fears the Minister will reject the plan with this figure.  CC does not want to delay the Local Plan and therefore it is likely a higher figure of 47,500 will be proposed.  The St Austell area is already very close to reaching its part of the target figure.


With regard to the council offices in St Austell, it seems likely that the Penwinnick Road offices will be retained and staff from Sedgemoor will transfer there when that lease expires.  The excess space at the new build offices in Bodmin will probably be leased to BT.


083/13  Community Network Update

The next meeting of the community network is due to take place this Thursday 14.11.2013 at 7pm at the Penwinnick Road offices.  It was agreed that St Ewe Parish Council would send apologies to the meeting.  The consultation regarding the future format of the community networks has been extended.  The clerk will keep the council informed of any developments and include as an agenda item as necessary.

084/13  Polmassick Flooding

Cllr Janet Lockyer has attended the latest flood forum meeting at which Steve Gilbert MP spoke about issues surrounding insurance.  This meeting was a joint meeting, Mevagissey/Pentewan/Polmassick and Par/St Blazey/Lostwithiel.  The joint meeting was such a success that the groups have decided to meet jointly from now on.  With regard to insurance, progress has been made in that insurance companies will not be able to refuse to grant insurance but it may be that premiums and excesses will be very high.  Cornwall Flood Forum is delighted that students from Exeter University are getting involved with the forum and the youthful expertise and fresh ideas they bring is positive.  Students will also be undertaking research projects and it is hoped that the information from these will provide helpful pointers for the future.


Cllr Lockyer also reported back from the emergency planning meeting and she felt this was a very useful exercise.  It transpires that St Ewe is well ahead of the game and Cllr Lockyer had to talk to other participants about the work she has done with Cllr Roberts in formulating a plan for our area.  Cllr Lockyer is now getting support in arranging for the plan to be put on-line and logged with all the necessary agencies.


Cllr Lockyer believes the survey for the relief pipe is now complete but the clerk has yet to receive any formal news from CORMAC.  It was agreed the clerk will contact CORMAC and keep the council informed of any developments and include as an agenda item as necessary.


085/13  Great War Centenary Event Update

  • Heligan/Wildworks

The council noted the “Lost Gardeners, Lost Friends” events taking place at Heligan Sunday 10.11.2013 to Friday 15.11.2013.  The council also noted the drop-in session being held at the Jubilee Hall in Mevagissey on Wednesday 27.11.2013 between 4pm and 8pm when members of the public are invited to share memorabilia, photos, stories, etc.


  • War Memorials Trust

The council noted correspondence from the trust about the grants and support available to maintain war memorials.  It was agreed that this information should be passed to All Saints PCC although councillors believe that the memorial in St Ewe churchyard is in good order.  The letter also asks the parish council to consider making a donation to the trust.  It was agreed that the parish council would prefer to make a donation direct to the PCC if the St Ewe memorial needs maintenance.


086/13   Highways

  • Potholes, surface and drainage issues

Councillors are concerned that general leaf clearance does not appear to be taking place as regularly or thoroughly as it should do.  In Kestle, for example, all the drains/gullies are blocked and water merely runs along the road surfaces when it rains.  The state of Tucoyse Hill and the Lanuah to schoolhouse road were again reported.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to CORMAC about these issues.


  • Fly Tipped Asbestos on Lanuah farmland off Drunken Bridge Lane

The council noted that an asbestos collection vehicle had been seen in the area but it appears they have not removed the flytipped asbestos but some asbestos sheeting that was in the private garden of a bungalow.  The clerk has reported to Russell Wheeler of CC that the flytipped asbestos is still in situ.  Mr Alf Johns has kindly offered to escort the collection crew to the site and the clerk will pass his number to Mr Wheeler.  It was agreed that the matter should be kept under review and included on future agendas as necessary.


  • Parking in Polmassick

Cllr Tregunna reported that there continue to be problems with vehicles parked on the highway near the phone box at the main junction.  It was agreed that Cllr Lockyer would approach nearby residents to discuss the issue to see if it can be resolved.


  • Any other urgent matters

No other matters were reported.


087/13   Footpaths

  • Approve payment of final invoices from Giles McGuffie and Jim Davies

The clerk presented the invoices and confirmed that these were in line with the quotes provided.  The council resolved (proposed DC, seconded WR) to pay the invoices in full immediately and thank the contractors for the work they have done for the parish this season.


  • Approve claims for grass cutting and footpath maintenance for submission to CC

The clerk presented the paperwork for submission to Cornwall Council and this was approved (proposed JD, seconded RC) as being in line with the grants notified in the spring.


  • Approve quote for grass cutting, trimming ivy around notice board and footpaths for 2013/2014

The clerk presented a quote received from Giles McGuffie to continue his contract for a further 12 months.  Ivy cutting will remain at £25.00 and there will be a small increase for grass cutting to £415.00.  Jim Davies has kept his quote the same for footpaths at £320.00 to undertake the same cutting schedule as this year.  It was resolved (proposed JD, seconded RC) to accept all three quotes.


  • Any urgent matters

No further matters were reported.


088/13   Consultations

  • CC review of Statement of Licensing Act Policy – closing date 03.01.2014

The council noted that this review is taking place but did not wish to comment.


  • CC planning consultations on Scoping and Policy documents – closing date 20.12.2013

The council noted that CC are currently seeking views on three important documents which will aim to inform and guide development across Cornwall over the next 20 years.  The documents are (1) Renewable Energy Landscape Supplementary Planning Document, (2) Mineral Safeguarding Development Plan Document (DPD) Scoping, and (3) Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) Scoping.  These consultations can all be accessed electronically via the Cornwall Council website and are open to members of the public as well as to parish councils.  It was agreed that a unified response from the parish council is difficult to achieve within the timescale provided.  The clerk is to provide information about the links to the consultations so that councillors can respond individually if they wish.


089/13   Grant Applications

  • War Memorials Trust

As detailed at 085/13 above, it was agreed that the parish council would prefer to make a donation direct to the PCC if the St Ewe memorial needs maintenance.


  • Merlin Centre

The council carefully considered this request that comes from a charity operating on the very boundary of the parish.  It was agreed that there was insufficient resources to make a grant from 2013/2014 funds but that further consideration would be given to the possibility of awarding a grant to this charity in 2014/2015.


Cllr Malcolm Harris left the meeting


090/13   Financial Matters

  • Approve payments

Payment of any grants detailed above and outstanding invoices received up to the time of the meeting were approved (proposed JL, seconded WR) as detailed below:


Rose Hardisty 360.3632.0017.608.00 Salary – 8 wks @ 5 hrs/wk @ £9.009/hr

Working from home allowance – 8 wks @ £4/wk44 miles at 40p/mileTower & Spire subs

Giles McGuffie 395.0025.00 Grass Cutting 2013

Trimming ivy round notice board

Jim Davies 320.00 Footpaths 2013
St Ewe Village Hall 100.00 Hall Hire : April, May, July, September and October


  • Two-monthly financial update

The council noted the two-monthly update and budget review without comment.



091/13   Calculation of Precept for 2014/2015


The clerk presented the council with some draft calculations in order to fix an amount for precept for the forthcoming year 2014/2015.  Matters are much less complicated than last year although the threat of a referendum still exists in theory.  However, St Ewe Parish Council will not need to make any percentage increase in request this year so the issue is not so relevant.  The parish council noted that CC intends to award the CT grant again in 2014/2015 but this will not be confirmed until the end of December.


Councillors were pleased to note the positive state of the parish finances this year largely due to the fact that election costs had been less than anticipated.  Indeed these savings have allowed the parish council to extend the amount available for grant making this year within the community.


There was a review of the reserves required and it was agreed that the election reserves should be increased to closer in line with the figure recommended by CC as the likely cost of a contested election.  It was further agreed that the general reserves should be reduced as projects such as a website and village feature have been put on-hold.  However, there followed a discussion about notice boards which are proving to be rather a drain on parish resources.  It was suggested that the notice boards in Lower Sticker and Little Polgooth were not sufficiently used to justify the costs involved in maintaining them and also the expenses incurred by the clerk when visiting them to post notices.  The clerk will do some research and the council will consider at a future date whether there are effective electronic means (possibly by way of a simple parish website) of notifying the St Ewe agendas without the need to maintain these two notice boards.  It was agreed that the clerk should put notices in these boards indicating that the council intends to stop using them and see if this gets any response.  It was agreed that the notice boards in St Ewe, Polmassick and Kestle were well used by the community and should be maintained.


The clerk indicated that she is finding it increasingly difficult to balance the work of parish clerk with other demands on her time.  She envisages that there will come a time when she will want to stand down.  It is important to the clerk that she is open with the parish council to provide them with every opportunity to adequately budget for this eventuality and also so that they may give full consideration to how any future recruitment process should proceed.  The current clerk is fully committed to ensuring that there is sufficient time for a full and thorough hand over and adequate training.  The parish council took this into account and felt it would be prudent to increase the budget in this area to cover the possibility whenever it may arise.


Following these discussions final calculations were made and resulted in a precept of £4650.00 (£619.00 less than last year).  Based on last year’s tax base figure, this will amount to an approximate £20.98 annual charge for a band D property.  Unfortunately this year’s tax base figures are not yet available but they are unlikely to be significantly different.  The CT grant has also been taken into account by the parish council in its calculations.


It was proposed by Cllr Will Richards and seconded by Cllr Janet Lockyer that the figure of £4650.00 be requested by way of precept for the financial year 2014/2015 and agreed unanimously.


092/13   New information posted on Notice Boards

  • Minutes of 09.09.2013

(and at and

  • Lost Gardeners, Lost Friends – events 10.11.2013 to 15.11.2013 at Heligan Gardens
  • Share Your 1914-1918 Memories – Jubilee Hall, Mevagissey 27.11.2013 4-8pm
  • CC and The Dogs Trust, free dog microchipping – various dates and locations in Cornwall


The council noted the information posted on the notice boards.


093/13   Any other business

No other business was raised.


094/13   Clerk’s report

The clerk presented a short report listing the magazines and circulars received since the last meeting, which are available for councillors to view should they so wish.


095/13   Date of next meeting

The next scheduled parish council meeting is for Monday 13 January 2014 at 7.00pm.  Dates of planning meetings are subject to receipt of planning applications and are arranged as and when required.  The date of the next employment committee meeting will be arranged as necessary.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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