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St Just in Roseland Annual Parish Council Meeting – May 2014



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The Millennium Rooms, The Square, St Mawes, Truro TR2 5AG   telephone: 01326 270799





6th May 2014


To all Members of the Council


Dear Sir or Madam,


I hereby give you notice that the Meeting of the ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL of the above Parish will be held at Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday, 12th May 2014 immediately following the Annual Parish Meeting


All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted as set out hereunder.


Residents of the Parish are invited to attend and listen to proceedings.


Yours faithfully



Shirley Penhaligon

Clerk to the Council


  1. Election of Chairman


  1. To accept apologies for absence


  1. Election of Vice Chairman


  1. Election of Committee Representatives


  1. Declaration of Interest

a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest

b) Non-registerable Interest

c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25

d) To consider the requests for dispensations on items on the agenda


  1. Public Participation

Members of the public may address Councillors on any item for a maximum of 15 minutes and for no longer than 5 minutes per person.


  1. To confirm the minutes of the Meeting held on Monday, 7th April 2014


  1. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda – for report only
  2. General Cleansing in the parish – cleansing schedules from Churchill Contract Services; recycling collection data from Cory; options for reducing the amount of litter in the streets; replacement waste bins
  3. Clearance and cleansing of Bohella store

Archive outstanding matters

  1. Barrier for sea defence in The Square St Mawes
  2. Replacement for the commemorative Beech Tree on Bohella Bank


  1. Report from the Clerk
  2. Report from Cornwall Councillor
  3. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committee

10.       Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary


AGENDA ITEMS – for discussion/decisions


  1. Accounts and Finance

a)         To approve the payments of accounts

b)         To consider the quotation from Roseland Garden Centre for Summer Planting


  1. Finance Committee

To consider the recommendations from the Finance Committee meeting held on 8th May 2014


  1. Changes to Precedents

a)         To consider any amendments to the Financial Regulations adopted 11th June 2012

b)         To consider any amendments to the Standing Orders adopted 4th February 2013


  1. Planning

a)         To consider matters arising from the Planning Committee meeting held on

b)         To consider Planning Applications received from Cornwall Council

c)         To note the decisions of the Planning Authority

d)         To note Enforcements

e)         To consider planning correspondence


  1. Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan

To consider updates on the Roseland Development Plan


  1. Affordable Housing Local Needs

To consider any updates ob Affordable Housing and confirm the date of a meeting with the Affordable Housing Manager


  1. Proposed Housing Developments in St Just in Roseland and St Mawes

a)         To consider updates on the proposed development behind the Bowling Green, St Just in Roseland

b)         To consider updates on the proposed development in St Mawes



  1. Millennium Rooms Management Committee (MRMC) Roseland Visitor Centre Committee (RVCC)

To receive a report from the Chairman

  1. Car Park

a)         To consider the monthly income

b)         To consider the request from the Idle Rocks for staged payments in respect of the allocated parking spaces.

c)         To consider the landslip in the side car park

d)         To note the quotation from DA Giles Ltd for relining works in St Mawes Car Park approved by the Car Park Committee

  1.        St Just in Roseland Church Public Conveniences

To further consider the future financing of St Just Church Public Conveniences


  1. Traffic Regulation Orders

To reconsider the previously proposed on-street parking restrictions and the speed restrictions at Upper Castle Road and any additional related matters in the light of the offer of financial support


  1. D-Day Embarkation

            To consider the D-Day embarkation commemoration at Turnaware


  1. Dog waste bin at Percuil View, St Mawes

To consider relocation the dog waste bin away from a close resident’s property


  1. Request for business access to Summers and Tavern Beaches

To further consider the request for access for a paddle boarding business


25.       Correspondence (information only)


  1. Staffing Matters

To receive a report from the Personnel Committee


  1. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting


  1. Date of next meeting

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