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St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – December 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in Millennium Rooms, St Mawes on Monday 3rd December 2012. The meeting commenced at 7pm.

Draft subject to confirmation

Councillors Present:

The Chairman Cllr. Warren, Cllr. R.E Giles, Cllrs. R G Baylis, J. Benney, A.M Chart, G Chenoweth, P Farmiloe, P.J Salter, P Teague and C. Williams

Also Present:

S. Penhaligon (Clerk), T van der Wolde (Assistant Clerk), Cornwall Cllr. J. German, Des Tidbury, Chief Fire Officer & Head of Public Safety for Cornwall, John Andrew, Manager St Mawes Community Station Officer and one member of the public.

1. To accept apologies for absence –

2. Declaration of Interest:

a) Pecuniary Interest – none

b) Non Pecuniary Interest – none.

c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – none

d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – Cllr. Warren and Cllr. Teague requested a dispensation and submitted a dispensation form for item 10/2 on the subject of St Just in Roseland Institute. The request was granted until May 2013.

3. Open Period – Public Participation – Cllr. Warren thanked Des Tidbury on the successful Co-responders scheme which has been of great benefit to the local community and the Parish Council are most grateful and hoped it would continue. Des Tidbury reported on the recent flooding and gave an overview on what happened in Cornwall. Over the weekend of 24th November, the Fire and Rescue Service received 520 calls, this was an unprecedented number as calls are usually between 5 and 40. They had to up the crew at the call centres to handle the volume of calls, all the resources were used at the 31 Fire stations in Cornwall, as most flooding incidents were dealt with by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, and they also supported areas in Devon and Somerset. The cost of pulling in extra resources to deal with the flooding over the weekend period was £90,000.

John Andrew reported that the affected local areas included Trethem Mill which was badly affected by rainfall and from the Mill Hill culvert, Trethewell where a property became flooded and Kings Road in St Mawes where the volume of water that went down the drains overloaded the pumps and blew off manhole covers. St Mawes Community Fire Station is looking at what can be done locally to improve the areas affected by flooding. The main consideration has been the welfare of the occupant at Trethem Mill as flooding to her property presents a serious hazard.

Cornwall Council has been deploying services to help residents affected by the floods. Highway officers have visited areas in St Just in Roseland.

Cllr. Warren asked John Andrew if it would be feasible to leave a box of grit outside the Fire Station in St Mawes that residents can use to disperse on pavements during ice/snow weather. John Andrew supported this and Des Tidbury agreed it could be done.

The Chairman, Cllr. Warren asked the Vice Chairman, Cllr. Giles to take over the Chair to allow him to speak as a member of the public.

Cllr. Giles took over the Chair and Cllr. Warren spoke about the grant application for St Just in Roseland Institute. He requested that the Parish Council give consideration for £1,000 grant to go towards the repairs on the Institute.

Cllr. Warren resumed the Chair.

4. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th November 2012.

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands, that the previously circulated minutes be approved and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes not on the Agenda – No matters were reported.

6. Report from the Clerk.

The Clerk reported that Chandelle Randall, Cornwall Council Community Network Manager has been liaising with the Parish Council regarding flood issues. Chandelle advised that there is a Cornwall Community Foundation Emergency Fund and individuals can apply for a grant towards the costs of replacing furniture, emergency food supplies, heating repairs and other losses. Viv Bygood, Area Manager, Cormac Solutions Ltd has visited the resident at Trethem Mill regarding flood damage to her property. There is a South West Emergency Response Group Meeting on 10th December and it will be used to discuss recent floods. The Clerk has been advised that on the A3078 the bank is slipping between Trethewell and St Just village which has been reported to Cormac Solutions Ltd.

The Clerk received a copy of a letter from a St Just resident to South West Water regarding the sewerage capacity of the Klargester Unit in St Just in Roseland.

Regarding the issues with the scaffold outside the Idle Rocks, the Clerk informed that Frosts actioned this very quickly thanks to Rupert Scott.

There will be a Community Building event on 18th December 12 to 4.30pm at Roche Victory Hall to discuss running community buildings at a reduced cost and what funding opportunities are available.

7. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

There were 5 crimes reported crimes last month. 3 relate to theft of marine equipment, and 2 relate to theft of garden equipment. Cllr. B Chenoweth informed that he is in discussions with P.C Duckworth and the Percuil Mooring Company and they are looking into the feasibility of installing CCTV on the Percuil aspect of the River.

8. Report from Cornwall Cllr. German – Cllr. German informed the Parish Council that a couple of residents expressed concerns about the speed of traffic at Newton Road. The Parish Council have considered road safety issues at Newton Road previously and speed bumps were discussed but were not advisable as it could cause further problems. The Clerk agreed to put an item in the Roseland Magazine to make people aware that speeding in Newton Road has become an issue, and to remind people to slow down in that area as there are school children walking on the virtual pavement and caution is needed.

9. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

St Mawes Amateur Football Club – Cllr. Giles informed that the St Mawes Amateur Football Club is renting part of the field next to the football field and they would like to make a new footpath linked to the footpath by the Water Tower so that walkers would not have to walk on the busy road.

St Mawes Recreation Ground Committee – Cllr. Williams circulated a book called Out to Play which was inspired by the success of people who had come together to transform local play areas in which St Mawes Recreational Ground was featured. The £50,000 grants that have been received have been spent on a new woodland adventure trail, a bespoke shelter, a family area, a fire pit, new skate ramps, zip wire improvements and play equipment. It was agreed that the Recreational Ground was a fantastic success story of a community working together and improving the lives of children and young people.

St Mawes County Primary School – Cllr. Baylis reported that St Mawes CP School is running well while Angela Praed as the Acting Head is covering for Karen Middlemore’s maternity leave. He also mentioned that the school is growing in size and they now have 44 children attending.

St Mawes Diamond Jubilee Committee – The Clerk was very pleased to report that the following groups associated with children will receive donations of £450 each from the St Mawes Diamond Jubilee Committee: St Just Playing Field, St Mawes Recreation Ground, St Just & St Mawes Play Group, St Mawes Parents Teachers Association and the Roseland Gig Club for training of teenagers living in the Parish. Cllr. B Chenoweth thanked Shirley Penhaligon who was the Secretary of the St Mawes Diamond Jubilee Committee and all the other committee members, the community and the children involved for all the hard work put in arranging the celebrations and making it the success that it was.

10/1. Accounts and Finance

a) To approve the payments of accounts (Appendix 1)

The Council were asked to approve the following payments:

Total cheques numbered 5883 to 5898 for approval and signature at the meeting £4,992.17

Total cheques numbered 5872 to 5882 paid since last meeting for ratification £6,200.60

Direct Debits/ Standing Orders shown as paid in November £11,510.03

Income shown as received during November £6,594.55

Approval of the payments of accounts proposed by Cllr. Giles seconded by Cllr. Benney. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

The Clerk suggested that the Parish Council considers a new finance software system that is more suitable to its needs. Scribe has been used for 20 months and the Clerk as the Responsible Financial Officer feels it causes more work than it saves. Cllr. B Chenoweth offered to get someone in to look at Scribe and compare with other packages. Cllr. Williams proposed that the Parish Council take up Cllr. B Chenoweth’s offer and liaise with the Clerk. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

b) To consider the quotations for repainting the heritage finger posts in the Parish following receipt of the project grant

The Clerk has sent out three requests for quotations, but only one quotation has been received. The Clerk will chase the other two requests, as three quotations are needed.

10/2. Finance Committee Meeting

To consider the recommendations of the Finance Committee meeting held on 26th November 2012. (Appendix 2)

Cllr. Baylis proposed that the Parish Council provides the sum of £4,000 to the Millennium Rooms Management Committee for the changes to the Garage, and a new laptop for the Clerks Office.

Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

Cllr. Baylis proposed that the Parish Council provides the sum of £2,500 towards the Information Board and Finger Post Project which the Millennium Rooms Management Committee are organising. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

The Chairman Cllr. Warren asked the Vice Chairman Cllr. Giles to take over the Chair as he has an interest in the next item discussed.

At this point Cllr. Warren and Cllr. Teague left the room.

Cllr. Baylis proposed that the Parish Council offers an interest free loan to St Just in Roseland Institute should it become necessary to pay for the proposed works to the hall and roof. Seconded by Cllr. Salter.

All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council. Cllr. Baylis added that the request made by Cllr. Warren for £1,000 grant on behalf of the St Just in Roseland Institute be discussed at the next Finance Committee Meeting.

Cllr. Warren resumed the Chair.

Cllr. Baylis informed that Roseland Online supplied financial records for the financial year 2010/11, and that there was no information on the charity donations it has made. Cllr. Baylis suggested that financial statements up to 2012 are needed before a decision can be made on grant funding for the new website.

Cllr. Baylis presented the budget for 2013/2014 showing a forecast of Income of £213,660 and Expenditure of £196,500. Cllr. Baylis said that when further information is available the Finance Committee will look at and revise the forecast. Cllr. Baylis proposed that the Parish Council adopts the Budget Forecast. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by Council.

Cllr. Baylis proposed that the Parish Council keep the Precept at £20,000 for 2013/14 as a referendum would be needed to raise it by more than 2{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20}.

Cllr. Salter counter proposed to delay the decision until further information regarding increasing precept beyond 2{c8c3b3d140ed11cb7662417ff7b2dc686ffa9c2daf0848ac14f76e68f36d0c20} was received, seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe. Majority in favour. RESOLVED by Council to defer until January Parish Meeting. The Clerk will write to Corporate Finance at Cornwall Council and request an extension of time.

11. Planning

a) To consider the meetings of the Planning Committee – no meetings were held between 6th November and 2nd December 2012.

b) The Council considered the following planning applications:

39. PA12/09877 Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes. Proposed single storey bathroom and linen room extensions to Upper Tresanton accommodation block and internal alterations to room layouts. Reviewed by Cllrs. Benney, Giles and Baylis. No objections.

40. PA12/10557 Flat 2 Bessborough House, 34 Lower Castle Rd, St Mawes. Replace existing metal railings of balcony with glass and hardwood railings. Reviewed by Cllrs. Benney, Giles and Salter. No objections.

41. PA12/10212 Windrush, St Austell Row, St Mawes. Alterations and extension to the existing house and demolition and reconstruction of the existing detached residential annexe. Reviewed by Cllrs. Benney, Salter and Giles. No objections.

c) To note the decisions of the Planning Authority –

PA12/07773 27 Marine Parade, St Mawes. Ancillary detached annexe. Alteration to pitch roof on existing extension. Approved with conditions that the annexe is not to be used as a separate dwelling and that there will be an advertised schedule of works.

PA12/08522 Idle Rocks Hotel, St Mawes. Demolition of existing canopy to hotels main entrance and replacement with new canopy. Replacement of 2 no conservation rooflights. Replacement of existing double glazed timber sidelights and doors. Approved.

PA12/08792 7 Kings Road, St Mawes. Change of use of lock up garage and mezzanine to allow storage of produce sold in adjoining Co-operative store. Approved.

PA12/09074 Anchorage, 30 Lower Castle Rd, St Mawes. Replacement of existing single storey lean to extension with new two storey extension with the inclusion of a Juliet balcony and decking area. Approved.

PA12/08980 Newton Cottage, Newton Road, St Mawes. Conversion of garage into living accommodation. Approved.

PA12/08022 Tresco 1 Grove Hill, St Mawes. Replace driveway and yard concrete surface and part remove stone dwarf walls. Approved.

PA12/08979 The Haven, Lower Castle Rd, St Mawes. Erection of seawall and small decking area. Approved.

PA12/08942 Land adj to Green Waters, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes. Erection of dwelling and garage/boatshed. Approved.

PA12/11156 Trelonk Vean, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes. Discharge of condition 4 in respect of decision notice PA11/05481.

d) Enforcements

Closed – EN12/011 Trethem Store Trethem St Just In Roseland. Alleged non compliance with approved plans. Breach now ceased.

Ongoing – EN 12/01482 16 Polvarth Estate. Alleged non-compliance with approved plans. PA11/06649. No timber cladding to the exterior. Pending consideration. Cllr. Salter asked that this case is now closed.

e) To note planning correspondence sent/received

15.11 Letter from DCLG in response to the Clerk’s letter listing the Parish Council’s concerns over changes to S106 affordable housing requirements and relaxation of planning laws.

28/11 CAD Architects sent a pre-application and would like comments from Parish Council before submitting as a planning application. Lowena, 2 Carrick Way, St Mawes. Proposed extension and alterations to house. Reviewed by Planning Committee.

f) To further consider the next step with Neighbourhood Planning

The Clerk has written to Cornwall Council confirming that St Just in Roseland intend to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Roseland in conjunction with the other four Parishes. Cornwall Cllr. German informed that a further public meeting will be held in Veryan Parish Hall on 11th December at 7pm. The Assistant Clerk has sent circulated details of potential costs involved in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. According to information received from the Local Authority and Government Guidance, she informed that Parish Councils are responsible for funding the Neighbourhood Plan, and advice from the Local Authority is that they should be creative in raising funds such as contributions from landowners/developers/community groups. Further clarification is being sought from DCLG. Cornwall Cllr. German confirmed his offer of £1,000 from his community chest budget towards the costs, and said he will aim to also match this from next year’s community chest budget.

g) To consider issues raised in letters from Sarah Newton MP and Paul Williams, Department for Communities and Local Government.

No issues were raised. The Clerk was asked to acknowledge the letters.

h) To consider lopping trees in the Coppice by Summers Beach

The Clerk will apply to Cornwall Council for the proposed works on the Monterey Pine trees, as the trees are within a Conservation Area. Cornwall Cllr. German confirmed that there will be no cost involved in the application as it is a Parish Council.

12. Proposed development at St Just in Roseland

To consider updates regarding the proposed development at St Just in Roseland

CSA Architects have confirmed that further to the last meeting they are finalising issues in respect of both sewerage and transport and once those issues are resolved they will hold a public meeting. They will be writing to residents to invite them personally. They said the Parish Council is welcome to send out flyers on the notice board informing the community but CSA Architects will be publishing as public notice advert in the paper. The Clerk will inform Cornwall Cllr. German of meeting date when available.

13. Millennium Rooms Management Committee

a) To consider the recommendations from the MRMC meeting held on 5th October 2012 (Appendix 3)

Cllr. Williams reported that for the financial year for 2011/12 there was a deficit of £275 compared to £125 in 2010/11. The Roseland Visitor Centre had a surplus of £800 in 2011/12 compared to a deficit of £4,595 in 2010/11.

Cllr. Williams informed that Verity Barker the Manager of the Roseland Visitor Centre has resigned to take up a full time job in Truro. Cllr. Williams proposed that they do not immediately appoint a new manager in favour of making the Assistant Manager, Dawn Andrews into a Temporary Acting Manager with an increased salary and more hours until 31st March 2013 but at a level that would be less than the current combined Manager and Assistant Manager wages and which would be affordable for the immediate future. Cllr. Giles asked if they intended to appoint another Manager in the future. Cllr. Williams confirmed that it is their intention to have a new manager in post at the beginning of the summer season.

Cllr. Williams invited the Parish Council to the Christmas buffet in the Millennium Rooms on 20th December at 12 noon.

14. Car Park

a) To consider monthly income
Pay & Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
Monthly Cumulative Monthly Cumulative Cumulative

Nov 11 3,769.20 139,979.25 0.00 12,943.70 152,922.95
Nov 12 2,763.30 137,750.40 240.00 13,334.10 151,084.50
November 2011 comparable with November 2012
Up 240.00 390.40
Down -1005.90 -2228.85 -1838.45

b) To consider the recommendations from the Car Park Committee meeting held on 18th November 2012 (Appendix 4)

Cllr. Giles proposed that the parking charges for Shearings Coaches that a charge of £1,250 plus vat be charged from 1st April 2013. Seconded by Cllr. Baylis. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

Cllr. Giles informed that the Parish Council will now go ahead with the changes to the Parking Order

and the car park signage at same time as Cornwall Council.

Cllr Giles proposed the following:

To delegate Cllr. Baylis to speak with local businesses about advertising on the rear of the Pay &
Display tickets.

To install bicycle racks in the car park.
To create 3 extra parking spaces in the side car park.
To create an extra parking area for motor cycles.
To allocate two parking spaces for gigs.
To display advertising boards for the Recreation Ground.
To purchase a salt container in the car park.
To agree the estimated costs of £4,000 to install a garage/store in the side car park.
To install lockable barriers by the lower Pay & Display machines.
To undertake maintenance at an estimated cost of £2,000.

Seconded by Cllr. Williams. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

Cllr. Giles reported that the Car Park was affected by the recent floods, mostly from the water cascading from the Recreational Ground, and that John and Phil Green had spent a great deal of time at the Recreational Ground clearing the flood damage.

c) To note the correspondence regarding St Just Lane Car Park

Correspondence has been received from Rupert Scott, St Just Self Build Development Project Manager

following a meeting with Cllrs Warren and Giles to discuss the installation of essential services to St

Just Self-Build Site. Rhos Construction has provided a Risk Assessments and Method Statement for the

works at the request of the Clerk. Works have been delayed by one week due to the appalling weather.

15. Policies and Procedures (Appendix 5)

To further consider the lost Property Policy & Procedure for adoption

Cllr. Chart proposed that the amended Lost Property Policy and Procedure on be adopted by the Parish Council. Seconded by Cllr. Williams. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

16. Public Toilets

To further consider the future financing of St Just Church Public Conveniences

Cllr Warren reported that there was a recent meeting with the Church and an associated resident to discuss the running costs of the sceptic tank. In principle they are supportive of making a contribution. The lease still needs further discussions with Cornwall Council’s legal department.

17. Carols in the Castle

To consider any updates on the arrangements

The Clerk requested that the amount of people downstairs in the Castle is monitored to prevent overcrowding.

18. Public Footpath around the Football Field

To consider making a safe public footpath around the Football Field in Upper Castle Road

The Parish Council have already agreed in principle to extending the footpath from St Mawes to St Just to enable pedestrians not to have to walk on the busy road at Halwartha and will consider this at its next meeting when more information is available.

19. Speed in the Parish

To consider the use of speed guns in the parish

PCSO Alison Relf has emailed information regarding the aims of the Speed Watch initiative. A meeting for volunteers is to be held at Truro Police Station on 16th December at 2pm. Cllr. Benney has been in discussions with Alison Relf, however, as they have to erect signs to advise people that Speed Guns are being used, Cllr. Benney felt that the gun readings would not reflect a true record of the speed in which

cars travel through the village as it is obvious cars will slow down when they see the sign. Cornwall Cllr. German asked for details of the Speed Watch Initiative to share with other parishes.

20. Staffing matters

a) To consider the report and recommendations from the Personnel Committee meeting of 26th November 2012

Cllr. Farmiloe proposed to make Dawn Andrews Temporary Acting Manager of the Roseland visitor Centre for a total of 200 hours starting from 1st January 2013 until 31st March 2013. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

At this point, The Clerk and Assistant Clerk left the meeting.

b) To consider Christmas honorariums for employees

Cllr. Warren proposed that one-off honorariums totalling £925 be given to employees in recognition of their commitment, dedication and valuable service throughout the year. Seconded by Cllr. Giles. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.

21. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting

22. Date of next meeting

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Parish Millennium Rooms on Monday 7th January 2013 commencing at 7pm.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.25 pm

Signed as a true record………………………………………..Chairman


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  • I would be grateful if you could forward this note to the appropriate officer. On march 13 this year my partner and I walked the footpath going up from St Mawes on the East side going up along the Percuil river. Just before the end we found our path blocked by two fallen trees. Clambering over and under these with some difficulty we then encountered some branches left in the path to form a further obstacle. Climbing over these we got to Nanshuttal farm, where a vast digger placed by the gate where the footpath went made it very difficult to get through. We saw the owner who said the digger was there for ‘refuelling’; I wonder if it is still there now.
    There was no indication for walkers that the footpath was effectively blocked. We love walking around St Mawes, and I am sure many others do as well. Can you let me know when this unfortunate situation will be rectified? Many thanks, Nicholas Tucker

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