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St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – February 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms,

St Mawes on Monday 4th February 2019. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.


Councillors Present: B. Sadler (Chairman), R Giles (Vice – Chairman), A. Chantrill, P Farmiloe, S Goldsmith, R. Hall, P. Salter, C Thornton-Parr, P Teague, K. Warren and C Williams.


Also present: H. Couch (Clerk), Julian German CC, and 5 members of the public


  1. To accept apologies for absence – none


  1. Declaration of Interest:
  2. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest – None declared
  3. b) Non-Registerable Interest – None declared
  4. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – None declared
  5. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – None declared


  1. Open Period – Public Participation

It was agreed that new wording would be used on agenda’s in future for clarity.

“Members of the public may address Councillors on any item on the agenda, for no longer than 3 minutes per person. This agenda item shall not exceed 15 minutes.”


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th January 2019.

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the minutes of the 7th January 2019 meeting be approved, and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising: –

  1. Compound Query – Cllr German gave a verbal update and the Clerk reported this has been reported to Enforcement at Cornwall Council.
  2. Tredenham Road yellow lines – The Clerk reported that St Mawes is on the priority list and that Cornwall Council are planning to undertake correction works and will confirm when these works will occur due to budget restrictions.
  3. Buckeys Lane signage – The Clerk reported that this is still being investigated.


A discussion took place with regard to the content of the minutes. It was agreed that on occasion more detailed minutes may be required on sensitive issues.

  1. Report from the Clerk (Appendix 1) – A verbal report was given, this report will be circulated to Councillors with minutes. The Clerk was requested to ask Churchill Services to check Bohella Road.


  1. Report from Cornwall Councillor – A verbal report was given which included information about

Dog Fouling, Report It ( and Cornwall Council’s Budget Setting.


  1. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

St Just Institute – It was agreed for the Clerk to organise cutting the hedges in St Just Playground.


  1. Correspondence (information only – Appendix 2) – Noted


  1. Planning (Appendix 3)
  2. a) Decisions of Planning Sub Committee for Applications


43) PA18/10650 – Land SW of Trewollack Vean, St Mawes – Change of use from part agricultural land/domestic garden to helicopter landing and parking area. Retrospective. – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to raise an objection to the application as it is against the National Planning Policy Framework, Number 15 – Conserving and enhancing the natural environment, point 170e – to prevent any new and existing development from contributing to, being put at an unacceptable risk from, or being adversely affected by, unacceptable levels of air, noise pollution.


48) PA18/11571 – River in Roseland, 27 Tredenham Road, St Mawes – Urgent repairs, refurbishment and re-build of existing boundary sea wall due to storm damage – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and support the application to repair the sea wall


49) PA18/11794 – Lamorran House, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes, TR2 5BZ – Erection of conservatory and link on the NE elevation of the property – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail. We raise no objection to this application.


50) PA18/11106 – St Mawes Hotel, 2 Marine Parade, St Mawes – Three detached family rooms and one store St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to raise an objection to the application in its current form, a structure report is requested.


51) PA19/00070 – Lower Tregorland, St Just in Roseland – Demolition of existing single-storey extension to front of property and replacement with two storey extension. – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to support this application.


52) PA19/00028 – Freshwater Vean, Freshwater Lane, St Mawes – Construction of two single storey extensions, raised terrace and replacement of existing garage – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to support this application.


53) PA18/10138 – Wild Willow Cottage, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes – proposed demolition of existing residential store / workshop and construction of a detached annex accommodation – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to raise an objection to the application in its current form, due to concerns of overdevelopment and inadequate parking.


54) PA18/11656 – Land North of Lowen Meadow, Newton Road, St Mawes – siting of a boat/trailer storage container – St Just in Roseland Parish Council have inspected the plans in detail and wish to object to this application.

The site is outside the village boundary, on an exposed highly visible site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Heritage Coast and Article 4 direction area.

The proposal, is at variance with the following policies:

Paragraphs 170, 172, 173 of the NPPF 2018, Cornwall Local Plan Policy 23 and Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan Policies LA1, LA2 and LA3.

It should be noted that the presumption in favour of sustainable development does not apply as this application falls in an AoNB (NPPF 2018, para 11, footnote 6 applies).


  1. b) Decisions of Planning Sub Committee for Local Council Protocol Letters

45) PA18/10978 – Haefen House, 1 Carrick Way, St Mawes, TR2 5BB – Proposed extensions and internal alteration works with dormers and extended raised decking. – Refer to Planning Committee. The original points discussed was Bulk, Overdevelopment and Proximity to Road.


c) Decisions of the Planning Authority


44) PA18/11140 – Land South of Commererrns Farm, St Just in Roseland – Approved

45) PA18/10978 – Haefen House, 1 Carrick Way, St Mawes – Approved

46) PA18/11032 – 8a-8b Brooklyn Terrace, St Mawes – Approved


  1. d) Enforcement cases

The Clerk reported that Cornwall Council have been and looked at all enforcement cases and there will be an update at the next meeting.


  1. e) Feedback from Planning Meeting with Cornwall Council Officers

After a discussion the following actions were agreed:-

  • Cllr German to provide a copy of the local ombudsman decision that was quoted at the meeting.
  • Clerk to send a reminder to Cornwall Council to respond to the question raised by Cllr Chantrill.
  • To await for other Roseland Parishes to have any meetings with Planning Officers before organising a Roseland Cluster Meeting.


  1. f) Planning correspondence

PA17/10674 – Tregenna, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes TR2 5BZ

The appeal decision has been received and the notification has been circulated.


  1. Accounts and Finance (Appendix 4)
  2. a) The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

The Bacs were approved                                                                                            £ 63,894.90

Payments for ratification                                                                                                          £    969.52

Direct Debits/Debit Card/ Standing Orders shown as paid in January                          £ 16729.36

Salaries for January paid in January 2019                                                                   £ 2,936.43

Income shown as received during January 2019                                                                     £ 4,957.94


Approval of the payments of accounts was proposed by Cllr Giles and seconded by Cllr Chantrill. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. b) The council noted the monthly Car Park income for January 2019
           Pay & Display Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
  Monthly Cumulative Monthly     Cumulative Cumulative
Jan – 18 £2,741.25 £183,373.95 £1,950.00 £29,898.00 £213,271.95
Jan – 19 £2045.20 £179,786.84 0.00 £28,628.00 £208,414.84
  Jan 2019 comparable with 2018        
Down £696.05 £3,587.11 £1,950.00 £1,270.00 £4,857.11

This includes £231.00 (gross) taken on card payments.


  1. c) To consider any recommendations relating to finance.


The committee set up to discuss IT requirements have met, reviewed the quotes and makes the following recommendation. Cllr Sadler proposed the Parish Council give approval of expenditure up to the value of £15,000 with Microtest. Subject to the committee having a meeting with Microtest and the Clerk to finalise requirements with final approval being given by the Chair.

Seconded by Cllr Giles.

All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


It was noted that the Local Maintenance Partnership 2019-20 has been received. It was agreed to accept the SLA for £910.16.


10d) To consider any grant applications received

St Mawes Harbour Lights and Fireworks Committee – After a discussion it was agreed for the clerk to contact the group for clarification and refer back to the next meeting.


  1. Car Parks

A verbal update from Cllr Giles with regard to the ATM in St Mawes Car Park was given.

The Clerk is still looking into Electric Car Charging points.


  1. Highways Issues

The Clerk was asked to confirm what roads were due to be resurfaced and report back to the next meeting.


  1. Community Governance Review

After discussion, it was agreed no action was required and the Clerk should reply accordingly.


  1. Environment

Cllr Goldsmith proposed St Just in Roseland Parish Council should declare a Climate Emergency.

Seconded Cllr Warren.

Voting – 7 For, 3 Against, 1 Abstention.

RESOLVED by the Council.


The Clerk agreed to organise an initial sub committee meeting for Cllrs Goldsmith, Chantrill and Williams.

Roseland Environment Action Community Team (R.E.A.C.T.) are making initiatives and documentation was passed to Councillors.


  1. Standing Orders/Financial Regulations

After a discussion the following was agreed.

  • The introduction of 3g (public speaking) and 24c (Cornwall Councillor speaking) was an improvement.
  • The public pariticipation should be kept to 3 minutes per person.
  • Clarification required with regard to wording for 3r (voting)
  • Clerk to make the necessary changes and the document will be brought back for Adoption in March.
  • Clerk to meet with Cllr Hall to discuss the Financial Regulations before the next Finance Meeting to ensure it covers our requirements. Recommendations will be brought back to Full Council.


  1. Dates of Meetings in 2019/2020

A schedule was provided to all Councillors for the forthcoming year.

The Annual General Meeting and May Meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th May at 7.00 pm in St Just Institute due to Monday 6th May being a Bank Holiday.


  1. Any Other Urgent Business

None raised.


  1. March agenda items
  • Footpath at St Just in Roseland
  • Environment
  • Barrier at St Mawes Quay
  • Standing Orders/Financial Regulations



The next meeting will be held on Monday 4th March 2019 at 7.00pm in The Millennium Rooms


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.54 pm




Signed as a true record……………………………………..Chairman Cllr. R.Giles

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