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St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – January 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms,

St Mawes on Monday 8th January 2018. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.


Councillors Present: R. Giles (Vice Chairman) A. Chantrill, P. Farmiloe, S. Goldsmith, R. Hall, P. Salter,

  1. Teague, P. Thornton-Parr, K. Warren and C. Williams


Also present: S. Penhaligon (Clerk), S. Chenoweth (Assistant Clerk) Cornwall Cllr. German and 11 members of the public


In the absence of the Chairman the meeting was chaired by the Vice Chairman, Cllr. R. Giles


  1. To accept apologies for absence – Cllr. B. Sadler (Parish Council Chairman)


  1. Declaration of Interest:
  2. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest – None declared
  3. b) Non-Registerable Interest – None declared
  4. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – None declared
  5. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – None declared


  1. Open Period – Public Participation –

Mrs Baylis and Mr Carden, volunteer representatives for St Mawes Aspire Academy Hub, reported on the first-year progress. As all schools will have to become academies by 2022, they are confident it was the correct decision. The school is supported well in safe guarding and health & safety and they are already seeing the benefits in the children.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th December 2017

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the minutes of the 4th December 2017 meeting be approved, and they were duly signed by the Chairman. 1 abstention.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes not on the Agenda – for report only
  2. a) Parish Council website – waiting for the new clerk to start
  3. b) Refurbishment of the nine flower tubs in St Mawes – waiting quotations
  4. c) Cormac Solutions Ltd – the installation of new on-street parking restrictions and the speed reduction on

Upper Castle Road, St Mawes – to be installed January/February


  1. Report from the Clerk – nothing to report


  1. Report from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary – no report received


  1. Report from Cornwall Councillor – Cornwall Cllr. German reported that the ongoing anti-social behaviour at Harbour View, St Just in Roseland is being addressed by enforcements and other agencies.


Cllr. German advised that St Mawes Pharmacy is one of two in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly with different contracting issues and status with an annual contractual review. NHS England has no plans to withdraw support.


Cornwall Council is yet to confirm the increase in its budget and Council Tax shortly.


  1. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees

St Mawes Heritage Group – Cllr. Williams reported that the AGM will be held on Thursday 18th January.


Roseland Outdoor Activity Centre Association – Cllr Warren reported that the Association was successful in receiving a £13,920 grant which enables progress on to the next step. On 22nd February they are having a meeting with Cornwall Council and a representative to put together a business plan to enable the association to bid for the site.





St Just Playing Filed – Cllr Teague reported that the grass is very long due to the very wet weather. He has arranged with M. Asfour to undertake 6 monthly checks on the play equipment.


St Mawes Co-Partnership Housing Society – Cllr. Giles reported that all major works have been completed and that Trustees approved a small increase in the weekly rents.


Standing Orders lifted to bring forward item 14. Planning. All in favour by a show of hands


14a. Planning – notes for the Parish Council meeting on the 8th January 2018


  1. To consider decisions and recommendations from a Planning Committee meeting – held on 4th January 2018


The Planning Committee made the following decisions and recommendations:


  1. PA17/11249 – River in Roseland, Tredenham Rods, St Mawes – demolition and replacement of existing dwelling house and erection of garage/annexe building – Recommended objection to the annexe which should be redesigned to have pitched roof; Implementation of a landscaping scheme, approved by the LPA; Submit a tree survey, agreed by the LPA.


  1. PA17/10674 – Tregenna, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes – demolition of existing bungalow and construction of new dwelling. Existing garage to be retained – objection


  1. PA17/04451 – Land east of Lowen Meadow, Newton Road, St Mawes – proposed development of 17 dwellings (10 Affordable and 7 Open Market) – support with conditions regarding screening between the site and Place View; to implement a road safety management plan due to the extra traffic and children generated.


  1. PA17/11978 – Penril, St Just in Roseland– non-material amendments internally and externally to application PA17/03802 – no objection                                                                      


  1. The Council considered the following planning applications:


The Parish Council reconsidered the recommendations from the Planning Committee on the following application:


  1. PA17/11249 – River in Roseland (Five Knots House), Tredenham Rods, St Mawes – demolition and replacement of existing dwelling house and erection of garage/annexe building.

Cllr. Chantrill proposed to reject the proposed development as it does not comply with Planning Policies. Seconded by Cllr. Goldsmith. 4 votes in favour of objection, 3 against, 3 abstentions. Carried by a majority vote. RESOLVED by the Council.


The Parish Council reviewed its decision to support the following application following objections from two neighbours:

59a. PA17/11570 – Chenoweth, Sea View Crescent, St Mawes – retrospective application for the repositioned garage – One vote against approval. Carried by a majority vote that the decision of no objection stands.


  1. PA17/11335 – White Lodge, 12 Pedn Moran, St Mawes – proposed extensions and roof alterations – considered by Cllrs. Giles, Salter and Chantrill – no objections


  1. PA17/11993 – Penrosa, Riviera Lane, St Mawes – alterations including single storey extensions, new lower, mid and upper terraces, widening of existing balcony. Landscaping including tree works considered by Cllrs Giles, Salter and Chantrill – no objections to alterations. No objection to tree works on condition that the Tree Officer approves the proposals





  1. PA17/11726 – Pilchards, 2 Lower Castle Road, St Mawes – Listed Building consent application to install party firewall, remove partition, prevent damp intrusion – considered by Cllrs. Salter, Giles and Chantrill– no objections


  • To note the decisions of the Planning Authority:


PA17/10869 – 35 Lower Castle Road, St Mawes (52) – various tree works – approved with conditions


PA17/11559 – I Manor Court Flats, The Square, St Mawes (59b) – single storey extension – approved with conditions


PA17/11889 – St Mawes School (60) – various tree – decided not to make a TPO


PA17/12095 – West Warren, 17 Lower Castle Road, St Mawes (64) – fell one palm tree close to end of life to be replaced by 3 palm trees on same site – decided not to make a TPO


  1. Enforcements


EN17/02344 – Pilchards, 2 Lower Castle Road, St Mawes– Alleged works being carried out to Grade II listed building – alleged removal of historic fabric



     EN16/02210 – Agricultural building at Trethem Farm House, St Just in Roseland

     EN17/00745 – Penperth Farm, St Just in Roseland

EN17/01707 – Lowen Meadow, Newton Road, St Mawes


   EN17/01706 – Trecarrell, St Just in Roseland – alleged breach of condition 5 (tree protection

measures) of appeal APP/D0840/W/3038260 0n PA14/11362 – fire damaged tree – condition 5 (tree

protection measures) have now been implemented, therefore, no breach of condition is occurring

   the Parish Council has challenged this as it looks as if trees with TPOs have been removed


  1. v) To consider planning correspondence – no matters raised


Normal Standing Orders Resumed


AGENDA ITEMS (for decision and discussion)


10a) Accounts and Finance (Appendix 1)

To consider Income and Expenditure for November and approve the payments of accounts

The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

The total cheques numbered 7249 to 7256 were approved                                           £4,569.12

Direct Debits/Debit Card/ Standing Orders shown as paid in December                          £3,624.88

Salaries for December paid by FPO and transfers on 28th December 2017                                £3,975.96

Cheque payments paid since the last meeting                                                               £0.00

Income shown as received during December                                                                 £7,607.89


Approval of the payments of accounts was proposed by Cllr. Chantrill. Seconded by Cllr. Farmiloe. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. b) To consider a donation to St Mawes School for taking part at Carols in the Castle

Cllr. Williams proposed a donation of £100 to St Mawes School PTA, to be spend specifically on music, under S145 of the LGA 1972. Seconded by Cllr Chantrill. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. c) To consider a donation to St Anthony Noyse for accompanying Carols in the Castle

Cllr. Giles proposed a donation of £150 under S145 of the LGA 1972 to St Anthony Noyse for their support at the event. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


The Clerk reported that all went well at Carols in the Castle, however, not as many attended as there were several other events on the same night. The £170 collection was given direct to Gerrans and St Mawes United Football Club.


  1. Finance Committee (Appendix 2)

To consider a report and recommendations from the Finance Committee held on 4th January 2018

Cllr Hall, Chairman of the Finance Committee reported:

The Finance Committee considered the 1st forecast for 2018/19 prepared by the Clerk. Although the forecast showed a deficit of £6,845, the committee was unconcerned as there were contingencies included which would not be spent.


The Finance Committee recommended that the Parish Council approves the quotation from Churchill Service Solutions for a two-year rolling contract (2 years 2018/20) at an annual cost of £35,604 (the present cost is £34,022.16) commencing on 1st January 2018.


Cllr. Hall proposed that the Parish Council approves the quotation from Churchill Service Solutions for a two-year contract at £35,604 per annum. Seconded by Cllr. Salter. All in favour. RESOLVED by the Council.


It was noted that the Finance Committee had approved the advert in the West Briton for the three-year maintenance contracts of £454 net.


12a.     Car Park (Appendix 2)

             To consider the monthly income for November

  Pay & Display Pay & Display       Permits Permits Total
  Monthly Cumulative       Monthly     Cumulative   Cumulative
Dec-16 2,618.05 177,977.56       100.00 25,194.00 203,171.56
Dec-17 2,203.60 180,632.70       0.00 27,948.00 208,580.70
  December 2017 comparable with 2016            
Up   2,655.14         2,754.00 5,409.14

Down                      -414.45                                              -100.00

Including £298.00 gross on card payments


  1. b) To consider the request from Roseland Gig Club to park one gig in the bottom two parking bays during the winter

As this went well last winter, all councillors were in favour of the Gig Club parking one gig in the bottom two parking bays during the winter up to Easter or 31st March.


14b.     Affordable Housing

  1. i) To receive an update from the Roseland Community Land Trust (CLT) projects – Cllr. Giles reported that the AGM was held at the beginning of December and that there were no updates on the proposed Polvarth development.


Standing Orders lifted to bring forward item 20, St Just Phone Kiosk. All in favour by a show of hands


  1. St Just Phone Kiosk

To consider the removal of the mechanics of St Just Phone Kiosk

Last year Cornwall Council collected all the objections to the removal of phone kiosks. The Clerk sent the Parish Council’s strong objection to the removal of the phone kiosk at St Just, with reasons why it should stay. However, Cornwall Council omitted to send it, for which they have apologised. Cornwall Cllr German confirmed that Cornwall Council are to request that BT leave the kiosk in situ.


Normal Standing Orders Resumed



  1. Millennium Rooms Management Committee/Roseland Visitor Centre Committee (Appendix 4)

To consider a report and recommendations from the MRMC and RVCC AGM and general meetings held on 20th November 2017 – nothing to report – no recommendations


  1. Cleansing in the Parish
  2. a) To consider the extra waste generated from takeaway businesses – Nothing to report


  1. b) To consider the waste from businesses deposited in the general street waste bins

The Clerk advised that there is evidence that food waste is being deposited in the street bins.


  1. c) To consider the service received from Churchill Service Solutions (CSS)

            The Clerk advised that she is currently liaising with the CSS Managers regarding the service.


  1. Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  2. a) To further consider the document Preparing for the GDPR – 12 steps to take now and any additional information received – defer until more guidance is available.


  1. b) To consider email addresses for Councillors on the ‘’ domain – nothing to report.


  1. Application for registration based on adverse possession – land lying to the East of Grove Hill

To consider formulating a ‘Statement of Case’

            The Clerk is to formulate the Statement of Case to submit to HM Courts Tribunals by the 19th January deadline.


  1. St Mawes Pharmacy

To further consider future funding of the St Mawes Pharmacy

The Pharmacist, has advised that a NHS England Consultant has organized a meeting with NHS England on Friday 2nd February at 10.30am at Saltash. The Consultant suggested that a member of the Parish Council attends the meeting with him to offer support on the services he gives to the community. Cllr. Chantrill offered to attend the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.


  1. Correspondence (information only) – considered with no matter raised


  1. Staffing Matters
  2. a) To receive a report and recommendations from the Personnel Committee – no report received.
  3. b) To further consider staffing at the Clerk’s office during the Clerk’s notice period – no update on the resolution made at the December meeting.


  1. Any other business that the Chairman considers to be of urgency


  1. Agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting
  • Responsibility for recycling bins in St Mawes
  • A Community Award
  • St Just Playing Field entrance
  • St Mawes Primary School (Aspire Report)


  1. Date of next meeting – The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 5th February 2018 in the Parish Millennium Rooms, St Mawes commencing at 7pm


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.10pm


Signed as a true record……………………………………..Chairman Cllr. B. Sadler



Date…………………………………5th February 2018

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