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St Just in Roseland Parish Council Minutes – July 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of St Just in Roseland Parish Council held in the Millennium Rooms,

St Mawes on Monday 2nd July 2018. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm.


Councillors Present: B Sadler (Chairman), R. Giles A. Chantrill, P. Farmiloe, S Goldsmith, R. Hall*, P. Salter, P. Teague, C. Thornton-Parr, K. Warren and C Williams.


Also present: H. Couch (Clerk), S Thompson-Chenoweth (Assistant Clerk) ,Julian German CC and 3 members of the public


  1. To accept apologies for absence – none


  1. Declaration of Interest:
  2. a) Disclosable Pecuniary Interest – None declared
  3. b) Non-Registerable Interest – None declared
  4. c) Of gifts to the value of more than £25 – None declared
  5. d) To consider requests for dispensation on items on the agenda – None declared


  1. Open Period – Public Participation


Two members of the public raised concern over the noise from the skateboard ramp and requested that the matter be investigated.


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th June 2018.

The Council RESOLVED, by a show of hands by those who had attended the said meeting, that the minutes of the 4th June 2018 meeting be approved, and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising :-

  1. Barclays Bank – Cllr Salter reported that 3 Councillors and Clerk had met with representatives and the proposal was moving forward.


  1. Glyphosate – Cllr German reported on Cornwall Councils decision made in 2016. The Clerk to forward the link to all Councillors. Agenda Item for next month.


  1. Report from the Clerk – A verbal report was given.

Concern was raised in connection with the litter bins outside the arcade. It was agreed that the Clerk would investigate what seagull proof bins or other containers are currently available and to speak to the Watch House for assistance.


  1. Report from Cornwall Councillor – A verbal report was given.

It was agreed for the Clerk to include an article on HomeChoice in the next Roseland Magazine article to raise awareness.


  1. Report from Councillors as representatives of other Committees –

Verbal reports were received from:

  • St Just and St Mawes Heritage Group
  • Roseland Activity Centre
  • Percuil River Moorings
  • St Just Institute


*Cllr Hall entered the meeting.


  1. Correspondence (information only) – Noted

World Plastic Clean Up Day – 15th September 2018 – Agenda Item for next month.

The Clerk was asked to obtain two quotes for the removal of all the weeds that have now died, one to cover the whole area and one just along the front.

The Clerk was asked to obtain prices for Chenoweth’s Mechanical Sweeper for future reference.


Cllr Williams proposed and Cllr Teague seconded that we should support the Highways Scheme Proposal made by Cllr Egerton with the wording “St Just in Roseland Parish Council support anything that can be done to reduce speed and accidents on the road between Trewithen roundabout and Mercedes garage on the A390”. This was RESOLVED by a show of hands.




  1. Planning

To consider Planning Applications received from Cornwall Council

10 – PA18/04958 – Highlands, 8 Carrick Way, St Mawes – Felling of Fir Tree in front of house and removal of apple trees in rear garden. – NO OBJECTION

11 – PA18/04767 – 9 Marine Parade, St Mawes – Ground floor washroom extension and alterations – NO OBJECTION

12 – PA18/04731- Highways, Upper Castle Road, St Mawes – Demolition and replacement of existing dwelling house and outbuilding. No change of use. – OBJECTION – Cannot support in current form, due to the visual impact of the chimneys due to the materials being used and the height, which will be detrimental to the views for the public. Would request that there is a condition added for the preservation of the trees to ensure that it is completed as suggested by the artists impression. Concern was raised over the bulk of the development from the view of the water side.

13 – PA18/05413 – Harbour Cottage, 3 Kings Road, St Mawes – Listed building consent application for proposed replacement rear extension and associated works. – NO OBJECTION

14 – PA18/05412 – Harbour Cottage, 3 Kings Road, St Mawes – Proposed replacement rear extension and associated works. – NO OBJECTION


To note the decisions of the Planning Authority


3 – PA18/02765 –Fountain Cottage/Lower Fountain House/Upper Fountain House, 15 Marine Parade, St Mawes – Proposed external replastering, internal alterations and new windows/doors with formation of three dwellings into single dwelling – APPROVED


4 – PA18/02766 –Fountain Cottage/Lower Fountain House/Upper Fountain House, 15 Marine Parade, St Mawes – Listed Building consent for external replastering, internal alterations and new windows/doors with formation of three dwellings into single dwelling – APPROVED


5 – PA18/03935 – Barclays Bank, St Mawes – Remove existing ATM. Install new windows to match existing following ATM removal. Remove all cameras and walls made good to match existing. All bank signage to be removed – APPROVED


8 – PA18/03825 – The Haven, 35 Lower Castle Road, St Mawes – Works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order – removal of stems from a Fig Tree – APPROVED


To note the decisions of the Enforcement Team –

EN18/00794 – Tregear Vean Cottage, St Mawes

Cornwall Council Comments – I have visited the above property, viewed the structure internally and taken measurements, upon returning to the office a history search was carried out which did not reveal that permitted development rights have been removed from this property, in light of this I can confirm that the wooden structure is permitted under Class E of the Town and Country (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 as such does not require planning consent. In light of this information I can confirm that my file on this matter has been closed accordingly.


To consider any planning correspondence –

A discussion took place about planting schemes on applications, as concern was raised that this is not always being adhered to. Applications are being altered as non-material amendments and therefore plans are changing from what Councillors have commented on and there is no enforcement possible.

Cllr German agreed to investigate and report back at the next meeting.


  • Accounts and Finance
  1. a) The Council was asked to approve the following payments:

The Bacs were approved                                                                                            £ 1,798.58

Direct Debits/Debit Card/ Standing Orders shown as paid in June                                           £ 4,501.27

Salaries for June paid on 29th June 2018                                                                               £ 4,469.04

Income shown as received during June                                                                                   £29,756.50


Approval of the payments of accounts was proposed by Cllr Giles and seconded by Cllr Thornton-Parr. All in favour by a show of hands. RESOLVED by the Council.


  1. b) The council considered the monthly Car Park income for June 2018
           Pay & Display Pay & Display Permits Permits Total
  Monthly Cumulative Monthly     Cumulative   Cumulative
June-17 25,871.55 63,804.00 630.00 22,268.00 86,072.00
June-18 27,699.90 63,308.70 300.00 22,636.00 85,944.70
  June 2018 comparable with 2017        
Up 1828.35     368.00  
Down   495.30 330.00   127.30

This includes £5,684.60 (gross) taken on card payments.


To consider any recommendations relating to finance.

It was agreed that St John Ambulance on St Mawes Carnival Day would be paid for and invoiced direct to the council and not made as a donation to the Carnival Committee.


Councillor Chantrill proposed and Councillor Sadler seconded that new heaters be purchased from at the quoted price of £2,100.83 and installed by C. Pridmore Electrical Contractors at the quoted price of £314.00. This was RESOLVED by a show of hands.

Assistant Clerk to arrange order and installation.


It was agreed that the Clerk would obtain quotes for the visitor sign by St Just in Roseland Church to be replaced, Accoya wood was recommended for long life.


To consider any grant applications received

Councillor Salter proposed, and Councillor Giles seconded that a grant of £3000.00 be given to the Gerrans and St Mawes Football Club. This was RESOLVED by a show of hands.


  1. Car Parks


St Just Lane – Cllr Teague suggested improvements to the car park, including a bike rack. It was agreed to defer this to the Car Park Committee and to look at the current signage.


  1. Highways Issues


The Clerk to obtain a quote to cut the trees back at the bank in St Just by the telephone box.


  1. Recreational Ground


It was agreed to contact the Recreational Ground Committee to see if there are any solutions available to reduce the noise issue of the Skateboard Ramps in St Mawes.


It was reported that the rotten equipment has been replaced and the no parking sign recently purchased is working well.


  1. Overnight Camping and Litter at Turnaware


Councillor Sadler reported issues at Turnaware and the Clerk was requested to write to the National Trust to request a copy of their overnight camping policy, if they have one. Concern was also raised over the lack of signage regarding the history of the site.




The next meeting will be held on Monday 6th August 2018 at 7pm in The St Mawes Memorial Hall


There being no further business, the meeting closed at



Signed as a true record……………………………………..Chairman Cllr. B. Sadler







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