Local News 2011

St Mawes B&B on Channel 4

08.11.11: The channel 4 programme ‘Four In A Bed’ will tonight be hosted by a St Mawes B&B, Nearwater. The reality show, which features B&B owners who throw open their doors and take turns to stay with one another – and pay what they consider fair for their stay, is shown daily from Tuesdays at 5pm and runs throughout the week.

Tonight, Tim and Amelia Whitaker, who have run the Nearwater B&B in St Mawes for a few years, will take their turn to host the rival B&B owners at their non-star-rated boutique accommodation.

For the afternoon entertainment, Tim and Amelia proffer wet suits for the guests, the sight of which sends Eva (another host) running for cover. Everyone else jumps on board a boat for some seal spotting. Unfortunately, the seals don’t make an appearance, so Tim and Amelia lead a dive into the deep blue sea.

Breakfast is served and there are a couple of mishaps that don’t go unnoticed. Eva’s order is taken incorrectly and Amelia drops an egg-soaked knife on Danny’s brand new white jumper.

Amelia told Roseland Online. “I have not seen tonight’s preview so have no idea how it will all look including us here at Nearwater! Something to watch and have a laugh on a grey November day!”

We wish them the best and look forward to having our lovely South Central Cornwall back on the map.

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