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St Mawes Exchange Broadband Issues

Roseland Online has received reports of an issue regarding some people’s broadband connection. We have chased up with our connections at Superfast Cornwall who have said the following:

“I have heard back from our BT director that this is an issue at the exchange end that is being investigated thoroughly. He is trying to find out an estimate of timing. I will let you know when I hear more.”

We will keep you updated with news as we hear it.


  • Mark,
    What Gordon describes is exactly what I mentioned to you the other day for Veryan exchange. My neighbour asked me if it was his line only yesterday as he was experiencing the same. BT didn`t recognise his number as one of theirs on his first call to them so he hung up and rang again. The next operator did recognise the number(?!) and as if by magic his broadband reconnected. Sadly Talk talk aren`t so helpful with my 0.71mbs connection.
    The rebooting of the router which Gordon mentions is the only way of using the internet for more than 20 minutes or so.
    Dave H

  • I think you’ll find that St Just is part of the St Mawes exchange, so you’re probably suffering under the same issues.

    Keep checking in here, Gordon, and we’ll keep you updated as to how this is being resolved.

  • There are broadband problems in St. Just in Roseland as well. These have been going on for several weeks, with some people unable to access the internet at all. In my case (because I work on-line several hours per day) I have noticed significant periods of very slow connections during each day, and occasionally I have needed the reboot the router to regain sufficient connectivity.

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