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St Mawes Monopoly – Roseland Online Exclusive

18.02.12: A new Limited Edition St Mawes Monopoly is being launched in March and Roseland Online readers have been given exclusive pre-ordering status before the planned event at the Hotel Tresanton. The game has been created for everyone who loves St Mawes and the Roseland peninsula and is a partnership between Tim and Amelia Whitaker of Nearwater, and Hotel Tresanton owner, Olga Polizzi.

Tim and Amelia told Roseland Online, “The difficulty we had in creating this St Mawes Edition was leaving someone out! With only so many squares on the board to play with, one had to make some tough decisions. Luckily our lovely new butcher in St Mawes was happy to be Old Kent Road and the Hotel Tresanton was the obvious choice for Mayfair.  Not all the choices were that easy.”

Some of the other spaces on the board which replace their London counterparts are: King Harry, Place, St Mawes and the water Taxi in place of the stations; St Mawes Castle instead of Oxford Street and of course the Hotel Tresanton itself as Mayfair. Nearwater and Braganza replaced Trafalgar Square and Northumberland Ave respectively and there are plenty of other fun landmarks that made the grade like St Anthony’s Lighthouse logo, which has pride of place on the rear of the Community Chest cards.

Tim and Amelia added, “The chance/community chest cards have also been customised. Some of our favourites are “Wind Shift in your favour, advance to Go” and “You have been caught jumping off the harbour wall, pay a fine of £20”.

For your chance to be one of the first to buy one of these limited edition games before anyone else, or have acloser look at the board, just visit the Roseland Online Gift Shop and place your order. Please remember that it won’t be available for pickup or delivery until after March 2nd. The price is just £35 (for pickup from Nearwater B&B, St Mawes) and just add £5.99 for p+p and it will be sent out to you shortly after its release date.


  • How can I Purchase a copy of Monopoly St Mawes version? I live in Canberra Australia.

  • We are regular summer visitors to st mawes. Where can I buy a copy of the St Mawes Monopoly?

    • Contact Tresanton Hotel or Nearwater in St Mawes. They may have some available, Sarah.

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