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St Mawes Pharmacy – Your Views Sought On Its Future

St Mawes PharmacyAn open meeting with local NHS England representatives will be held at the Memorial Hall on the 5th February at 5pm to discuss the needs of a Pharmacy in St Mawes and what services it should run. If you would like to share your views and help shape future health services for St Mawes, we would urge you to come along and take part in this consultation. Please attend and have your say, NHS England looks forward to meeting you!

A petition is available in local shops (including the pharmacy) in St Mawes if you would like to support the continuation of services.


  • The Roseland needs a pharmacy and the service is widely used.During the many years I ran the service the numbers of consultations was far higher than in most of the pharmacies I now locum in ,particularly during the busy summer period.The pharmacy needs to be kept going otherwise the area will lose a service that has been there over 70 years and the knock on effect will result in many people going to other NHS services to be seen.These services are already struggling to cope we are told.
    I hope that the NHS will find a way to keep a pharmacy service in St Mawes.

  • I am a former Roseland resident but visit occasionally during the year. I live in a rural area of Devon where the provision of local Pharmaceutical services is important, particularly where public transport to market towns is infrequent or non-existent. I suspect that St Mawes and the Roseland villages have a higher proportion of older people than non-West Country areas. Many older people consume prescribed maintenance medicines enabling them to lead full and independent lives. A local Pharmacy dispensing their medicines aids that independence. If Faisel is prepared to provide that service, I don’t see why NHS England should question it, particularly since I imagine his other retail activities are subsidising the provision of Pharmaceutical services. If he, and others like him, were not doing this in rural areas the country would be a poorer place.

  • We are fortunate to have a pharmacy in St Mawes and especially fortunate to have such a committed, knowledgeable and pro-active pharmacist as Faisel. It’s up to all of us to make sure we don’t lose this vital service. Attend the meeting, sign the petition, shop there. Please.

  • To loose the pharmacy in St Mawes would be a bad move the residents and holiday makers rely on their friendly and professional service, please don’t let it go.

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