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St Mawes – Residents Concerned At Development Proposals

Roseland Online has been contacted by two residents of St Mawes about development proposals for The Gig Club/Pomery’s.

Speaking to us they said “The plans for the proposed development for The Gig Club/Pomery’s in St Mawes were validated by Cornwall Council on 9th June although this was supposedly the second day of the public consultation.

“The building is a 4 storey block with 2 floors being flats. It has a flat roof area that is just lower than the adjacent  King’s Road flats and the sloped roof line will be approx 1.5 m higher than Kings Road Flats.

“The front facade of the building is to move approx 1 meter forward with the gig in front of that just clear of the double yellow lines on the road and each level cantilevered further forward.  The inevitable result will be that to pass in front of the building and the gig,  pedestrians will have to walk in the road and take their life in their hands!  The pavement opposite is very narrow and restricted. There are also parking bays which are essential for shoppers and restrict the width of the road.

“The style and design of the building has no reference to the history or charm of our village. There is one floor for the gigs with a much reduced ceiling height and a full floor meeting room for the Heritage Group (who meet once a month). The whole design has been dictated by  accommodating the three flats which the developer will own and sell to cover building costs.

“We asked to see costing figures but were told these are confidential.  Our suggestion that perhaps the building  could include one luxury 3 bedroom flat with garden terrace overlooking the harbour. The building costs ( at current top rate of £3000 per sq meter) would be 900,000 and with current prices could be sold at 1,150,000 and make a 25% profit.  The response was that this had not been designed or costed.

“With one flat the building would preserve its current footprint and roofline and would be achievable in one year – while the 3 flat version realistically would inevitably result in a longer period of disruption to the village.

“Please have a look for yourself at the design on Cornwall Council’s Planning site and fill in the comment section with your recommendations or objections Ref. PA22/05031 or alternatively sign our petition asking the Council to reconsider the proposed design to reflect a building that is attractive, charming and “Cornish” and Brenda Pye would be proud to be her legacy to the village.”

Roseland Online would welcome comments (below) on the proposals.


  • This is a great opportunity for RGC and the heritage centre to secure facilities for years to come. I’m glad to see the old garage pumps have been included in the current plan.

  • This is an opportunity to create a pavement in an area that is already dangerous for pedestrians. Neither the building nor gigs should be allowed, under the new plans, to restrict or block the pavement and force pedestrians, buggies and wheelchairs into the road. There is nothing in the current planning regulations that will require the proposed flats to be used as permanent residences and prevent them being bought as second homes and/or used as holiday lets.

  • Hope the flats will be sold as permanent dwellings not holiday let’s, otherwise it looks good. There is no real pavement there now.

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