Local News 2010

Stowaway Cat Missing

A Roseland call out has been raised to find a white cat found missing from her home in Newquay.

“Grace” normally sleeps in the horse box at home. When her owner attached the horsebox to the car and drove to Portscatho to collect unwated items from the closure of Jollity Farm, unknowbngly “Gracie” was still in the back. Only after returning home did the owner realise her cat had gone missing and, suspecting she may have stowed away on her trip to Jollity Farm, called her friend Mary Alice Pollard.

On recieving the call, Mary suddenly realised she had seen “Gracie” run across the road from Jollity Farm earlier that day and into the Gerrans Hill estate.

“Luckily the cat is very self sufficient and hunts well,” said Jollity Farm owner, Mary, “but we are urging people to keep an eye out for her and let us know if you see her. It is important, though, not to try and approach “Gracie” as she is very shy and this may send her further afield. Please just contact us and we’ll try and recover her with the owner’s help.”

If you see anything of Gracie, please contact Mary by phone under 01872 580429, or by email under: cvfa.uk@virgin.net

Let’s hope for a happy end and Gracie’s safe return!

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