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Superfast Meeting a Crowdpleaser

There were a lot of smiling faces leaving last night’s meeting about the second tranche of Superfast rollout across the Roseland. Thanks to working closely with Martin Edwards, Mark Hatwood (editor of Roseland Online) and Openreach have now taken the hopeful 200 houses extra up to a whopping 350 – a 75% increase on what was expected in this tranche.

Openreach’s Ultrafast Programme Manager South West, David Linton, and Programme Manager of Superfast Cornwall, Julian Cowans, both said that not only would the new rollout be more extensive, but those in this tranche would be getting an FTTP service (Fibre to the Promises) which allows speeds up to an eye-watering 1 terrabyte.

A map was shared of the exact locations of each property that will receive this uplift and a promise of funding for those what won’t receive it to allow them to access alternative technology like Outreach’s Community Fibre Partnership scheme or a Privately Funded Fibre Solution.

We will share the links to the online maps once they’ve been updated (hopefully next week) but in the mean time, if anyone would like to see the maps (sorry, aren’t available to reveal online here) you can do so by making an appointment to view them via email under: mark@roselandonline.co.uk

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